Mother’s Day is coming. Searching for some unique gifts to make her feel special and warm? Sending cards and flowers is just out-dated. Think about it. Her health and safety is always what you are most concerned about. So why don’t you do something to make her safer this Mother’s Day? It will not only give her a peace of mind, but also let her feel your love. Here are some ways to make mom safer this Mother’s Day.

5 Ways to Make Mom Safer This Mother’s Day

We don’t mean that your mom will come across some dangers when we talk about security on Mother’s Day. Considering these safety tips will give her a peace of mind in the long run. Why not take this opportunity to make it? Try the following 5 things. You mom will enjoy a truly safe and happy Mother’s Day.

1. Ensure an Alarm System or Security Camera is Installed

The most important thing that you can do to make sure that your mother (and father) is safe, is to install an alarm system or something better, like a home security system. See security cameras VS burglar alarms to make more detailed comparisons. They drastically reduce the chances of a break-in or home invasion. What’s more, with home video surveillance, you can stay informed if anything happens to your mom and know if she is fine.

If your mother has an alarm system already but the one is long outdated, you may want to consider an upgrade. Buy a home security system for her from a trusted company, like Reolink, since an older alarm system just won’t cut the mustard anymore.

Make Mom Safer on Mother's Day

2. Set up an Easy-to-use Panic System

Another cool thing to do for Mother’s day is to set up a panic system in the house. This helps deal with some emergency and ensures her safety. When a medical emergency happens, you want to get the ambulance there as quickly as possible. Even if you check in during the day, a heart attack, stroke or fall could be fatal in minutes. That’s why an easy-to-use panic button is a great idea for mom – or dad as well.

A panic button is simply a convenient and simple button that notifies emergency services when it is pressed. Then an ambulance can be dispatched immediately. Someone who has fallen down and cannot reach the phone may be able to reach the panic button and press it. If your mom suspects a major medical emergency, she can get an ambulance on its way to her with just a push of the button.

Things to Do on Mother's Day

3. Install Safer Door Locks

Replacing mom’s worst locks with solid and dependable ones is also a good safety tip for Mother’s day. One of the security concerns that you often don’t think about is the flimsiness of certain types of locks. Any good thief knows that there are multiple ways to breach a house. Flimsy locks like those on sliding glass doors and garage doors are loose and can easily be lifted. They are all security risks for your mom. Be sure to choose the best door lock to keep burglars out.

Mother's Day Safety Tips

4. Install or Check Flood, Carbon Monoxide, and Smoke Detectors

To make mom safer, you can help her remove all possible hidden dangers, including flash floods, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation from a fire. Make sure that your mother has detectors, which are strategically placed to give early warnings in the case of any of these dangers. If there are already detectors installed, your Mother’s Day present could be to check all of them and replace the batteries.  Then you can be sure they are in working order for months or years to come.

How to Make Mother Safer

5. Make Sure She Knows How to Use Her Smartphone

Don’t think it as a stupid idea. Many elderly people are unable to navigate their smartphone effectively and even have trouble with lock screens swipes and codes. This can be a serious problem if there is an emergency and your mother needs to call you or someone else for help. Make sure that mom knows how to use her smartphone. Spend some time patiently going everything for her. It could be the best present you could give her on this Mother’s day.

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Other Mother’s Day Surprises to Make This Day Special in 2016

Apart from those unique safety tips, you may have come up with some other creative Mother’s Day gift ideas. To make this day special, you should know a few things:

  • Your self-made gift is always better than anything you buy directly. That shows how much you really care about her.
  • Spend more time with her doing whatever she wants. Share your happiness and sorrows with her. This could be the best gift for Mother’s Day.
  • If you are not around, give a call to your mom. Let her know you miss her and she will feel your love.
  • Don’t be shy to say “I Love you” to your mother. I bet she will be very happy to hear you saying the three simple words. What she really wants is to know you love her.

Choosing a perfect gift for Mother’s Day is hard since you don’t know what she wants exactly. But at least, you can do something significant to make her safer. This practical and creative idea will also create an unforgettable memory for her. No matter what gift you send to her, remember mom deserves more than just a day. What matters the most is not what you do on Mother’s Day, but how you spend time with her in everyday life. So what are you planning to do on Mother’s day? Share with us.