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Dual-lens cameras

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Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera: 2024 Full Guide

Among the array of security cameras available, the outdoor Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) security camera stands as a true technological marvel. Uniting the power of two lenses into a single unit, this innovation has redefined surveillance capabilities, offering unparalleled visual coverage and flexibility. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into PTZ security cameras for outdoor use, uncov

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Best Dual-Lens Security Camera: Top Picks & Recommendations

As long as people have realized that what they see through their own eyes is limited, they start to broaden their horizons with new tech, thus redefining the boundaries of the world. Therefore, Reolink recognized the limitation of single-lens cameras and pushed traditional security boundaries by introducing the revolutionary dual-lens camera series. This article will explore th

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Reolink Duo 2 Review: 2024 Full Guide

Reolink has introduced dozens of innovative cameras, but the Reolink Duo 2 series is exceptionally popular. It is because of the features the cameras offer. In this article, we will give you a detailed Reolink Duo 2 review. We will discuss the advanced features, different cameras in the series, user reviews, and everything else you need to know. <h2 id="overview-of-reolink-duo-2-seri

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Multi-Sensor Cameras: Seeing Beyond Boundaries

Multi-sensor cameras take your visual experience to the next level. They are more advanced than the normal single-sensor cameras. They offer some exciting features and benefits but have their own shortcomings. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about multi-sensor cameras, including their types, pros & cons, and applications. We will also share some recommend

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An Overview of Motion Tracking Cameras

Auto motion tracking security cameras are designed to automatically detect and track moving targets. These cameras can identify moving targets using image recognition and some may even recognize people, vehicles, and faces. Motion tracking security cameras are beneficial for security purposes as they provide a quick and effective way to monitor moving targets. By tracking the movement of

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Best PoE Dual-Lens Security Camera: Comprehensive Surveillance Solutions

PoE security cameras are an efficient surveillance solution that utilizes Power over Ethernet technology. These cameras can significantly simplify installation by receiving data transmission and power through a single Ethernet cable, making them an increasingly popular choice for residential and business security applications. However, PoE technology has been applied to other camera mode



Reolink's New Battery-Powered TrackMix Comes with 2K HD & Auto-Zoom Tracking

Wilmington, Del., December 14, 2022 – Reolink, the global smart home security solution provider, announces the latest addition to its dual-lens TrackMix series. The WiFi battery-powered version Reolink TrackMix with 2K super HD and auto-zoom tracking is available for pre-order in the U.S. at $ 279.99 and in Europe at €



These new Reolink Duo 2 cameras will see 180° in 4K resolution with dual lenses

Wilmington, Del., August 18, 2022 – Smart home security camera maker Reolink releases one of the best 180-degree panoramic cameras for home and businesses: Duo 2 4K dual-lens security cameras. As an upgraded version of the company’s Duo series launched last year, the Duo 2 offer one juicy panorama view in 4K ultra HD resolution. Two wired versions, <a href="