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How to Install a Doorbell? (Video Doorbell)

How to Install a Doorbell

A video doorbell is a must-have for every house—it ensures security and lets you be worry-free. It records everything, detects suspicious movements nearby, and allows you to talk to the person even if you are away.

If you are thinking of installing one, here is a complete step-by-step process of installing a doorbell without any hassle.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Electrician for Doorbell Installation?

It isn’t necessary to hire an electrician for doorbell installation, especially if you are changing the old one or installing a wireless doorbell. It is more like a DIY task, and you just need to follow a few simple steps carefully.

But if you aren’t familiar with wiring and unsure about anything, hiring an electrician would be a better idea than harming yourself.

How to Install a Wired Doorbell?

If you are installing a wired doorbell for the first time, you will need a doorbell transformer. It lowers the voltage according to the requirements of the doorbell.

Let’s see how to install a doorbell transformer before installing a doorbell.

How to install a doorbell transformer?

A doorbell transformer is connected to the main electric supply (junction box). It can be dangerous for people who do not have practical knowledge of wiring. It is better to hire an electrician.

  1. The transformer has to be mounted on the wall. Mark the position with a pencil and use a drill machine to drill the holes.
  2. Place the mounting bracket on the wall and secure it using screws. Mount the transformer on the bracket, and make sure to check the input and output terminals.
  3. Turn off the circuit breaker before doing this. Connect a 3-core cable to the input of the transformer, and then connect the other end to the ground, neutral, and phase of the AC supply.

How to install a wired doorbell?

Once the transformer is ready, you can connect the doorbell to it.

  1. You need to mount the doorbell outdoor unit on the wall outside your home. Place the mounting plate and mark the position of the holes. Now, drill the holes using a drill machine and mount the doorbell on the mounting plate. Some doorbells do not have a mounting plate and can be fixed using adhesive tape.

  2. Connect the doorbell to the output of the transformer. There will be two terminals at the output of the transformer and two terminals at the doorbell. Connect one terminal of the doorbell to one output terminal of the transformer. Now, connect the doorbell's second terminal to the transformer's other terminal. It is AC, so you don’t have to worry about the polarity (positive or negative).

  3. It is time to install the chime box. You only need to insert it in a wall outlet. But it is better to place it in the center of the house. Once it is installed, turn on the doorbell and test it.

How to Install a Doorbell Without Existing Doorbell?

If you do not have a doorbell and want to install one, it is better to use a wireless video doorbell. It is the easiest option, and you don’t need an electrician for this.

  1. Find a suitable place for the doorbell switch. You can either install it on the wall with the help of an adhesive tape or screws. It is better to use screws because it lasts for a very long time.
  2. Place the back mounting plate on the wall and mark the holes for screws. Use a drill machine to drill holes for screws and install the back mounting plate. Insert the battery in the unit to power it. Now, mount the doorbell switch on the plate.
  3. It is time to install the chime unit. Find a suitable place inside your home. There are two types of chime units available. One directly goes into the wall socket, and the other one requires batteries. If it requires a wall outlet, you can insert it without any hassle. But if it requires batteries, install the batteries, and you may also need to drill a couple of holes in the wall to mount it.
  4. Turn on the doorbell. Install the required app on your device and connect the doorbell to the Wi-Fi. Finally, test the doorbell and check whether it is working fine or not.

Best Picks for Doorbell Cameras

An incredible wired video doorbell that offers 2K+ (5MP) HD video for crisp and clear visuals. It covers a wide area around the door and shares extra details of the person and surroundings. It can detect movements near the door and send you alerts on your device. You can also monitor the area at night as it has infrared LEDs.

It is equipped with built-in mics and a speaker to facilitate communication with anyone at the door, even if you are not at home. It gives instant alerts, allows you to view your house from anywhere, and records everything for later use.

It is a PoE-wired doorbell, which means it requires only one ethernet cable for the power and to facilitate data transfer. It is a more reliable option compared to battery-powered cameras.

Reolink Video Doorbell (PoE)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD, Person Detection, Power over Ethernet, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, High-Quality Night Vision.

This video doorbell has the same features as the previous one. It also has a 2K+ (5MP) HD video camera for optimal clarity, person detection, instant alerts, night recording, mics & a speaker, etc.

The only difference is the Wi-Fi, which means it does not require an ethernet cable. It can be connected within the Wi-Fi range and supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz for a stable connection.

Most importantly, it is a great option if you want to change your existing doorbell. You can connect this to the same wiring and enjoy better features.

Reolink Video Doorbell (WiFi)

Smart 5MP Video Doorbell with Chime

5MP Super HD Day & Night, Person Detection, 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WiFi, 180° Diagonal Viewing Angle, Two-Way Audio, Rich Notification.

How to Install These Doorbell Cameras?

You can install these Reolink video doorbells on your own. Here is a quick video with illustrations and images that you can easily follow.

Troubleshooting Tips: Common Issues and Solutions During Installation

Here are a few tips that might help you prevent issues during the installation.

  • Make sure to connect the input and output of the doorbell transformer correctly. Wrong connections can damage the doorbell transformer and cause a short circuit.
  • Always switch off the circuit breaker while interacting with high voltages.
  • Make sure there are no wires inside the wall before drilling. You might damage them, which will eventually increase the expense.
  • If there is an existing wiring or connection, take a picture before removing the wires. It helps to remember where the wires need to be connected.
  • It is possible to bypass the old mechanical chime without removing it. You only need to install a jumper that many doorbell sellers offer along with the box, or you can buy from the market.
  • Place the doorbell switch at eye level so that everyone can see at a glance. If it is a video doorbell, make sure it covers the area around it.
  • Choose a suitable place for the indoor chime unit. The center of the house is the perfect place to cover all rooms.
  • Consult an electrician if you are unsure about anything.


If you buy a DIY or simple doorbell, you can install it on your own and save the labor cost of an electrician. You can install Reolink video doorbells easily on your own by following the simple guide. But if you are unsure about the wiring or anything else, hiring an electrician will cost around $50 to $100 per hour.

2. How to install a new doorbell?

If there is no doorbell at your home or existing wiring, go with a wireless doorbell. For this, you only need to place the doorbell switch outside the door and insert the chime into a wall socket. There is no wiring required.

3. How to install a doorbell chime?

To install a wired doorbell chime, you need to install the doorbell transformer first. Follow the steps we have mentioned above. Once the transformer is installed, connect the chime and doorbell unit to it.

Mechanical chimes have three terminals. Connect the Trans terminal to one of the output terminals of the transformer. Then, connect the Front terminal of the chime to the doorbell outdoor unit. Finally, connect the remaining terminal of the doorbell unit with the remaining output terminal of the transformer.


A video doorbell is essential to ensure the security of the house and keep intruders and thieves away. It gives you complete peace of mind as you can monitor your house even if you are away. You can install a doorbell on your own if you like DIY and know how to handle wiring. It is pretty simple, but if you are unsure, it is better to hire an electrician.


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