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Doorbell Installation Cost: How Much Should You Budget?

Doorbell Installation Cost

Do you know about the doorbell installation cost? Doorbells, the paramount aspects of homes, might only be noticed once you're looking to install them. Since doorbells might play a wonderful role in ensuring our security, knowing the doorbell camera installation cost is paramount.

This post contains all the information to help you know the installation cost of installing the doorbell.

The Average Cost of Video Doorbell Installation

Whether the doorbell is wireless or wired, it hugely impacts the installation cost. Here's the doorbell installation cost comparison between a wireless and a wired doorbell.


The wired video doorbell installation costs depend on multiple factors, including the location, the doorbell model, the installation's complexity and the additional accessories or features. Labour charges could be a defining factor of the total cost as more complex regions and installations with higher living costs will incur expensive labor fees.

Cost Category Average Cost Range ($)
Unit $100 - $300
Labor Charges $80 - $150
Wiring and Electrical Supplies $20 - $50
Optional Subscription Fees Vary
Total Installation Doorbell Cost $200 to $500


Wireless doorbell cameras are easier than wired ones, often suggesting the DIY option with basic technical skills. However, if you are okay with going for the professional installation, you'll have to bear the additional labor charges, which could be changed depending on the region you're currently living in. You must consider your preferences and needs while looking for the doorbell camera.

Cost Category Average Cost Range ($)
Unit $100-$300
Battery or Power Source $5-$20
Mounting Labour Charges $60-$80
Optional Subscription Fees Vary
Total Cost $165 to $400

Note: Some doorbell camera brands develop optional subscriptions for advanced features and cloud storage, increasing the long-term cost despite not being added to the initial installation cost.

Factors Influencing Doorbell Installation Cost

After getting the complete information regarding the cost of the installation of the doorbell camera, talking about certain factors affecting the cost is also crucial. Here's a list of specific factors that might assist you in making a better decision.


The doorbell installation cost depends on whether you aim for wireless or wired doorbells. Wired doorbells will require the most extensive and technical installation worth running wiring through your walls, increasing the labor cost. On the other hand, installing wireless doorbells is fairly simple, and labor costs are affordable.

Labor charges

Whether you opt for a professional installer or the DIY approach, it will affect the doorbell camera installation cost. If you're going for the wired connection, the labor cost will be great, especially if you ask the professionals to do the job.

However, aiming at the wireless doorbells will charge you less labor cost, and you can also rely on the DIY method to save more money.

Installation location

Another factor that could also affect the doorbell installation cost is Installation cost. The wall material's type will eventually affect the installation cost and difficulty. For instance, installing a doorbell on multiple entry points will cost more than installing doorbell on the front door.

Additional materials and tools

Additional materials and tools could end up affecting the cost of the doorbell installation The additional materials include purchasing a doorbell kit or upgrading the existing doorbell system.

If you're aiming for a smart or wireless doorbell, purchasing the doorbell unit is also necessary. Moreover, smart doorbells also ask you to form a subscription or hub, which could increase the total cost of the doorbell.

Permits and additional fees

In some situations, the electrical work will request adherence and permits to local building codes. Opting for the complying and permits with regulations will incur additional fees, increasing the overall cost.

Regional variations

The doorbell installation cost can also be different depending on the geographic location. The labor rates for contractors and electricians in urban areas are higher than in rural regions, courtesy of the higher living costs.

Best Picks for Doorbell Cameras

Finding the best doorbell camera is important to ensure it doesn't get damaged while monitoring the home in the crucial stages. Watch out for the two amazing doorbell cameras listed below.

If you want to detect the people entering or leaving your home, going for the Reolink Video Doorbells PoE could be the best decision you've ever made. With the 2K+ (5MP) and 2MP (1080p), you've got the luxury of monitoring the entrance of your home in clear visuals.

The doorbell camera relies upon one wire to connect with the doorbell, mesmerizing your experience. The Person Detection and power over Ethernet feature ensure you can better monitor your home's door.

Reolink Video Doorbell (PoE)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD, Person Detection, Power over Ethernet, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, High-Quality Night Vision.

Another incredible doorbell camera that you make your money worth is Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi. It has an amazing video resolution facility, ensuring you can see the footage of people arriving at your home clearly and easily. Apart from offering the person detection feature, this camera also brings 2K+(5MP) HD video, making the footage look clear and mind-blowing.

Reolink Video Doorbell (WiFi)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD Day & Night, Person Detection, 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, Rich Notification.

Installing the Reolink video doorbell camera is manageable, and you can opt for the DIY method. Fortunately, installing the Reolink video doorbell camera isn't difficult.

You can look at the video given below to learn how to install the security camera on the doorbell.

Doorbell Installation Cost: DIY vs. Professional

The installation cost of doorbells is different between the DIY and Professional experts. Let's look at this aspect briefly.

Cost saving

Hiring a professional will indeed cost more when compared with the DIY cost. The cost of professionals depends upon the number of labor that arrives at your home and the time it takes to install the doorbell.


Sometimes, knowing how much to install a doorbell becomes irrelevant, as going for the cheaper option can affect the installation's efficiency. For instance, if you tend to install the doorbell by yourself, you might forget to pay attention to some details that the professionals would have done perfectly.


Since professionals carry the brilliant skills of installing doorbells, you won't need to revise the installation. Unfortunately, DYI might ask you to undo all the work due to negligence created by you. Hence, if you talk about the professional and DYI's skill set, the expert installing the doorbell edges past the DYI method effortlessly.

Potential challenges

Looking at the DIY method might consume a lot of extra time as you must be a newcomer when installing the doorbells. Fortunately, professionals will install the doorbells quickly without any issues. Hence, hiring professionals is the most recommended gig to save time or energy while installing the doorbell.


1. Do you need an electrician to install a doorbell?

Installing the doorbell accurately and fitting the wires efficiently is typical of the job of an electrician. Thus, you need to hire a technician to ensure the smooth installation of the doorbell.

2. Can I install a doorbell by myself?

If you're confident about your skills in installing the wires appropriately, installing the doorbell yourself is possible. However, doing so is bound to take extra time, and you might install the wires inappropriately, so going for a professional is the most recommended option.


Whether you're looking for a wired or wireless option, the doorbell installation cost depends upon multiple factors. We have listed all the factors affecting the doorbell camera installation cost, and you can also learn how much it costs to install a doorbell.

You can look at two of the most appropriate and reliable doorbell cameras offering the mind-blowing efficiency and facilities to monitor your home.


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