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16MP PoE Camera: Enhanced Clarity

16MP PoE Camera

Reolink is soon releasing a brand new 16MP PoE security camera that will bring enhanced clarity and detail to your video surveillance. With a staggering 16 million pixels per image, the camera outputs two times greater sharpness than 4K and 16 times higher clarity than Full HD for industry-leading image precision.

Meanwhile, the integrated PoE function allows transmitting power and data over a single Ethernet cable, removing the need for cumbersome additional wiring. This article will explore the special features of 16MP PoE cameras.

Note: Reolink will showcase this 16MP Dual-lens PoE security camera at the CES 2024. Join Reolink's journey at this event and explore more Reolink's new cameras for 2024.

What is a 16MP PoE Camera?

A 16MP PoE camera is a security camera that captures footage at a 16-megapixel resolution and is powered over Ethernet (PoE). This means a 16MP camera can transmit high-definition 16MP video while also receiving power and data over a single Ethernet cable.

The key features that set this 16mp security camera apart include:

  • Ultra HD 16MP Resolution: With 2 times more detail than 4K and 16 times more pixels than 1080p, the 16MP resolution on this camera ensures the sharpest video quality for faces, license plates, signs, and other visuals at a wide 180° field of view.
  • H.265 Video Compression: High-efficiency video coding (H.265) allows the transmission of high-megapixel footage while using less network bandwidth and storage space compared to H.264 compression. This keeps video smooth while saving data costs.
  • Power over Ethernet: PoE allows the transmission of power and data over standard Ethernet cabling. This means no need for additional power cords. Installation becomes simpler with PoE.

By bringing together 16MP definition and PoE in one device, this camera achieves unprecedented video clarity along with installation and operation convenience.

16MP & PoE: Camera Power Duo

The combination of a 16MP ultra high definition sensor and PoE technology in one security camera creates a powerhouse for video surveillance. But how exactly does this duo work symbiotically to enhance monitoring experiences?

How Does PoE Technology Work?

PoE or Power over Ethernet technology refers to technology that allows network connectivity and electric power transmission to be delivered to networked devices over standard Ethernet cable.

Without PoE, cameras and other network devices would each need their own power source, requiring more cables and inconvenient installation. This is how it works:

  • Power Sourcing Equipment: Also called PoE injectors, these supply power to PoE-enabled devices on a network. They can be switches, routers, or standalone injectors that plug into a router.
  • Ethernet Cable Transmission: Safe, low voltage direct current (DC) power is injected into Ethernet cabling to deliver power + data over the same cable by splitting the wires within the Ethernet to allow both functions.
  • Powered Device: At the other end, network devices like PoE cameras can receive power and network connection over just an Ethernet cable through built-in PoE ports, with no need for additional power sources.

So, in summary, PoE uses Ethernet cabling to transmit both power and data to devices like cameras, greatly simplifying installation with a single cable for connectivity and power.

How PoE Technology Empowers 16MP Resolution?

Given how PoE delivers consolidated transmission over Ethernet, this technology offers tangible benefits when powering camera 16 megapixel:

  • Easy Mounting: PoE enables 16MP cameras to be installed anywhere there’s a network point. No need to position near cumbersome power outlets. Mount flexibly for the best viewpoint.
  • Neat Cabling: A single Ethernet cable elegantly provides both network and power to the camera. No messy wiring clusters around install points to supply connectivity and electricity separately.
  • Reliable Performance: PoE provides consistent, regulated power output to support the smooth operation of the advanced imaging sensors and processors required for 16MP video capture and transmission. Reliability promotes high performance.
  • Scalable Systems: As PoE networks can support multiple devices, it’s simple to scale up surveillance systems by adding additional megapixel cameras without the hassle of reworking cabling and power supplies each time.
  • Increased Uptime: Backups via secondary PoE switches or power supplies mean that even if one path fails, continuous power flow is maintained to support uninterrupted 16 mp camera quality. Redundancy promotes surveillance uptime.

With this range of strengths for deploying 16 megapixel resolution cameras, PoE proves itself as the natural technology partner to provide the installation ease and robust power delivery that high-end megapixel capture demands.

Top 16MP PoE Camera Model

Reolink is going to release its first-ever 16MP PoE camera model, the Duo 3 PoE. Building upon the sleek design of its predecessor, Duo 2 PoE, this device is set to elevate the standards for home and business security. The integration of two lenses into one camera expand the field of view within the monitoring area. Users can see a 180-degreee panoramic view with reduced blind spots thanks to the advanced image stitching algorithms.

The Duo 3 PoE also introduces a brand new technology, the Motion Track. This technology combines and overlays a person's movement path over time into a single image. If you want to see the entire movement track of an object in a certain period, you don't need to download large video files anymore.

Reolink Duo 3 PoE

Groundbreaking 16MP Dual-Lens PoE Camera

16MP UHD, Dual-Lens, Motion Track, 180° Wide Viewing Angle, Power over Ethernet, Color Night Vision.

Where to Put 16MP PoE Cameras

Due to their centralized power and connectivity combined with high-performance imaging, 16MP PoE cameras serve as highly versatile video capture tools suitable for:

Residential Settings

16MP PoE cameras are extremely useful for home security and monitoring. They can be placed at the front door to capture visitors in ultra-clear quality, enabling you to see faces and details clearly. Activity detection can also trigger alerts when someone approaches the door.

Backyards can also be effectively monitored with a 16MP PoE camera. The high resolution with sharp zoomed-out viewing allows you to keep children and pets visible while they play outside. Night vision enables continuous 24/7 monitoring.

Additionally, 16MP video quality can help deter break-ins of areas like garages by covering doors and valuable stored items like tools with detailed footage for evidence.

Commercial and Business Settings

Businesses can also benefit greatly from 16MP PoE cameras' crystal clear image quality and versatile mounting options.

Warehouses can survey inventory with a 16MP definition that enables reading labels, QR codes, etc, from a distance without interfering in operations. Discreet ceiling mounts in office buildings provide identifiable footage of foyers, hallways, and rooms to record incidents clearly if ever needed.

Retail stores specifically can cover checkout areas at high resolution to closely track transactions, catch any inconsistencies, or provide customer assistance much faster using these advanced retail loss prevention tools.

Outdoor Settings

Beyond indoor use, outdoor video security applications call for the weather resistance and crisp zoomed-in clarity 16MP PoE cameras offer.

Installing them on utility poles for residential neighborhoods can aid community safety initiatives by capturing vehicle and pedestrian traffic clearly. Public parks also benefit from having open areas, playgrounds, pavilions, and walking paths viewable at high resolutions to provide authorities with sharp evidence if disputes occur.

Construction sites especially need outdoor ruggedness and lossless full zoom. Mounting 16MP PoE cameras on equipment like cranes and scaffolding enables inspecting operations closer with minute detail at great distances.

How to Choose a 16MP PoE Camera

With their immense performance potential, it’s important to choose the right 16MP PoE security camera for your needs. Here are some key features to evaluate:

  • Night Vision Capability: As darkness can obscure footage, confirm your chosen 16MP PoE camera includes IR LEDs for black & white night vision, with a 100-foot range at a minimum. Select models with color night vision for clearer low-light video.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: A wider 150°+ angle lens lets a single 16MP camera cover more space without blindspots. Models with motorized lenses also allow easy switching of the field of view.
  • Smart Motion Detection: Look for 16MP PoE cameras with customizable motion zones for activity alerts only in key areas to reduce false triggers rather than over the full frame. Smart detection also enables recording video or snapping images only when something moves for efficient storage.
  • Easy Installation: PoE already eases 16MP camera installation without extra wiring. Additional mounting, angling, focus, and syncing conveniences like remote view, magnetic accessories, and position memories further simplify setup.


Are 16MP PoE cameras better?

Yes, 16MP PoE cameras are definitely better choices compared to alternatives. The exceptional 16MP ultra high definition resolution provides sharper clarity than 4K cameras and a huge improvement over basic 1080p models.

What does PoE mean on a 16MP camera?

On a 16MP PoE camera, PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This means that rather than requiring separate power and network connections, the camera receives both electricity to operate and connectivity for transmitting footage over a single Ethernet cable.

So PoE delivers two vital functions – power and data transmission – over standardized Ethernet cabling. This makes installing 16MP PoE cameras much simpler than conventional cameras, as all it takes is plugging in one PoE Ethernet cable for the device to start capturing UHD footage while sending it back to monitoring centers simultaneously.

How can I choose a 16MP PoE camera?

When aiming to select an ideal 16MP PoE security camera for your needs, follow this process step-by-step: Firstly, review the core camera specifications to ensure it genuinely supports up to a true 16MP resolution. Next, validate that top-notch supporting features are present, like H.265 video compression for efficient performance, night vision, and wide viewing angles to suit your specific setting.

In the end, match pricing ranges approximately from $100 to $500+ depending on the capabilities of your budget aims. Following this method allows you to select a stellar quality 16MP camera model with hassle-free PoE integration for your application.


With its trailblazing combination of immense 16-megapixel definition and intelligent PoE connectivity, Reolink's next-generation high-resolution security camera aims to drive video surveillance technology to unprecedented new heights. Cutting-edge imaging quality joins forces with PoE’s exceptional installation convenience to equip homes, businesses, and agencies with an advanced yet easily accessible monitoring tool.

Are you looking forward to Reolink's 16MP PoE cameras? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and let's discuss them together!


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