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Benefits of Solar-Powered Cameras - Reolink

Benefits of Solar-Powered Cameras - Reolink

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Sunlight is free. Solar-powered cameras use the electricity generated by solar panels instead of the energy from the grid. 1-3 sunshine hours a day can keep the battery full.*

*Actual sunshine time needed may vary.

Live a Green Lifestyle

Solar is a renewable energy source, solar panels don’t produce emissions, and using solar-powered cameras greatly cuts our carbon footprint. We all love the Earth.

Argus Series

2K HD Solar-Powered Battery Security Cameras with 5G/2.4G WiFi

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

Eco-Friendly Security Cameras with 2K Super HD, Dual-Band WiFi

As one of Reolink's best selling solar-powered security cameras, Argus 3 Pro is equipped with smart person/vehicle detection technology, 230-lumen spotlights, and IP65 waterproof.

Argus PT

Solar-Powered Pan-Tilt Security Camera with 2K Super HD, Smart Detection

With a 355° pan & 140° tilt, Argus PT has a very expansive field of view for monitoring inside or outside your home. Pair it with a Reolink solar panel for non-stop protection.

Go Series

4G LTE Mobile Security Cameras with 2K Super HD, Solar Powered

Reolink Go PT Plus

Environmentally Friendly 4G Mobile Security Camera, Wireless & Smart

Running on the 3G/4G network, Reolink Go PT Plus with battery can be taken anywhere for monitoring and recording. Leave it connected with a solar panel and it will work non-stop.

Reolink Go Plus

4G Mobile Security Camera with 355° Pan & 140° Tilt, 2K HD Clarity & Solar Power

In places where WiFi and power are out of reach, Reolink Go Plus with battery/solar power and 4G connection watches over your property, tenaciously.

Dual-Lens Series

Dual Lens for Larger Surveillance Areas, More Advanced Tracking Modes, and More Possibilities.

Reolink Duo

Smart 2K 4MP Dual-Lens Battery/Solar-Powered Security Camera with 150° Field of View

Combining two lenses in one, Reolink Duo expands your world with a 150° wide viewing angle. Equip it with a solar panel for non-stop powering.

Reolink TrackMix

2K High-Tech Dual-Lens Security Camera with Auto Zoom and Dual Tracking

Equipped with a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens, Reolink TrackMix has two ways to auto zoom on the targeted object. It also generated two views synchronously. Moreover, it can be solar powered! Have those advanced features come into play wherever there is sunlight.


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