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Reolink seeks future collaborations with community and wildlife-oriented NPOs

Reolink plans to partner with more community and wildlife-oriented NGOs

WILMINGTON, Del., September 8, 2022 -Smart home camera provider Reolink has been providing a scene of protection for millions of families and businesses since day one. With numerous positive feedback and support from users, Reolink is ready to bring a better security experience to more communities and wildlife conservation projects by donating its smart cameras and providing the support these organizations need.

Nonprofit organizations interested in working with Reolink may visit Reolink in Action Program to learn more about previous collaborations and submit an application.

Reolink’s first charity donation dates back to 2020 when Covid-19 started. Seniors living alone, retirement communities, or child care centers would face greater challenges during the coronavirus outbreak.

Reolink donated up to 1,000 indoor cameras to people in need. Families members and community volunteers to stay in the know from anywhere.

Reolink donates cameras to seniors in York City, PA

Since then, Reolink has partnered with County Theater and York City Police in Pennsylvania, the US to assist in historic non-profit theater renovation projects and support the Aging in Place program.

Aside from community-related affairs, Reolink cares about wildlife and the earth. Since 2021, Reolink has been working with Oliver Ridley Project to protect sea turtles and their habitats around the Indian Ocean.

At present, Reolink is collaborating with another four organizations to offer seniors, children, and families safer places to enjoy social activities, learn, grow, and live.

And this is not the end of the Reolink in Action program.

Reolink is always ready to join forces with organizations that focus on community services to help build safer communities and that protect wildlife and their habitats to promote biodiversity.

It is a long-term task to make communities better for everyone and environments healthier for every living creature. Reolink is ready to donate more smart cameras and provide corresponding services on an ongoing basis to organizations that are aligned with Reolink's aim.

For more information about Reolink’s previous collaboration programs or if interested in working with Reolink, visit Reolink in Action Program page.

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