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Reolink Duo 3 PoE Review: Insider's Look

Reolink Duo 3 PoE Review

Reolink proudly introduces their latest innovation: a cutting-edge dual-lens camera boasting an impressive 16MP resolution, the Reolink Duo 3 PoE. This revolutionary device combines unparalleled image clarity with the power of dual lenses, setting a new standard in capturing details with precision and finesse. We've got our hands on the product for a sneak peek. This article will review the new Duo 3 PoE, examining its performance in everyday surveillance scenarios.

After getting our hands on this camera, we're impressed by its sleek and modern design. The Reolink Duo 3 PoE is made of durable materials and is very strong and well-built. The solid body seems to handle different outdoor conditions without any issues. The seamless integration of two lenses into one camera gives it a modern look. Reolink chooses the white color and makes it blend effortlessly into its surroundings. Overall, the Duo 3 PoE is reliable and robust.

Based on the specs, the Duo 3 PoE delivers 16MP resolution, offering a 180-degree ultra-wide view in a single image. It supports motion-triggered, scheduled, and continuous 24/7 recording. Plus, its two-way audio and built-in sirens elevate its surveillance capabilities.

Reolink Duo 3 PoE

Groundbreaking 16MP Dual-Lens PoE Camera

16MP UHD, Dual-Lens, Motion Track, 180° Wide Viewing Angle, Power over Ethernet, Color Night Vision.

Performance and Functionality

We've picked out the following aspects to capture and convey what we've reviewed about this camera.

Set Up and Installation

As a 16MP PoE security camera, the initial setup of the Duo 3 PoE is pretty straightforward. You can get power and an Internet connection just through one Ethernet cable. We want to extend the range, so we connect the camera to the Reolink PoE switch and then click the switch to our router's LAN port. After powering the camera on, we finished the initial setup in the Reolink app.

There are two ways to install the camera: on the wall or the ceiling. We chose to mount our Duo 3 PoE on the wall. The setup and installation are straightforward, thanks to the Quick Start Guide with the product box.

Video Quality

We tested the video quality mainly because we highly expected the 16MP resolution. When accessing live footage through the Reolink app, it displays images with finer details. However, this camera lacks the optical zoom function, requiring manual zooming for distant information. Surprisingly, it boasts a higher resolution and reveals more details than its predecessor, the Duo 2 PoE.

16MP Resolution

Night Vision Capability

We've tested its performance in low-light settings. Due to its built-in infrared lights and spotlights, this camera allows users to switch between black-and-white and color night vision modes seamlessly. Overall, the night vision quality is commendable, offering clear footage. We could pick up on a few details in color night vision, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Field of View

One significant benefit of a dual-lens camera lies in its expansive field of view. The Duo 3 PoE, for instance, can horizontally capture 180-degree footage, encompassing the vastness of the scene in a single frame. This capability allows the camera to showcase the backyard without missing any corners.


The Duo 3 PoE works seamlessly with the Reolink app/Client. Beyond the setup phase, we use our smartphone and PC to manage the camera. Connecting to the Reolink NVR proves to be another excellent method to access the device. Additionally, users of smart home systems, you can integrate it into the Google Home System and control it via your Nest Hub.

After testing the essential features and functionalities, we think this camera brings more innovations than other Reolink dual-lens models.

16MP Resolution

A 16MP (7680x2160) resolution is considered relatively high and can offer excellent clarity and detail for security cameras. It allows for capturing fine details and provides more explicit images and better identification of subjects or objects within the surveillance area. Users can manually zoom in on the captured footage to discern intricate details like facial features or distant license plates.

Motion Track

Reolink has introduced a new technology called Motion Track in the Duo 3 PoE, which can be easily configured using the Reolink app. In a typical surveillance setup, the camera begins recording upon detecting movement and triggers an alarm when someone enters the monitored area. Yet, observing the complete route of the person's movements currently demands downloading a lengthy video clip, resulting in significant bandwidth and storage usage. The Motion Track technology has emerged as the solution to address this issue.

This advancement combines and overlays a person's movement path over time into a single image. This technology allows the camera to provide comprehensive alarm information while displaying the entire movement track more efficiently and conveniently, eliminating the necessity to store lengthy motion videos.

Accurate Alerts and Detection

Due to the AI-based smart motion detection, this dual-lens camera can detect and classify potential objects such as people, vehicles, and animals, providing reliable and targeted alerts. The embedded AI algorithms significantly reduce false alarms and increase the accuracy of notifications and alarms. Users can configure various alert modes, like activating bright spotlights or triggering sirens.

Dual-Image Stitching Algorithm

Reolink employs image stitching algorithms to merge wide-angle footage into a single scene. The image stitching technology combines multiple video feeds or frames from different lenses to create a cohesive video output because the two Reolink Duo 3 PoE lenses capture footage separately. The technology involves aligning, blending, and synchronizing the various video inputs to create a continuous and immersive viewing experience without noticeable gaps or inconsistencies between the lenses. As a result, users can see 180-degree footage in one scene.

Image Stitching Technology

Reolink is gearing up to release the Duo 3 PoE soon to provide users with peace of mind and an extra layer of protection. You can stay updated by watching Reolink's official website, subscribing to their newsletter, and checking out their official Amazon store.

Warranty Policy and Customer Support

Reolink's warranty policy and official customer support only apply to new and certified refurbished products purchased from Reolink's official website official stores on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. If you buy the Duo 3 PoE through offline authorized resellers and distributors, you should contact them for after-sales service. For a new Duo 3 PoE, you will enjoy a two-year limited warranty. If you encounter any issues while using the product, contact Reolink's customer support for assistance.


The Reolink Duo 3 PoE version will come out in early 2024. Please stay tuned at Reolink's official website and see what unfolds!

What NVR works well with the Duo 3 PoE?

The Reolink NVR pairs seamlessly with the Duo 3 PoE, not just due to their shared brand and enhanced compatibility but also because Reolink NVRs provide round-the-clock video recording and efficient management for multiple IP cameras. With the NVR, you can access expanded storage options for more secure data storage.


The soon-to-be-launched Reolink Duo 3 PoE is set to revolutionize surveillance boundaries. Combining dual-lens technology with a 16MP high resolution offers users expanded options and heightened peace of mind. Are you excited about this camera? Share your thoughts in the comments! Let's discuss it together!


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