Do CCTV home security cameras deter or reduce crime?

The answer is undoubtedly YES!

Some of you may ask, "Why people still have their stuff stolen even with a security camera? Why didn't the alarm or the surveillance camera work when the burglar broke into my home?"

Well, dear readers, you can check the answers below.

Do Home Security Cameras Deter Crime

Do home security cameras deter crime? Why do thieves still steal from homes with security cameras?

The reasons why thieves steal from homes with security cameras usually include:

  • They don't realize the presence of security cameras, so they don't know that they get caught by security cameras.
  • They know they are being watched, but they choose to take the risk. Usually, those thieves would be arrested quickly with the clear images captured by the security cameras.

Security cameras are undoubtedly an effective burglar/theft deterrent. (The plug-and-play wireless security cameras and PoE IP cameras are the most popular ones) A lot of statistics and facts all prove it. (You can check the top 5 hard evidences below).

Please be aware that security cameras will typically deter and reduce burglary. If you install a security camera for your home, your home is 300% less likely to be broken into compared with homes without surveillance cameras.

Criminals do not want to be seen or recorded — that's one of the main reasons why security cameras are effective. Not to mention that security camera footage is helpful to assist the police to identify thieves.

Put up a security sign saying "Video surveillance in use 24/7" would also thwart burglars when you install security cameras to deter criminals.

Does video surveillance typically deter burglars? Why didn't the surveillance camera work when the burglar broke into my home?

Well, a professional security camera with proper setup is useful to deter thieves. If your security cameras fail to send you real-time push notifications, or catch the criminal's images/videos when there is a break-in, you can fix the issues via the below helpful solutions. Thus you can maximize the effectiveness of security cameras in deterring crime.

1. Make sure you've enabled the push notification function.
2. Check whether you have set up the motion detection recording on the security camera software.
3. Adjust the detecting sensitivity of your motion detection security cameras.
4. Ensure that you've covered all of the main entrances of your home. The burglars would sometimes sneak into your home from a window, or a back door and other entrances you might overlook.

Once you've set up your security cameras properly, you can deter those awful thieves and catch their images.

If you still have doubts on whether security cameras can deter or reduce crime, you can check the statistics and facts below to see the effectiveness of security camera systems.

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Top 5 Hard Evidences on the Effectiveness of Security Surveillance Cameras

You will know the details about positive effects of surveillance cameras from the top 5 hard evidences below.

1. Do Security Cameras Deter Criminals/Thieves — View It from University of North Carolina

The UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice found that 60% convicted burglars would look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40% of burglars said that the presence of security cameras would motive them to seek another easier target.

2. Do Security Cameras Prevent Home Burglary — Check It from ESA

Are security cameras effective in preventing or reducing crime? Based on a study conducted by Electronic Security Association, about 83% of burglars would first determine whether a home has security cameras before they broke into the house. And 60% of thieves would typically avoid homes with security cameras.

3. Do Outside Home Security Camera Systems Prevent/Reduce Crime — Hear It from RSCJ & Urban Institute

Does home video surveillance deter crime? The studies, conducted by Rutgers School of Criminal Justice and Urban Institute, both drew a conclusion that burglaries and the presence of security surveillance were inversely correlated. The result is that the presence of visible security camera theft deterrent dramatically decreases the likelihood of domestic crime, or home invasion.

4. Do Home Surveillance Cameras Work in Catching Burglars — Get It from The London Metro Police

According to a representative of the London Metro Police, the police were able to identify about 5,000 suspects thanks to security camera videos. Security cameras do play an extremely important role in catching burglars.

You can view the video below to see how security cameras caught the burglars in the act. The police recognized the suspect and made quick arrest with the help of crystal security camera footage.

5. Do Security Cameras Reduce Crime in Schools — Know It from The Daily Telegraph

According to a piece of news reported by The Daily Telegraph, security cameras installed in schools have had an unexpected benefit on slashing school bullying and playground violence. Surveillance cameras also dramatically cut the number of criminal acts, break-ins and vandalism in schools.

Doonside Technology High School in Sydney has reported a 70% drop in bullying since the school has been protected by security cameras.

So do security cameras typically deter burglars? Is having CCTV on show at a house going to attract or repel possible burglars? Do security cameras reduce crime rate in your home or in neighborhoods? How do security cameras prevent crime?

Got the answers yet? If you still have any doubts on Do surveillance cameras help prevent crime or simply aid in pos7t-crime prosecution? You can ask anything in the comment below.

If you want to use a fake security camera to deter burglars or stop home break-ins, you'd better take a quick look at the discussion of dummy surveillance cameras below.

Quick Discussion on Do Fake/Dummy Security Cameras Deter Crimes

Do fake security cameras deter thieves? Are they an effective deterrent for home security?

If you solely rely on fake security cameras to deter thieves without installing a real security camera, it may be a harbinger of unfortunate events when real problems strike. Therefore, it's essential to install a real security camera.

It's reasonable to put up a fake security camera to deter vandals, ONLY when you install reliable and real IP security cameras to prevent home break-ins.

Here is a post offering detailed discussion and analysis on whether to use fake security cameras. You will get some insights in this post.

Ready to Install a Security Camera System Now?

A great number of statistics and facts all prove that security cameras are one of the best ways to deter burglars, and they are also one of the most effective burglar deterrent gadgets. It's a big big big must to buy security cameras now to keep your home safe and secure.

If you have tight budget, there is a list of high-quality IP security cameras under $100 for your reference.

  • Ryan Edwards

    Great article! I am a licensed professional security expert. Today I assisted a commercial customer pull footage from their DVR after a break-in over the weekend. With the images and video from 4 simple cameras, (I recommended upgrades to their system which they strongly agreed to) the local police were able to quickly identify the suspects. Over $10,000 in stolen property. Do cameras ALWAYS deter...of course not, but in the more and more uncommon situation where the cameras do not deter, they almost always provide the evidence needed to arrest and convict a suspect, as well as recover property.

    3 professional tips (just my 2 cents)

    1: Proper camera placement is of course vital.

    2: And let's be honest here, you get what you pay for. Quality protection doesn't have to cause bankruptcy, but if you really want high quality protection, spend the relatively small extra money and get professional products. Even the best cameras are useless if they are attached to a cheap DVR/NVR or switch and cheap software.

    3: In my experience, it is best practice to have as few people as possible know the total number, as well as the locations of every camera. ”Inside jobs” are a very real and common problem. Someone who knows exactly how many cameras you have as well as the exact placement/angles allows them to plan their break-in while covering their face and identifying marks (tattoos, scars, etc).

    The footage I pulled today that I spoke of earlier, was an inside job. The former employee knew where all of the cameras were...except one. He was able to conceal his face, head, arms, legs, and hands...until he turned toward a camera he didn't know was there.

    I have witnessed myself how camera systems CAN prevent would-be crimes. They CAN deter, but when they don't (let's face it, some people are just that ignorant), a professional system installed correctly by a LICENSED and professional expert CAN and typically does provide evidence for justice.

    Great article, thank you for the conversation and the knowledge. It always helps to have the numbers. Those percentages are FACTS, not opinions. I hope to see more from you soon!

    • Elvia

      Hi Tim, thank you for sharing your experience and ideas with us. We do believe that it is vital to place the security cameras in the right places and the CCTV footage can be important evidence! 😉



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