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Security Bars for Windows Installation: 2024 Ultimate Guide

Security Bars for Windows Installation

Windows are potential entry points for intruders. As homeowners, ensuring the security of our living spaces is paramount, and one effective way to achieve this is by installing window security bars. In this guide, we will explore the security bars for window installation and how they can be a pivotal element in enhancing the safety of your living space.

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Types of Modern Window Security Bars

Modern window security bars have different types, offering a range of options that prioritize security.

Fixed security bars are the most common type, featuring metal bars securely mounted onto the window frame. This creates a robust and permanent barrier that enhances the security of the window. They are highly effective in deterring burglars and can be customized to fit various window sizes and shapes.

Removable security bars offer the flexibility to remove the bars when necessary, such as during emergencies or for cleaning purposes. These bars typically feature a release mechanism that allows for easy removal and reinstallation. The ability to temporarily take down the bars adds versatility to the security solution.

Hinged security bars provide convenience by allowing the bars to swing open. This feature facilitates easy access to the window for cleaning or emergency purposes. They form a reliable and sturdy security barrier when closed and locked, combining functionality with enhanced protection.

Sliding security bars are specifically designed for sliding windows. They offer the advantage of allowing the window to open and close while still providing a protective barrier. This type of security bar is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain the functionality of their sliding windows while ensuring added security.

Security Bars for Windows Installation Procession: Step by Step

There are two fundamental installation methods for window security bars, and their efficacy varies depending on the chosen strategy. The first and less secure approach involves mounting the bars externally to the window frame using security screws that resist easy removal. The second and superior option is to secure the bars to the studs framing the window from the interior of the house. Regardless of the type of bars, their installation is similar.

Tools required

● Tape measure
● Drill
● Screwdriver
● Pencil

Installation of exterior security bars

  1. Positioning the bars: Position the security bars where you want them on the window. Ensure they are level both vertically and horizontally,
  2. Drill pilot holes: Mark the hole positions on the mounting brackets once the bars are correctly positioned. This ensures precision during the drilling process.
  3. Drive nonreversing security screws: After drilling the pilot holes, reposition the bars in alignment with the holes. Drive nonreversing security screws into each pilot hole. These specialized screws are designed to resist easy removal, enhancing the overall security of the installation.

Installation of interior security bars

  1. Check ADA egress requirements: If the bars have a quick-release mechanism, check if they meet ADA egress requirements. Quick-release bars usually provide a 24-inch high, 20-inch wide escape opening. Confirm with the building department that bars with locking mechanisms require a key, as they might not satisfy egress requirements.
  2. Position and secure the rails: Use a level to ensure the rails are plumb. Mark the hole positions on the window frame and drill pilot holes using an appropriate-sized bit (usually 1/4- or 5/16-inch). Secure one of the rails to the window frame using the provided screws.
  3. Attach the other rail: Slide the other rail onto the bar set, preparing for the installation of the bars. Ensure a snug fit to facilitate a secure attachment.
  4. Secure bars to the window frame: Follow the installation instructions to slide the bars into the rail attached to the window frame. Complete the process by securing the other rail to the frame. The screws provided in the kit are designed to bite deeply into the studs behind the window frame, ensuring a secure and lasting installation.

Where to Install the Window Security Bars?

As we delve into the installation process of window security bars, it's essential to understand the placement of security bars.

Basement windows and ground floor

Basement windows, especially those within living spaces, are frequently targeted by burglars due to their accessibility, making the installation of security bars a practical choice to fortify these entry points. Similarly, security bars for picture windows and doors are essential for ground-floor homes or apartments. Their larger size provides additional protection against potential break-ins, with ground-floor windows and doors often being prime targets for burglars seeking entry points while utilizing natural cover such as bushes or trees.

Bars for a child's room

Child safety bars are gaining popularity among safety-conscious parents. These bars enhance security against intruders and serve the crucial function of preventing small children from accidental falls.

Bedrooms with fire escapes in an apartment

In urban areas with higher crime rates, apartments, and condos often have bedrooms with fire escapes. Unfortunately, these fire escapes can also serve as entry points for criminals. Installing security bars in bedrooms with fire escapes becomes a vital measure to enhance the overall safety and security of the living space.

Why Do You Need Window Security Bars?

Window bars prove to be a valuable asset in areas with a history of burglaries or for individuals who prioritize an enhanced defense. Acting as a formidable deterrent, especially when combined with small-keyed locks on windows, they create an almost indestructible security solution. This fortified defense proves effective and is a cost-effective alternative to contemporary security systems on the market.

For households with children, the advantages of window grills extend beyond security. These bars prevent accidental falls from windows, providing peace of mind to parents concerned about their children's safety. Moreover, window bars allow for the comfort of leaving windows open without constant worry about potential threats, promoting a sense of security within your home.

Furthermore, window security bars contribute to increased privacy by preventing outsiders from easily peering into your home. This aspect is particularly valuable for ground-level windows or those facing busy streets.

In terms of affordability, window security bars present a practical choice compared to high-end security systems. They offer a reliable defense against potential burglars without the hefty price tag.

Addressing Common Concerns about Window Security Bars

Although window security bars benefit us, it is crucial to address practical considerations.

Emergency egress:

Concern: People are concerned about how window security bars might affect emergency exits during a fire or other crises.

Solution: Some security bars, such as hinged or removable bars, are designed with emergency release mechanisms. These features allow for quick removal, ensuring a safe exit during emergencies. Always choose bars that comply with safety regulations.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Concern: Cleaning and maintaining windows with security bars may seem challenging.

Solution: Removable and hinged security bars are designed to facilitate easy cleaning. They can be temporarily removed or swung open, providing access to the window for routine cleaning without compromising security.

Aesthetic impact:

Concern: Some individuals worry that window security bars may negatively impact the aesthetics of their homes.

Solution: Modern security bars come in various designs and finishes, offering customization options that can complement the architectural style of your home. Choosing the right design can enhance both security and aesthetics.

Alternative Measures of Window Security Bars

When considering window security, a range of alternatives exists beyond window bars. Each offers unique advantages in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and customization. Let's delve into them.

Security films

Security films offer a discreet and transparent solution to bolstering window security. Applied directly to the glass surface, these films enhance the strength of the glass, rendering it more resistant to breakage. In the unfortunate event of an impact, the film plays a crucial role by holding shattered glass together, effectively thwarting easy access.

One of the notable advantages is their unobtrusive nature, seamlessly blending with the existing aesthetics of the glass without altering its appearance. Beyond their subtle presence, security films provide a robust defense against forced entry, acting as a protective barrier and a deterrent to potential intruders.

Window sensors

Window sensors play a pivotal role in comprehensive home security systems by swiftly detecting any window openings or breakages and triggering immediate alarms. Their functionality extends beyond standalone use, seamlessly integrating with monitoring services for a rapid response to potential security breaches.

The advantages of window sensors include real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing homeowners to stay informed of any unauthorized access. Furthermore, their compatibility with broader security systems enhances overall protection. As a non-intrusive and wireless option, window sensors provide a discreet yet effective layer of security for homes, offering peace of mind without compromising convenience.

Reinforced glass options

Choosing reinforced glass as an alternative to traditional window security bars presents a robust and integrated solution. Through techniques like tempering or lamination, reinforced glass enhances its innate durability, fortifying it against impact and potential breakage.

This option seamlessly integrates into the existing structure, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the windows while providing a permanent and effective defense against forced entry. Beyond security benefits, reinforced glass contributes to energy efficiency and sound insulation, adding a multifaceted enhancement to the overall functionality of windows.


1. Do bars on windows prevent break-ins?

Yes, bars on windows can serve as an effective deterrent and preventive measure against break-ins. Security bars create a physical barrier that makes it challenging for burglars to gain unauthorized access through windows. The presence of bars acts as a visible obstacle, and intruders may be deterred by the increased difficulty of breaking into a property protected by window bars.

2. Is there a window security bar installation near me?

Begin with an online search using platforms like Google, specifying your city or location for targeted results. Explore local business directories such as Yelp or Angie's List for reviews and ratings, or ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who may have used similar services. Additionally, check with home improvement stores, security companies, or local contractors for information on reliable installation services.

3. How much does it cost to put security bars on windows?

Costs for installing security bars on windows vary depending on the type. Aluminum and steel bars start at $90 per window, while wrought iron options range from $100 for standard sizes to over $1,000 for custom jobs. Transparent burglar bars, beginning at $150, offer rust resistance and bullet-proof strength. Decorative bars come in various colors and designs, starting at just over $100. Interior and exterior bars have similar pricing, with interior bars adding an extra challenge for burglars. Bars for windows that open, priced at $220 and up, provide easy exit and cleaning with a "swing-open" design.


All in all, installing security bars for windows enhances the safety and security of your home and offers a range of options to suit different needs and preferences.

By investing in modern window security bars and ensuring their meticulous installation, you not only protect your property but also gain peace of mind, knowing that you've taken a significant step toward creating a secure and resilient environment.

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