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How to Prevent Copper Theft

How to Prevent Copper Theft

Copper theft is just like an epidemic sweeping US, and it has tripled in the US in the past 5 years. The amount of copper that is successfully stolen and redeemed exceeds $1 billion annually! It is estimated that South Africa loses in the order of R5-billion a year owing to cable theft that disrupts electricity, telecommunications and rail services.

So how to prevent copper (AC) cable/pipe theft? You’ve GOT to keep the top 5 ways below to prevent copper theft.

Easy and Accessible Ways to Prevent Copper Theft

Bear the copper wire/pipe theft prevention/protection tips below in mind to protect your valuable copper.

How to Prevent Copper Theft

#1. Use Security Light to Protect Copper (Downspouts, Pipes, Wires, etc.) from Theft

Copper criminals normally operate under the cover of darkness. Security light, therefore, is an effective deterrent to prevent copper theives. Well-lit construction sites, warehouses, empty properties and other facilities where copper is stored and used will be helpful to stop shadowy copper burglars.
Editor’s Tip: Construction sites, especially at night, are one of the most common victims to copper theft. Here is a post that can help you protect your construction sites from copper thieves or any criminals.

#2. Security Camera Systems --- One of the Best Copper (Gutter) Theft Prevention Tips

Construction site cameras can prevent theft of copper from warehouses, construction sites and other facilities. By the way, cameras with construction time-lapse photography can help record the progress of construction, which is useful for project documentation. In most cases, just the fear of being taped is often enough to dissuade copper criminals from targeting your construction sites, warehouses, empty or rural/abandoned houses, etc.

If the worst situation happens, your copper pipes or gutters are ripped out, you can see the bad guys through the recorded videos. With the images/videos captured by security cameras, you can keep them as evidence, and the police can catch the copper thief as much as possible.

How to prevent copper theft at my house? Installing a security camera would always be a nice option. You air conditioner is a welcome target for copper thieves. Setting up a security camera that can see and monitor your air conditioner is definitely helpful to deter copper theft.

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As you may know, employee theft of copper is also a major problem. The employees are better able to steal valuable copper devices since they know exaclty where the devices are stored. With the 24/7 recording and monitoring of security camera systems, your employees tend to perform well and the employee theft of copper can be reduced greatly.

#3. Place Large Warning Signs to Deter Copper Thieves

Putting up warning signs lets people know that they are endangering their lives by stealing the copper as they may be scalded or electrocuted (from piping, wiring, buss bars, etc.).

Letting copper thieves know that their lives are threatened if they steal the copper is enough to dissuade them from trespassing your property.

#4. Set up Cut-Resistant Perimeter Fencing to Stop Copper Larcenists/Thieves

Setting up a solid fencing for your houses, construction sites, etc., can stop prying eyes. Besides, you can keep those rampant copper criminals from even approaching your property that stores copper.

If they learn that your home, job sits, warehouses, etc., are hard to be broken into, they tend to skip your property and look for another easy target. An extra protection layer (fencing) can protect your property from being the victim of copper theft.

#5. Neighbor Watch Program --- a Good Copper Cable/Wire Theft Solution

A good neighbor can help you a lot in many aspects. As mentioned above, the copper in your condenser air conditioners is one of the most favorite targets for copper theives. They sometimes would tear down your air conditioners just for the copper.

Your neighbors can help you watch out for your air conditioners. At the same time, they can help you check what’s going on at your house. If they notice anything unusual, they can inform you immediately. Meanwhile, you need to do the same thing for your neighbors.

How to prevent copper downspout theft? How to protect copper downspouts from theft? Got your answers yet? If yes, now you can read the knowledge base below about copper theft.

Knowledge Base about Copper Theft

1. What is copper theft?

Copper theft is the theft of items for the value of their constituent copper. It’s a kind of metal theft.

2. Why is copper theft a problem?

The FBI says that copper theft is threatening US critical infrastructrue by targeting electrical substatioins, cellular towers, telephone land lines, railroads, water wells, construction sites, vacant homes, etc. Copper theft has an serious impact on a country’s infrastructure and citizens’ life.

For example, at before, when tornadoes were threatening Jackson, Mississippi, many residents were not alerted to the severe weather because five tornado warning sirens didn’t work. The reason: the sirens’ copper wiring had been stolen.

In some cases, the repair costs ranged from $1,500 to $20,000. But there were also some very costly copper thefts, including one that cost $2 million.

3. Why people stole copper?

The dramatic increase of copper is due to the increaing demand and price of copper. Thieves steal copper just for money.

Fortunately at least 33 states have enacted legislation related to copper theft. Some of the ways that the states deal with copper theft are through:

  • Transaction record-keeping
  • Strict identification requirements
  • Specific payment methods
  • Proving ownershp before sale

Asarco/Lirr copper theft, Seattle city light copper theft, cupertino electric copper theft, Duke energy copper theft sentencing, Texas penal code copper theft, etc. --- all these events alert us to take copper theft serious and take the above easy and accessible ways to prevent copper theft.


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