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Reolink Parterners with OPR and Horstmann Trust for Turtles and Vulture Protection

Reolink x Olive Ridley Project in sea turtle conservation

Reolink, a provider of smart home cameras, has consistently sought opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the environment and to give back to society with a sense of purpose. Some remarkable collaboration has emerged between Reolink and various non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting animals and wildlife.

This article will introduce the symbiotic relationship between Reolink and non-profit organizations, such as OPR and Horstmann Trust, and how Reolink cameras improve turtle and vulture conservation and safeguard these species for the future.

Reolink teams up with Oliver Ridley Project (ORP), a non-profit sea turtle conservation organization (registered charity number 1165905 in England & Wales and CR/04/2022 in the Maldives), to protect sea turtles and their habitats in the Indian Ocean.

ORP uses smart home security cameras, including 4G solar-powered cameras and an all-in-one 4K security system, which are donated by Reolink, to monitor sea turtle nests during hatching seasons and turtle patients at its rescue center. Reolink cameras contribute the turtle conservation in the following ways:

Remote monitoring turtle nesting with cellular solar-powered cameras

The first Reolink Go 4G solar camera was installed in 2021 at Six Sense Laamu for ORP to monitor turtle nests remotely without great impacts on the natural hatching process. Later, the ORP team set up additional Reolink 4G cameras at another two bases to capture the first signs of the hatching.

4G solar-powered camera Reolink Go Plus next to sea turtle nest

“After the great success of the cameras currently used at three of our bases,” Says Olivia Forster, sea turtle biologist from ORP, “we are hoping to get multiple cameras on site for the islands with lots of nesting.”

Live streaming turtle patients at the rescue center in 4K

The ORP team provides veterinary care and rehabilitation facilities for injured or sick sea turtles. With the Reolink 4K security system, the ORP team can watch turtle patients remotely via the Reolink mobile app to see if they are doing well.

Besides, scientists from ORP may also use the video footage captured with the Reolink camera system, which is ideal video material, for future sea turtle conservation education events and community outreach held by ORP.

“We want the Reolink security cameras here at the Rescue Center. They can monitor our sea turtle patients from a distance,” says Dr. Minnie Liddell, the former veterinary surgeon at ORP, “We can access them remotely to observe their behaviors in a non-invasive way. It is really helpful for us to assess how they are getting on and how close they are to being released.”

Reolink also collaborates with Horstmann Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to vulture conservation (registered charity number 1200996 in England & Wales), to protect vultures and monitor their daily routines.

Reolink cameras are installed in the African vulture aviary of the organization. These cameras help observe various activities of different vulture species, including bearded vultures and cape vultures.

Staff members of the organization praise the use of Reolink cameras, stating, "The cameras are highly beneficial in our aviary as they are strategically positioned to provide visibility into the nest. The camera's motion features enable us to easily monitor multiple areas of the spacious aviary."

Check out the vulture pictures capture by reolink cameras:

A vulture in the nest captured by Reolink security camera:

Vulture in the nest

Reolink cameras also help in observing vultures at night.

Vultures at night

For more information about Reolink’s partnerships with ORP and Horstmann Trust or on becoming a partner, visit Reolink in Action program.

About Reolink
Reolink, a global innovator in the smart home field, is dedicated to delivering convenient and reliable security solutions for homes and businesses. Reolink aims to deliver a seamless security experience for customers with its comprehensive product lineup.

About Oliver Ridley Project
Oliver Ridley Project (ORP), registered charity number 1165905 in England & Wales and CR/04/2022 in the Maldives, was established in 2013 and is on a mission to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education and outreach.

About Horstmann Trust

Horstmann Trust, registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales (charity number 1200996), is the only dedicated vulture conservation breeding charity in the UK. They focus on conservation breeding of vultures and scientific research into their health and incubation.

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