It’s a big must to secure your home windows against invaders. Statistics show that a surprising 30% of burglars enter home through an unlocked window or door. 23% burglars enter a property through first floor windows.

For helping you reinforce your home windows from intruders, here are 7 easy and cheap ways (nice pictures and videos included!) for your reference. The window security solutions below are summarized by home security experts, which will be definitely worth your time!

If you have other window security tips to make your home windows/doors more secure, you can share with us in the comment and we will include your tips in our “Update Tips”.

#1. DIY Home Window Security Solutions (Easy & Inexpensive!)
#2. Home Window Security Tips Update (from Active Readers)

#1. How to Secure Your Home Windows Against Intruders — Easier Than You Think

You may have heard of thousands of best ways to secure your home windows. Unfortunately, not all of them work for you. Now save your time and try the top 7 DIY and useful ways to secure your apartment front and back door windows against break-ins.

1. Keep Your Windows Locked
2. Use Window Bars & Grilles
3. Install Window Security Cameras
4. Reinforce Your Window Glass
5. Use Good-Quality Window Locks
6. Consider Bright Floodlights
7. Plant Thorny Bushes

Solution 1. Secure Your House Windows from Burglars by Keeping Them Locked

Always keep your home windows locked. Seems extremely easy, right? Actually, not everyone will remember to lock the windows before going outside.

Don’t forget to use security latches or dowels to lock and reinforce your home windows. If you have an opening sliding glass window, it’s necessary to install a rod on the track where the window slides.

Lock Your Home Windows

You can use a post-it note on your door reminding you of locking your windows before you go out for work or shopping. Plus, setting up mobile push notifications would be also quite useful. After you lock your windows and doors, don’t leave the keys within easy reach of doors, letter boxes and windows.

Solution 2. Use Security Bars and Grilles to Prevent House Window Break-Ins/Intruders

Metal window bars and grilles have been proved to be effective on securing your home exterior and interior windows from intruders.

If you want an inexpensive way to make your house windows more secure, you can buy DIY residential window security grids/bars.

Install Bars and Grilles

Note: For emergency, you should not install anti-burglar window bars for every window. At least keep one window without bars for emergency use.

How to secure your home windows without bars? If you don’t want the window bars to ruin the perfect aesthetics of your windows, keep reading to get more effective window protection tips against burglars.

Solution 3. Install Security Cameras to Reinforce Your Windows Against Break-Ins

What’s the best way to protect/cover windows from break-ins? Window security cameras (systems) are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to secure your house windows, doors and garage, etc. against intruders.

You can check this post to see whether security cameras are effective in deterring crimes.

The position of your window security cameras is crucial. For example, it would be better if you put the camera outside your window or front porch to monitor those “window shoppers”. The window security camera can deter a great number of would-be thieves.

If budget is one of your concerning, you can go for Reolink security cameras. This company provides high-quality security cameras with favorable prices. You can check Reolink Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Sometimes you are gonna buy a window security camera with only dozens of dollars!

You will receive instant app push notifications, email alerts, captured images or video clips when there are motion events, and you can keep the images/videos as evidences. It is definitely a good way to burglar/break proof your windows and your house.

Home Security System

It’s not recommended use fake security cameras to secure your home windows and doors. To experienced burglars, fake cameras are easily to be recognized.

There are other window/property security devices you can consider, such as window security alarms, magnet sensors, etc. You can add these window security devices after you’ve installed a solid window security camera.

Solution 4. Reinforce Your Window Glass to Secure & Burglar-Proof Your Windows from Invaders

How to secure glass windows at your Melbourne home? Reinforcing your home window glass can stop quite a few burglars. You can consider the below simple ways to harden your window glass and protect your rental house’s windows.

Reinforce Window Glass

Tip 1. Cover Windows with Protective Film

Window security films have two advantages in hardening your window glass:

1. They protect your windows from being shattered or smashed easily by intruders.

2. Clear films and tinted films prevent burglars from looking into your house directly, which makes your house an unwelcomed target.

If you want a much more cost-saving window security tip to secure your windows, you can install window security roller shutters to stop prying eyes. You can also install window security laminates with screws to break proof your windows.

Tip 2. Use Window Security Screens

Window security screens are similar to insect screens but much stronger. They are usually made of steel. Window security screens stand up well against knives and strong force, so intruders cannot punch the windows to break into your house.

Tip 3. Install Smash-Proof Window Glass

Usual window glass is easily smashed by intruders. Smash-proof or burglar-resistant window glass can make home windows more secure.

Solution 5. Install Good-Quality Locks to Secure Your House Windows

The original locks are not solid enough to secure your windows. Secondary good-quality window locks are indispensable to theft-proof or secure your crank-out windows in apartment.

Window Lock

What are the best window security locks for single/double hung windows? How to secure casement windows?

You can buy window security locks from Lowe’s, Walmart, etc., among 3 popular types of locks: flip locks, keyed locks and sash locks.

  • Flip locks are easy to install and inexpensive but easier to be kicked in.
  • Keyed locks are more solid and expensive, but you need to keep the key nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Sash locks fasten window sashes and prevent entry into a home through an unsecured window. Sash locks may be used on double hung, single hung or casement windows.

Solution 6. Install Bright Floodlights to Prevent Burglars from Breaking into Your Windows

Burglars prefer dark environments since burglars would not be detected easily under the cover of darkness.

Thus it is necessary to install bright floodlights or window security lights over your windows. Bright floodlight is a sign that the house is occupied. A well-lighted window helps to stop burglars’ break-ins. It’s also an effective way to ensure your home front/back door security.


You can install motion-sensed floodlights for your windows. You can get the signal that someone is approaching your house windows when the motion sensing lights are on, and then you can respond at once before a house window break-in happens.

Solution 7. Plant Thorny Bushes to Protect Your Windows from Invaders

Don’t forget to plant some thorny bushes, such as roses, cacti, etc. under your first floor windows to hinder invaders. Those thorny bushes make your windows inaccessible to intruders.

Avoid planting tall and strong trees near your windows, because it will make it easier for invaders to kick in. (Bad guys will climb on these trees and get into your house.)

Thorny Bushes

#2. Editor’s Update: Bonus Ways to Secure Your Home Windows from Break-Ins

We always keep updating our posts so that you can get more up-to-date window security tips. Please check more effective ways below to secure your home windows, doors, etc.

Update 1. Go Get a Barking Dog. Thieves hate drawing attention. A trained barking dog can scare off the burglars when they attempt to break into your property. About 34% convicted burglars surveyed said that a dog inside would change their mind before breaking into a home.

Update 2. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Good neighbors should look out for each other. Get to know your neighbors, invite them into your apartments and built mutual trust. Good neighbors will watch out for your home and help you pick your mail, newspaper, etc., while you are away or on vacation.

Inadequate secured windows are intruders’ favorite entry points. Take the above easy and cheap ways to protect your home windows from becoming the targets of awful thieve.

It’s time for you to add extra security tips for home windows here!