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Rechargeable Security Cameras: Complete Guide

Flora Luo1/31/2024
Rechargeable Security Camera

“I am finally free from the endless replacement of batteries!” You might have screamed out on the discovery of security cameras with rechargeable battery.

But before rushing to get one, better to do your homework and have a clear idea about what you are going to deal with. This article will explore the basics of rechargeable security cameras and tell you how to choose the right one for wireless home defense.

What is a Rechargeable Security Camera?

A rechargeable security camera is a type of surveillance camera that is powered by rechargeable batteries instead of being connected to a traditional power source. These cameras offer flexibility and easy installation since they don't require a constant power supply. The rechargeable batteries can typically be charged using a power outlet or, in some cases, through solar panels.

These cameras are often wireless, utilizing technologies like Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity for data transmission and they are commonly used for outdoor surveillance, especially in areas where it may be challenging to run power cables.

Rechargeable Wireless Security Camera Cost

The cost of this security camera type may be more than you think:

  • Camera Cost: The price tag of a wireless model is usually higher than other types, including the non-rechargeable battery-powered ones, the wired ones and the common wireless ones. A simple Google search lands on some Arlo rechargeable security cameras, costing you almost $200, twice the price of a decent non-rechargeable one with similar features.
  • Potential Cost: This may include additional batteries and chargers (for rechargeable camera system) – if you want to monitor non-stop 24/7, especially for outdoor rechargeable security cameras. Rechargeable batteries for Arlo security cameras, for example, cost at least $49.99 for a set, more than 10 times higher than a non-rechargeable one.

Argus 2 Charging

Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera Battery Life

Generally speaking, the battery of rechargeable WiFi security camera can work for 2-6 months under normal use.But in practical uses, the battery life varies among different brands, and it depends on how you use it as well as the working environment. If you put the rechargeable outdoor security camera in high traffic areas, you may need to recharge your batteries every couple or three months.

Rechargeable WiFi Security Cameras Installation Tips

The wireless security camera with rechargeable batteries, cutting all the wire hassles for you, enjoys almost no limit in placement theoretically.

You can even mount the security camera on the ceiling or trees with a security mount. The only thing is that you will have to manage to grasp it down again for charging. But never install the rechargeable outdoor security camera within reach, in case the burglars could easily grab it down.

What to Expect from Rechargeable Camera for Home Security

The convenience of wireless security cameras with rechargeable battery comes at a compromise, to some extent, compared with the wired or non-battery powered wireless security cameras.

The most distinctive design of CCTV camera with rechargeable battery is that they are used for motion detection, in order to save the battery life. They will wake up whenever there are motion events, and send you real-time alerts when danger occurs.

How to Reduce False Alarms of Rechargeable CCTV Cameras

How “smart” the motion detection is matters a lot to a camera with rechargeable functionality. Actually, you can trust models with the following two qualities:

1. PIR motion sensor

The PIR sensor-based rechargeable CCTV cameras detect motion by comparing the previous ambient temperature with the new state instead of counting the different pixels between frames.

So you don’t need to worry about getting false positives from the tree or shrub movement at all. The swaying trees even during high winds or storms won’t trigger the motion sensor and wear out your batteries since that won’t change the environment temperature.

Pro Tips: Do make sure your rechargeable wireless IP camera in the direction crossing the possible intruder so that the PIR sensor can detect motion events.

Suggested PIR Installation

2. Advance motion settings

Some rechargeable video cameras allow you to tune the sensitivity level so that the subtle natural elements won’t trigger another motion event. And you can also specify the motion detection period to get more accurate alerts.

Take the rechargeable Reolink WiFi IP camera as an example. You can set up the PIR sensitivity easily via the free Reolink app.

Motion Detection Schedule

Best Rechargeable Cameras Recommendation

If you are looking for a rechargeable CCTV camera that is durable, last and easy to use, don’t miss the following two options.

Upgrade from Reolink best-selling and award-winning Reolink Argus 3 Pro, this battery or solar-powered camera could sustain up to 3 to 6 months with only several hours for a full recharge – a real trouble-free, trendy, economical and green security solution!

Just as I mentioned above, if you want a reliable rechargeable home security camera, this camera is the best choice with all the pro features you may never expect at this price range:

Features Specs
Resolution 4K 8MP
Night vision Black and white and color night vision, up to 33ft
Motion detection PIR motion sensor
Rich alerts Push notifications, emails, and siren alerts
Audio Two-way audio
Weatherproof IP65 weatherproof
Remote access Live view on smartphone & PC
Extra charges No subscriptions and monthly fees

What if there is NO WiFi available and you want a wire-free rechargeable security camera? What if the WiFi signal is rather limited? Or what if you just want to save your home network bandwidth?

No worries. Either case, the 4G mobile wireless camera can meet your needs. Running on 4G data, this rechargeable outdoor security camera will start to record, save videos, and send live streams and push to your phone with a SIM card. NO WiFi and power outlets needed!

Features Specs
Resolution 4K 8MP
Night Vision Black and white & color night vision
Viewing angle 355° Pan & 140° Tilt
Installation places Construction sites, boat, wildlife, RVs
Audio Two-way audio
Weatherproof IP64 weatherproof
Remote access Live view on smartphone & PC

Rechargeable Camera Systems

Looking for a security camera system with recharging capabilities? More to consider.

This type of system is easy to set up, but harder to maintain and pretty expensive. Think about the recharging work ahead for the whole system and you are also saturating your WiFi band depending on the distribution of the cameras.

The truth is, 2 to 4 rechargeable outdoor security cameras are OK for home network, but if you want to have a larger system, especially for business 24/7 monitoring, an 8 channel or 16 channel wired security camera system will do a better job.

Security Cameras and Security Systems

Your Best Security Camera or Security System Solutions; Plug and Play; 5MP/4MP Super HD; Smartphone Remote Access; Night Vision & Motion Detection

Bonus: Camera with Rechargeable Battery Safety Issues & Fixes

Still terrified about the explosion of Samsung mobile phones?

So what you can do to keep your rechargeable battery camera safe? Here is something you can try:

  1. Be careful to use it as an outdoor camera if you live in hot or cold areas. Rechargeable batteries are rather sensitive to high temperatures exceeding 55°C or -10°C. Mind that the rechargeable outdoor security camera’s battery life could also be affected by the extremely cold or hot environment.
  2. Only use batteries recommended. Check the manual or the product’s official website when you’re not sure what kind of batteries to use.
  3. Avoid overheating batteries. Remember to unplug your security cameras once it is fully charged. This is also helpful in winning you a longer battery life.
  4. Don’t allow batteries to get wet or be exposed to water. If you are going to pull the security cameras out on a rainy day, do protect them well. If you are going to charge the rechargeable outdoor security cameras on a rainy day, do protect them well.
  5. Choose local storage options if possible. Another security risk for rechargeable WiFi security cameras might be the video storage privacy issues. Some of you may worry about uploading everything to some vendor cloud. In that case, you can choose a wireless camera with SD card storage option. The rechargeable CCTV camera with SD card can keep you away from the possible snooping on the Internet and also frees you from subscription or any sort of cloud-based service from the manufacturer.


Is there a rechargeable security camera?

Sure thing! Right now, there are many rechargeable security cameras you can find. Some big companies, like Reolink, are now in the game too. Reolink offers wireless security cameras with built-in rechargeable batteries, making it easy for homes and businesses to stay secure without any hassles.

Are battery-powered security cameras any good?

Yes, battery-powered security cameras can be quite effective for certain situations. They offer flexibility in placement since they don't rely on electrical outlets. However, the performance and effectiveness can vary based on the specific model and its features.


Rechargeable security cameras offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience for security solution finders. However, they are also related to some common security issues when used. What's your opinion about this camera type? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! We'd love to hear from you!


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