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Best Outdoor Security Cameras UK No Subscription


Choosing the best outdoor security cameras in the UK, and that too with no subscription is extremely difficult. Most cameras require a subscription to access the live view and recording videos.

In this article, we will help you find the best cameras. We will share some shortcuts or important factors/features you need to keep in mind while buying such cameras. Moreover, we will also share some of the best cameras for the UK that do not require any subscription.

Top Shortcuts to Select Security Cameras UK No Subscription

Here are the most important features and factors you need to consider to get the best outdoor security camera for the UK without any subscription.


Harsh weather and climate conditions can damage cameras if they don’t have adequate weatherproofing. Your camera should be weatherproof to withstand the moisture and rain of the UK climate. Its body should be sturdy enough to bear sunlight and last for a long time. Check the IP rating; it is preferred to have IP-67 certification to ensure waterproofing.

Local Storage Options

If you want to avoid subscriptions, your camera should offer local storage options to store recordings. If you have multiple cameras, NVR is a better choice. For a single, you should look for the microSD card option; it won’t require an NVR.

Power Supply and Network Connection

You have to know the powerful supply and network connection the camera requires.

Wired connections are reliable for 24/7 surveillance. You can go with a PoE camera as they are networked and powered through a single Ethernet cable.

But if you don’t want to run an Ethernet cable in your house, you can go with wireless outdoor security cameras. They transfer data over Wi-Fi or 4G, and they are powered through an adapter or solar panel.


The functionality of the camera matters a lot, and it is a vast term.

Firstly, check the resolution of the camera. It is better to go with a 4K resolution for an outdoor camera to capture the details. You’ll have clear and crisp visuals.

After that, you should ensure night vision, and it is better to have color night vision. It will help you make your house or office secure 24/7.

The camera should also have motion detection. If there is any movement of a vehicle or persons, you will have instant alerts on your device. You can take action immediately. You should also have access to remote viewing to see the live video from anywhere.

Last but not least is the two-way audio. It helps you communicate with the person in front of the camera. You can talk directly from your app; it does not matter where you are.

High Quality

The built quality of the camera should be excellent to withstand outdoor conditions. It should be of high quality to serve for a long time without any hassle. Most importantly, check the warranty of the camera; it should be at least two years.

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras UK No Subscription

Outdoor wireless security cameras do not require a wire for networking. Instead, they use Wi-Fi or 4G to transfer data and give access to devices. They can be placed anywhere without the hassle of Ethernet wires. These cameras need to be powered through an adapter, which is connected to the nearby AC outlet. But if they are battery-powered, you can connect a small solar panel.

Argus 3 Ultra is a 4K (8MP) battery-powered camera. It has dual Wi-Fi bands (2.4/5GHz) to offer a smooth visual experience with optimal quality. It offers incredible details in the video and is a perfect option for outdoor surveillance. The best part is that it does not require a hub; instead, it stores your video recordings in a microSD card.


  • Can be connected to a solar panel
  • Equipped with color night visions to record colored videos at night
  • Two-way audio to facilitate communication with visitors
  • Spotlight and warning system to scare intruders
  • Accurate detection of persons and vehicles
Reolink Argus 3 Ultra

4K 8MP Standalone Wire-Free Camera

4K 8MP; Smart Detection; 5/2.4GHz Dual-Band WiFi; Battery/Solar Powered; Color Night Vision; Alerts Without Subscription.

This is a standalone device that can work anywhere. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi or use a SIM with a 4G data plan. It is a battery-powered device powered by an adapter or a solar panel. Most importantly, it offers 4K Ultra HD clear and crisp videos with exceptional details. It also has the pan and tilt feature to offer a 360⁰ view of the vicinity.


  • Color and Black & White night vision; you can use anyone
  • Offers smart detection of persons and vehicles without a subscription
  • Alerts intruders with spotlights and a siren
  • Real-time alerts on your devices
  • Two-way audio for better communication with the person in front of the camera
  • Offers flexible microSD card storage option
Reolink Go PT Ultra

4K 8MP Wire-Free 4G LTE PT Battery Camera

4K 8MP; Smart Detection; 355° Pan & 140° Tilt; Battery/Solar Powered; Color Night Vision; Smart Real-Time Alert.

This is a PTZ camera, which offers you 355⁰ pan and 50⁰ tilt along with 3X optical zoom. So, you can cover a wide area and zoom into the details. The 4K video offers optimal video quality for a better visual experience. The camera has Wi-Fi 6 technology and dual bands for faster and more reliable performance.


  • Extremely sharp images for fine details
  • Auto-tracking to record the movement of a person/vehicle automatically
  • Multiple night vision modes, including color and black-and-white modes
  • Smart detection of pets, vehicles, and persons
  • Warning system and two-way audio
  • Flexible storage options: microSD card, NVR, and FTP server
Reolink E1 Outdoor Pro

4K WiFi PTZ Camera with Auto-Tracking

4K 8MP Super HD, Smart Person/Vehicle Alerts, 355° Pan & 50° Tilt & 3X Optical Zoom, Auto Tracking, Color Night Vision.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Cameras UK No Subscription

Wired security cameras are more reliable than Wi-Fi ones. They require an Ethernet cable for networking and power; one cable does both. They are preferred for optimal security of houses, offices, and small/large places.

This 12MP Ultra HD camera gives you incredible details in the video, including clear facial features of the person. It recognizes persons, pets, and vehicles and sends instant alerts of your device without any subscription.


  • Real colors in the night visions because of its powerful spotlight
  • Two-way audio for hassle-free communication
  • Offers quick time-lapse videos to save you time
  • Multiple storage options, including microSD card, NVR, and FTP server
  • Completely weatherproof and IP-67 certified
Reolink RLC-1212A

Intelligent 12MP PoE Camera with Powerful Spotlight

Smart Person/Vehicle Alerts; 12MP Ultra HD; Color Night Vision; Time Lapse; IP66 Certified Weatherproof; Two-Way Audio.

Duo 3 PoE is an incredible camera for outdoor surveillance. Its 16MP sensor offers incredible details in the videos, and dual-lens capture a wider area with a 180⁰ field of view. It automatically tracks the motion of the objects and sends accurate alerts. The best thing is that its image stitching algorithm offers a wide field of view and saves storage space.


  • Wider field of view
  • Two-way audio for communication
  • Bright spotlights for colorful night videos
  • Motion tracking
  • Built-in siren and spotlights to scare intruders
  • Robust built-quality for all weather conditions
Reolink Duo 3 PoE

Groundbreaking 16MP Dual-Lens PoE Camera

16MP UHD, Dual-Lens, Motion Track, 180° Wide Viewing Angle, Power over Ethernet, Color Night Vision.

This is a complete surveillance kit with four and one NVR. The cameras are 12MP for Ultra HD resolution and offer exceptional video quality. They can detect persons and vehicles for optimal security. The NVR can connect up to eight security cameras and has 2TB built-in storage, which can be expanded to 12 TB.


  • Fine details in videos with high-resolution
  • Color night visions with extraordinarily clear visuals
  • Powerful spotlight for scaring intruders and true colors at night
  • Can cover a wide area with four cameras and store videos of weeks and months
  • IP-67 certified to offer reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • Two-way audio for communication
Reolink RLK8-1200B4-A

12MP 8-Channel PoE Surveillance Kit with Spotlights

4 pcs 12MP Ultra HD Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Recording; Person/Vehicle Detection; Color Night Vision; 24/7 Recording.

Where to Place Outdoor Security Cameras No Subscription in UK?

Outdoor security cameras should be placed strategically to cover most of the area. If you have multiple cameras, make sure the field of view of cameras does not overlap. It will help you cover a wider area with fewer cameras.

You can place outdoor cameras to cover the following areas:

  • Door front
  • Backyard
  • Pool
  • Driveway
  • Back door
  • Lawn
  • Patio
  • Office parking

Where to Buy Outdoor Security Cameras No Subscription in UK?

You can buy reliable outdoor security cameras with NO subscription in the UK online from Reolink’s official website.

We have battery-powered, Wi-Fi, Standalone, PoE, 4G, and different types of cameras. There is a massive range of cameras as well as complete surveillance systems.

All our cameras work without any subscription and offer complete functionality. You can access the live view, store recordings, communicate with the person, and do everything without paying any subscription charges. It’s free of a lifetime.


1. Which CCTV camera is best for outdoor UK?

We have discussed some of the best outdoor cameras for the UK in this article. If you need a reliable service, use wired or PoE outdoor cameras. But if you don’t want to get into the hassle of Ethernet, choose wireless cameras.

2. What security system does not require a monthly fee in the UK?

Reolink offers a complete security system without a monthly fee or subscription. You can have remote access from your devices, and the videos are stored on local storage without spending a penny.

Yes, Reolink works well in the UK, and we offer complete after-sales support and warranty.


For hassle-free camera security, you must go with cameras that do not require any subscription. We have explained how to pick the best cameras by looking at the features and important factors. We have also shared some of the best outdoor security cameras in the UK with no subscription. You can choose the wireless and wired ones according to feasibility and preferences.


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