If you are looking into home security suggestions for a secluded, rural home, you are in the right place!

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to home security, one of which is that rural and off-grid homes are less prone to crime. While it is true that crime rates tend to be higher in more densely populated, urban areas, that doesn’t mean that living in an area that is less populated and is located in off the beaten path that you aren’t at risk of a home invasion. In fact, there have been rural crime documentations that cite that it is actually safer to live in a city than it is to live in a rural location. Why? – Because there are more people to actually witness an invasion, and because there is more police presence.

If you live in a remote, rural area that isn’t highly populated, there are certain rural home security tips for you to keep your home, your loved ones and your valuables protected.

Rural Home Security Tips

Tip 1: Install a Rural Property Security Camera to Stop Rural Thefts

Setting up security cameras is no doubt the best home security solution for living in rural or country areas. The best rural home security camera that is hooked up to the internet will allow you and your security monitoring service to keep a close eye on your home and your property in the country.

With this type of advanced surveillance camera in rural homes and driveways, you and your security monitoring service will also be able to receive notifications if any questionable activity is taking place on your property, which means that swifter action will be able to be taken in the event that criminal activity is detected.

Rural Property Security Cameras

Tip 2: Use Rural Security Camera Systems If There’s No Internet in Your Rural Home

It is likely that your rural home in a remote location doesn’t have any internet connection. Is it possible to monitor it with video surveillance?

Yep. Rural security systems provide you with 24/7 protection with no internet connection, securing remote locations including rural houses, farms, driveways, ranches, etc.

Home security system for rural areas, coming with a NVR/DVR, will do continuous surveillance and video recording, so you never miss a thing in your rural property.

Rural Home Security Systems

Tip 3: Avoid Theft from Your Rural Homes by Keeping an Eye on Your Property

Besides the best security cameras/systems for rural homes, one of the most effective home security tips for rural homes is by keeping an eye on it. This includes having a firm understanding of the lay of the land. In other words, make sure that you are very familiar with all areas. Perhaps you live on a large piece of property that has wooded areas or other locations that you are not very aware of. These areas could be susceptible to criminal activity. Burglars could hide out in the cover of these areas, keep tabs on when your activity and break into your home when they know you aren’t there.

Tip 4: Install Heavy Duty Doors and Locks is an Important Rural Security Solution for Country Areas

Your doors are not only an entry point for you and your loved ones, but they are also an entry point for any possible intruder. The flimsier the doors and locks are, the greater the chance that your home could be broken into.

To secure the rural homestead and prevent a possible intrusion, make sure that you have heavy duty doors that are made out of durable, high quality materials installed. The more durable and the higher the quality the materials the doors (including front and back doors) are made out of, the less of a chance that a burglar will be able to break it down. Also, make sure that your heavy duty doors are secured with high quality, heavy duty locks. Consider installing advanced locking mechanisms, such as one that requires a unique pass code to open, or even one that will only open with an approved fingerprint. Also, the more locks you install, the more secure your doors will be.

For more info about door security, you can visit:

Tip 5: Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Secluded Homes to Prevent Rural Crimes

Rural properties in secluded remote areas and locations often have limited lighting once the sun goes down, which can pose a serious risk. With limited lighting, intruders can easily hide in the darkness and break into your home.

To step up the security of your rural home, install a smart lighting system, such as motion activated lighting. Should any motion be detected, the lights will automatically turn on, which will can help deter criminals, and can help you see any criminal activity. Install a smart lighting system on areas that are known to be dark, such as corners of your home, on barns, on detached garages, on sheds, in wooded areas and in any other location that does not receive adequate lighting once the sun goes down.

Tip 6: Put Security Signs and Build a Fence for Your Rural House

If you live in a very secluded area in a small town far away from urban areas or police stations, you can also protect your rural home from intruders by putting security signs, along putting rural home security cameras installed. Rural home security signs, like “Security camera in use” “You are not lost. You’re trespassing”, can be put in your yard, driveway, etc.

Building a fence on your rural homestead also helps protect your rural property from theft. And to step up home security for rural areas, grow thorny bushes around the fence.

How would you secure your rural homestead? Please share with us if you have more rural security solutions.

Besides homes in rural areas, rural churches are also theft target for burglars. You would need some church security camera systems.

  • C.

    Have a couple of large guard dogs on your property – the best security ever!

    • Amanda

      Hi C., that’s a good point. Thank you for sharing. Yet the guard dogs need to be fed on time and taken good care of, and you just can’t leave them there watching your rural home 24/7/365 when you are not there. That’s another point we should also consider.

      • C.

        Automatic feeders that hold 25 pounds of dog food each work just fine. If you have a good fence and know how to set them up right, guardian dogs have no problem being left alone for a week. But yeah not everyone can have them.