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How to Hide a Security Camera: Best Outdoor & Indoor Ideas 2024

Want to hide security cameras in plain sight creatively without anyone’s notice? Today you will learn how to hide a camera outdoors, indoors, in a window, etc. (with pictures and videos), get bonus tips on hiding security camera wires and the DVR/NVR, and find the best hidden security cameras for outdoors and home. Note: If you want to hide security cameras

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Buyer's Guide


Introduction to Camouflage Security Cameras: Creative Ideas for Disguising and Enhancing Home Safety

Camouflage security cameras are an incredibly useful tool to keep an eye on your property and valuables. By blending in with their surroundings, they can provide heightened security without people being aware of their presence.  Furthermore, these hidden cameras deliver crystal-clear recordings so homeowners can easily identify the person responsible for any attempted intrusions. In this

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How-to Guide


9 Tips to Prevent Your Trail Camera from Being Stolen

You invested a lot of money in a good trail camera, hoping it could help you harvest during the season. But when you leave it in the field for a while, you suddenly find it's missing, along with your data of deers. Though angry, you still have nothing to do but start over again. Many hunters may have such a bad experience. To prevent this situation happen to you, we've listed several use