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How to View Recorded CCTV Security Camera Footage on Mobile Phones, PC & TV

When you set up a security camera, you need to decide where you want the CCTV footage to be stored. The most common options are an SD card, DVR/NVR, FTP server or Cloud. Once you have chosen where to store the footage, you can easily watch it back on a mobile, computer or TV. To view the security cam footage, simply open the app or program where it is stored and choose the video you want

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Tips & Fixes


How to Connect CCTV Camera to Computer – Top 4 Solutions

Security cameras are vital for protecting homes and businesses. But connecting them to your computer can be tricky. This guide will help you connect security camera to laptop/computer easily. We'll cover everything from setup to troubleshooting. Keep reading! Note: If you want to connect your camera to smartphone, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on