Large numbers of Syria, Afghan and Iraq refugees and other countries' asylum seekers flooded to Germany, USA, England (UK), etc., to apply for asylum. After these countries accepted the refugees or asylees, unforeseeable problems and dangers are "lurking".

A massive refugee crime wave is surging across Germany, according to figures buried in a new report. And immigrants, including Muslim refugees, displaced people, etc., commit disproportionately high crime in Germany, Denmark, US, Europe, etc.

You've GOT to see some striking refugee crime rates, statistics, and facts to see why all of us should be more cautious in terms of dealing with the refugee crisis. More importantly, you need to get some effective ways to protect yourself from refugee crimes/attacks.

Refugee Crimes Crisis

#1. Shocking Facts about Refugee Crimes

• Syrian refugee crime rate (and other countries' asylees) hits a historical peak in 2016 in Germany — refugees committed more than 200,000 crimes last year, which rises in comparison over 2014-2015 by 79%!!!! (More refugee crimes are under-reported.)

A tragedy that a Germany girl was raped and drowned on the night of October 16, ignited an anti-migrant backlash. Ironically, the girl was a volunteer helping out Syrian and Afghanistan refugees.

• In England and Wales, over 56% of Syrian refugees committed severe crimes in less than a year. SHOCKING police figures released for England and Wales have shown nearly 900 Syrians have been arrested for crimes including rape and child abuse in just one year.

• The Syrian refugee crime statistics in America (US) are increasing. "Amarillo Texas is overrun with refugees, and the crimes are just through the roof", the local people said. Amarillo was recently named the fifth most dangerous city in Texas, and it has been nationally recognized as having one of the highest rates of rape. Refugees are responsible for tiny proportion of the crimes.

Just statistically, a great number of people escaped from the Syrian war and other disasters and came to Europe, Germany, US, etc. How can you tell which refugee is good or bad? We should not keep a stereotype that refugees would commit more crimes, but being more cautious is never a bad idea.

How to protect yourself from criminal refugees' attacks? How to deal with (Muslim) refugee crisis/crime in the United States (US), Europe, Germany, Canada, Sweden, France, Italy, England (UK), Minnesota, Denmark, Africa, etc., in 2015,2016?

You are NOT gonna miss the best and most useful ways below to prevent crimes committed by refugees.

#2. Best Ways to Deal with Refugee Crime Problems, Including Robberies, Assaults, Rapes, etc.

It is reported that robberies and assaults are the most common crimes committed by refugees. Don't worry. With the effective ways below, you can make your home safer and keep yourself safe and sound.

Top 1. Install Security Camera Systems to Deter Criminal Refugees

Over 80% of police surveyed stated that security camera systems would deter most criminals. No one wants to be caught in the act, neither do asylum seekers. You need to install security cameras for every access of your home, including front/back door, garden, garage, driveway, etc. Those criminal refugees would tend to ambush before they commit the crime. Usually, when they notice that your home is protected by security camera systems, they would skip your home and find another easier target.

Security Cameras and Security Systems

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You should present a petition to your government to install more security cameras in the streets, since there are a lot of thieves hanging out to seek chances to steal people's valuables. Besides, the government should also install security cameras to monitor refugee camps (refugee camp crime is a big big big problem, such as Zaatari refugee camp crime). With the monitoring of security cameras, refugees would tend to behave well.

Security camera footages are really helpful to find the criminals. Once the refugee criminals have got caught by the security cameras, they pled guilty on the spot and skip a trial.

The refugee criminal who raped and murdered the Germany girl got arrested quickly with the tape of the security cameras.

Top 2. Don't Go to Refugee Camps/Centers Alone Especially at Night

A group of German activists has carried out a study and found that rates of sexual offenses increase significantly in the vicinity of asylum reception centers/camps (Get detailed information about the study).

Under any circumstances should you go to or close to refugee camps/reception centers alone, especially at night. You may have heard of a lot of tragedies about refugee rape crimes. 5 asylum seekers have been charged with anally raping a young Afghan male teen. A disabled woman was gang-raped by 6 awful and terrible refugees near a Swedish refugee center. These tragedies all happened near the refugee reception centers.

If you are a volunteer in the refugee centers, you need to go with a team instead of going there alone. Bring knives and spray pepper with you. Always put your personal safety in the first place.

Top 3. Be More Cautious in Celebrations or Festivals

Celebrations and parties are definitely enjoyable for festivals, and at the same time, you will be less vigilant about your personal security and your valuable safety. Refugee criminals will use it to their advantage.

On New Year' Eve, more than 100 women in Cologne were harassed, robbed or sexually assaulted by gangs of men of Arab and North African appearance. Asylum seekers were largely responsible for the attacks. The attacks against women in German towns and cities at New Year come after some similar reports from asylum centers in Germany last year.

Christmas is around the corner. When you go out for parties, mind criminal refugees and other thieves. Bear the tips below in mind:

  • Always stay with your family and friends.
  • Watch out for your valuables, including your phones, purses, etc.
  • Girls tend to be much more vulnerable, so remember to bring knives and other tools to defend yourself.
  • Be careful about gangs of men who suddenly rush into the crowd.
  • Watch your drink. Never accept a beverage — beer, cocktail, or even water or soda — from someone you don't know.

The above 3 ways are very simple but can help you avoid most refugee crimes and tragedies. You should keep these ways in mind and adopt them at once. Don't take the above ways until everything is too late.

#3. Prevent Refugee Crimes Fundamentally: Government's Responsibility

Syrian, Somali and Muslim, etc., refugee crime/crisis has been a heated topic all over the world. Refugee crime problem/crisis in America, Europe, and other countries, basically, is the political problem. Government is the only group who can deal with the refugee crimes fundamentally.

Due to poverty, uncertainty, poor living condition and other elements, there is a trend that refugee crimes are on a sharp rise. With the monitoring, control and help of the government, refugee crimes rates/crisis can be reduced greatly. (Actually refugee crime rates have been declined recently.)

The government needs to do more to protect all legal citizens from refugee crimes.

  • Establish more strict refugee reception laws and refugee crime laws.
  • Patrol the streets more carefully especially in celebrations and festivals.
  • Manage refugee camps/centers more strictly to avoid internal fights or attacks.
  • Monitor refugee centers with security camera systems in case of any emergencies. (Definitely, don't install security cameras in the private areas.)
  • Provide refugees with jobs and comfortable living conditions.

All in all, helping refugees to settle down and go back to normal lives is the fundamental way to reduce refugee crimes.



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