Statistics show that a surprising 30% of burglars enter home through an unlock window or door. 23% burglars enter a property through first floor windows. With the increase of window break-ins, securing your home windows should be indispensable in your home security plans.

There are 7 easy and cheap ways to secure your home windows. By adopting them, you can make your home windows more secure, and make your home safer.

How to Secure Your Home Windows Against Intruders

Google how to secure home windows and you may have been drowned by thousands of results. Unfortunately, not all of them work for you. Now save your time and try the top 7 useful methods to secure your apartment’s windows against invaders.

Way 1. Lock Your Windows to Secure Your Windows from Burglars

Compared with doors, windows are left unlocked at a much higher rate. To secure your windows from break-ins, the most direct and simplest way is to lock your windows before you go outside. By doing this, you have set the first obstacle to prevent burglars entering your house from windows. It goes the same with all your entry points.

Lock Your Home Windows

Way 2. Install Bars and Grilles to Secure Your Home Windows to Prevent Invasion

Window bars and grilles have been proved to be effective to protect your home windows. Burglars cannot squeeze through those bars and grilles to enter your home. Even they can, it takes them a certain time to make it. Research shows that if it takes more than four or five minutes to break into a building, the burglar will go elsewhere. Bars and grilles are enough to hold back a lot of invaders.

Install Bars and Grilles

Note: For emergency, you should not install bars to every window. At least keep one window without bars for emergency use.

How to secure your home windows without bars? Please continue to read the below ways to help you.

Way 3. Install a Security Camera System to Secure Your Windows against Break-Ins

Installing a window security camera system is one of the most workable and effective ways to secure your house windows against intruders. Statistics show that homes without security camera systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. A great number of convicted burglars say that they often intentionally avoid those homes with security camera systems.

When your home windows are forced open by a burglar, you will receive an alert (via email or mobile push notifications) from a security camera system. On receipt of the alert, you can take actions at once (for example, you can call 911). Besides, the camera system will send you a captured image or video and you can keep it as an evidence. It is definitely a good way to burglarproof your windows. This way is also useful to secure your front doors and protect your back doors from intruders.

Home Security System

Do not install fake security cameras. Fakes are fakes forever. To experienced burglars, fake cameras are easily to be recognized. In order to truly secure your home windows against break-ins, real security cameras are essential. After you have installed your security cameras, you can put up a surveillance yard sign, which comes with the cameras you bought, to show that your house has been protected by a security camera system.

Way 4. Reinforce Your Window Glass to Secure Your Windows against Invasion

Reinforcing your home window glass can stop quite a few burglars. Breaking window glass to kick in is a common way used by intruders. If you have reinforced your window glass, it makes your home windows hard to be smashed. You can consider taking the below tips to harden your rental house’s windows. You just need to determine which home window security option works best for your home.

Reinforce Window Glass

Tip 1. Cover Windows with Protective Film

Window security films have two advantages in hardening your window glass:

1. They protect your windows from being shattered easily by intruders.

2. Clear films and tinted films prevent burglars from looking into your house directly, which makes your house an unwelcomed target.

Tip 2. Use Window Security Screens

Window security screens are similar to insect screens but much stronger. They are usually made of steel. Window security screens stand up well against knives and strong force, which is more difficult to be smashed by intruders.

Tip 3. Install Smash-Proof Window Glass

Usual window glass is easily smashed by intruders. Smash-proof windows glass is a useful way to make your home windows more secure.

Way 5. Find Good-Quality Locks to Secure Your House Windows

Original locks of your home windows are not solid enough to prevent break-ins. Good-quality locks can harden your windows. How to make your home windows more secure? Secondary locks are indispensable.

Window Lock

You can choose your window locks from three kinds of locks: flip locks, keyed locks and sash locks.

  • Flip locks are easy to install and inexpensive but easier to be kicked in.
  • Keyed locks are more solid and expensive, but you need to keep the key nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Sash locks fasten window sashes and prevent entry into a home through an unsecured window. Sash locks may be used on double hung, single hung or casement windows.

Way 6. Install Bright Floodlights to Hinder Burglars to Break Your Windows

Don’t just install floodlights at your main entrance. It is also necessary to install bright floodlights over your windows. Bright floodlight is a sign that the house is occupied. A well-lighted window helps to stop burglars’ break-ins.


Way 7. Plant Thorny Bushes under Your Windows to Protect Your Windows from Invaders

Even if you have plant some beautiful flowers to decorate your house, don’t forget to plant some thorny bushes under your windows to hinder invaders. Those thorny bushes make your windows inaccessible to intruders. Keep it in mind that avoid planting tall and strong trees near your windows, because it will make it easier for invaders to kick in. (Bad guys will climb on these trees and get into your house.)

Thorny Bushes

Inadequate secured windows are intruders’ favorite entry points. Take the above 7 easy and cheap ways to protect your home windows from becoming their targets. If you have any other ways to secure home windows, please share with us in your comment.