You have a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) recording and storing all your surveillance footage while you want to access their video recorder remotely over the internet from a mobile phone, web browsers or a computer at another location outside your home.

So how do you connect NVR/DVR to the internet and set up or configure them for remote viewing or access outside your home network?

Could You View or Access a DVR/NVR Remotely

DVRs/NVRs are normally equipped with standard processors and embedded operating systems; however, many old analog DVRs don't have the ability to connect it to the internet for remote viewing.

DVRs/NVRs that have a built-in network capability can be accessed over the internet remotely or outside your home network on a computer, desktop video surveillance software, phone apps or web browsers.

How Do You Connect a DVR/NVR to the Internet

If a CCTV DVR or NVR don't have a built-in WiFi support, then you have to run internet cable (CAT 5 or CAT 6 Ethernet cable) to connect your DVR or NVR to the internet via the router.

Connect DVR/NVR to the Internet

Of course, by using another WiFi router/access point as a wireless bridge, you could connect a CCTV DVR to your router wirelessly.

How Do You Set Up or Configure a CCTV DVR or NVR for Remote Viewing

To connect a DVR/NVR to the internet or configure a DVR/NVR for remote viewing, first and foremost, connect your DVR/NVR to your network router either via Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

Network–enabled DVRs could be configured for remote viewing. Port forwarding is the key to remote viewing and remote access. By forwarding ports (HTTP port and Server port) on your DVRs and your router, you punch a hole in your home network firewall and allow access to the video stream remotely from outside of your home network (also known as LAN).

Port forwarding works when you want to view live video feeds or footage on NVRs over the internet on web browsers like IE, FireFox or Google Chrome web browser.

Alternatively, you could use NVR viewing software, video surveillance software or ONVIF supported third-party video management software to view your NVRs remotely, such as Blue Iris, Milestones, or ZoomMinder.

To view your NVR on a viewing software, video management software or mobile apps remotely, one of the simplest approaches is to connect the NVR to the internet and view footage remotely via account login or via UID, a unique a unique ID number registered and integrated at the developer level, such as Reolink NVRs.

Depending on different models, users can use NVR's IP address to log into the NVR viewing software.

Connect NVR to the Internet via NVR Viewing Software

View Reolink NVRs on Reolink Client or mobile phone app, normally, is effortlessly easy; all you need to do is to log in your NVR account (name and password) and access NVRs for remote viewing and video playback.

How to Connect Wireless IP Cameras to NVRs Wirelessly

Chances are you don't have a wireless security camera system with an NVR with built-in WiFi capability.

While you have a PoE wired security camera system with a PoE NVR, more often than not, you are placing a wireless security camera in a remote location where you couldn't or hard to run a network cable to your PoE NVR.

In such case, users could use your WiFi router act as a bridge to connect your WiFi IP cameras to your PoE NVR wirelessly without running network cables at all.

While doing so, make sure both of your wireless security cameras are connected to your router wirelessly and your NVR is connected to your router via Ethernet cable.

Connect Wireless Security Camera to NVRs

  • Bob

    I hand no trouble with my old computer and nvr 10s –then I bought a new computer and lost everything. How can I get my nvr onto my new computer?

    • Olivia

      Hi, Bob, please confirm that you have put your new computer into the same LAN that you are running. You can try to download client offered by the NVR's manufacturer if it is available or other trusted third-party viewers to watch live view on your new computer. Hope this would help.

  • WADE

    Is the Riolink phone app able to see poe cameras on the NVR and Airgus 2 cameras?

    • Olivia

      Hi, Wade, the answer is definitely yes. For Argus 2, you only need to enter your unique ID number (UID) and password to add the camera to the app. For PoE cameras on the NVR, please connect your NVR to network router via Ethernet cables or wirelessly. Then by entering your NVR account and password on the app, you can see PoE cameras on the NVR. Hope this would help.

  • dddienst

    My NVR keeps asking me to install a plug-in. I do and restart, but it just tells me to do it again. I tried firefox, chrome and edge browsers...

    • Olivia

      Hi, there, we are not sure about which brand your NVR is. But we suggest that you use customized Client or APP from the NVR seller to access your NVR, which can free you from this problem. Hope this helps.

    • You should try internet explorer, the plugin only works in that browser.

  • Chady _

    I use jennov nvr with wireless cameras. The software they to use was called IP Pro3. It uses the concept of UID or cloud ID. Problem is, it only connects via 4G on my phone. Tried many wifi options none.worked

    • Olivia

      Hi, Chardy, please check if your currently using WiFi works well by visiting other websites. Also remember to update the firmware of the software and your security system as well to see if it works.

  • Alex k

    Is it possible to connect POE cameras to the POE NVR wirelessly through a POE switch? Looking to put the cameras in the barn and NVR in the house 350 ft away.

  • Jake M

    Will the NVR work with the RLC-511W if they are linked to separate wifi networks. We want to set up a RLC-511W on an office building and use the office wifi for the camera, but then set up the NVR at a different location on a separate network. If we do this will the NVR be able to record, provided the wifi connection is capable?

  • Svajunas Milijonas

    Hello, I have problems to view from my phone. If my phone is connected to same home WiFi then I can view on my phone, but when I go outside of my house can't view on the phone. What the problem? Is h. 256.h nvr

    • Olivia

      Hi, there, please check the firewall settings of your router to see if it has blocked eternal access to your security cameras. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hello, Allan, in your case, your DVR system can't connect to the WiFi remotely and a cat 5 Ethernet cable is required. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hello, Neil, you may check this post, /security-camera-viewers-watch-videos/, to find a third-party security camera viewer for your security systems. Hope this helps.

  • Paul Elkins

    how can i hook my swann dvr to internet when router is at the other end of the house , its not practical to run ethernet cable but i would love to use the app and view cameras remotely

    • Olivia

      Hi Paul, you may add a network jack to the wall which is next to your DVR. Or, you may buy an Ethernet switch to help manage the cable. If you are not sure which switch or injector is perfect for your DVR, it is best to consult the support team of your security camera brand. Hope this helps.



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