It is really heartbroken to learn that worldwide, one transgender person is murdered every three days, which doesn't include deaths by suicide, accident or other causes.

Those innocent transgender people are murdered only because they are TRANSGENDER!

We will never and ever separate transgender people from our big human community. However, some bad guys, who have transphobia and racism, would intentionally hurt those innocent transgender people.

It is fair to say, transgender people are living in a precarious world. Some protective measures are urgently needed to stay safe if you are transgender people, especially transgender people of color. If you have transgender family or friends, you can also do something to help them.

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Stay Safe for Transgender People

Most Effective Ways to Stay Safe and Protected for Transgender People

Transgender murder rate reaches the highest point in US in 2016, and violence against transgender community continues to increase. How to stay secure if you are queer, bisexual or transgender? How to keep away from those horrible transgender murders? Wait for no time to learn the below 6 useful ways.

Editor's Note: The below safety tips are for all people, no matter you are white, black or yellow, gay, lesbian or bisexuality.

1. Install Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are always considered to be the No.1 protective method to keep transgender people or anyone safe and secure from transgender murderers or any crimes. No burglars, robbers, thieves or murderers want to be detected by security camera systems. Seeing they are stared by security cameras, most criminals would tend to give up and look for easier targets.

Protect Transgender People with Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems

Stay Protected with Security Camera Systems; 24/7 Video Recording and Monitoring; 2 Network Solutions – with or without network.

As you may know, many transgender murders, violent attacks or sexual assault cases were left unsolved due to lacking of evidences and eyewitnesses. With security camera systems, any movement will be detected and recorded. If you, as a transgender woman, suffer from domestic violence by your husband or family, you can get legal protection with evidence recorded by your security camera systems.

2. Keep a Gun Legally at Home

"Guns or no guns" is always one of the hottest topics being discussed by everyone. You've definitely heard of a lot of news stating that transgender people, especially trans men and women of color, died from gunshot. If a transgender murderer keeps a gun, and police are out of reach, how can transgender people fight back without guns?

Guns for transgender people are definitely an effective way to protect themselves from bad guys with transgender hatred. However, guns can only be kept legally. Guns can be used only when your life is endangered.

3. Secure All of Your Home Entries

Never should you leave your doors/windows unlocked. Transgender people, especially black transgender women, are more susceptible to violence, harassment, sexual assault, robberies, etc. To stay secure, remember to secure all of your possible entries of your home, making your home a nearly impossible target for those transphobia and racism criminals or any thieves and burglars.

Get help from the useful guides below to keep all of your home entries safe and unbreakable:

If you are a single trans woman, you need to pay more attention to your own personal safety, since the majority of the victims of hate violence homicides (72%) were transgender women. You've GOT to keep these safety tips for single woman living alone in mind: Top 8 Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone.

4. Create Transgender Communities

If all transgender people keep united and fight against discrimination and hate violence, transgender murders will reduce and transgender people will have equal rights as anyone.

LGBT community is one of the biggest and influential communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. LGBT community keeps striving to ask for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. And they have made great achievements, such as promoting homosexual marriage legalization in many countries and cities. If more and more transgender people stay united and keep fighting for the legitimate rights, transgender discrimination will erase, and all transgender people will not live with anxiety and fear.

5. Never Go out Alone

Those freak murderers would tend to target transgender people who go out alone, especially black transgender women of color, who often grapple with both transphobia and racism. When you need to go out, always keep accompany by your friends or family, especially at night.

Going out alone is dangerous for everyone, not only for transgender people. Under no circumstance should you go out by yourself. If you have to go out alone, bring some self-defense devices, such as pepper spray, stun guns, etc.

6. Mind Bathroom Violence

Everyone should feel safe in bathrooms. Unfortunately, physical and verbal assaults on transgender individuals are not rare. If you encounter harassment in bathrooms, call for help immediately.

If you find yourself in a bathroom with someone who makes you unsafe or uncomfortable for some reasons, you can wait to re-enter the bathroom when the person leaves. And you can get someone to accompany with you. Besides, you can just walk away and find another bathroom. Don't confront the bad guy all by yourself.

If you are a transgender, taking the above effective ways to stay safe is definitely necessary. But keeping transgender safe and sound is not only the business of transgenders, it is the common responsibility for all of us!

You have no idea how hard for transgender people to live, and you have no any knowledge how difficult for transgender people to require equal human rights.

GET to know some shocking figures to see how serious the transgender people's situation is, and then help transgender or trans sexual people live safe lives.

Shocking Statistics of Transgender Murders/Death

1 in 12 transgender people were killed in US.

72% of victims of anti-LGBT homicide were transgender women, and 67% of anti-LGBT homicide victims were trans women of color.

Trans survivors were 1.7 times more likely to be the victims of sexual violence than cisgender survivors.

In the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 78% transgender/gender non-conforming students in grades K-12 experienced harassment, while 35% experienced physical assault and 12% experienced sexual violence.

71% of transgender people attempted to avoid discrimination by hiding their gender or gender transition.

Transgender people are four times as likely to have a household income under $10,000 and twice as likely to be unemployed as most people in the U.S.

Nearly 50% of transgender people attempt to commit suicide due to discrimination.

Transgender Statistics

More heartbroken statistics about transgender men and women can be found in National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

Seeing these shocking statistics, all of us should do something to help transgender people — the vulnerable community.

What We Can Do for Transgender People

If we have transgender family, don't discriminate against them. Give them a warm hug. Love and support are the best way to help them avoid being drown in transphobia and discrimination.

All of us have a part in helping transgender people. Whether it's standing up when we see an act of violence big or small against a transgender person, not supporting politicians who perpetuate ignorance about transgender people, boycotting businesses that don't allow transgender people to use the preferred bathroom, or even just letting transgender friends know we support them, violence against transgender people is an everyone issue, not just a transgender issue.

Transgender murders must stop! Government should protect transgender people and give transgender people equal rights as anyone else.

Government should create transgender bathrooms in public places, including schools, shopping malls, etc., to avoid any possible troubles for transgender people.

Countries and cities should make laws to protect transgender people's equality. No discrimination is allowed.

Police should not prohibit legal transgender marches.

All of us should bear it in mind that those who are lesbian, gay or bisexual, those who are transgender, transsexual or intersex, are full and equal members of the human family, and are entitled to be treated as such.



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