If you are designing your home to be as safe and secure as possible, then you are likely going to install security cameras to help keep an eye on your premises while you are away, or even to monitor your home while you are there!

But a security camera is only useful as long as it doesn't get tampered with. If your cameras are placed too obviously, then it would be easy for someone to simply tilt them away slightly, to avoid their line of sight or to smash them entirely.

It's necessary for you to adopt some useful ways to prevent your security cameras from being tampered with. Now let's take a look at some things you can do to keep your cameras safe, just as they are keeping your home safe!

Check the top 5 ways below to prevent your security cameras from being tampered with.

Prevent Security Cameras Being Tampered

#1. Use Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Vandal proof/resistant security cameras can protect the lens from being damaged or destroyed when there's maltreatment or physical abuse.

IK10 vandal proof security cameras are a good option. This type of security cameras still work in conditions when thieves and bad guys attempt to break it or impair it.

#2. Place Your Security Cameras High Enough to Prevent Them Being Tampered With

One of the easiest ways to keep your security cameras a little safer is to place them high up. This is a very basic way to make them that little bit harder to tamper with, as someone hoping to do so will need to have a good throwing arm or do some climbing. And both those things will also draw more attention to them!

#3. Get Protective Housing for Your Security Cameras to Stop Them from Being Tampered With

Do you know that you can get protective housing for your IP cameras? Of course, you don't want to obscure the view from the camera itself, but if the housing is made from a durable plastic material or if it is a cage with gaps in it, then this won't be an issue.

If your camera is high up and it is thoroughly protected, then you will have created a scenario where it's actually quite hard for someone to damage your surveillance cameras in any ways without drawing a lot of attention to themselves.

#4. Hide Your Security Cameras to Protect Them from Being Tampered With

This may at first seem like the most straightforward and easy way to keep your cameras safe. Hide your cameras and you can avoid inviting tampering in the first place!

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But the problem here is that it actually removes one of the key advantages of having cameras in the first place. You see, the ideal result of having a security camera is not that you catch someone who is trying to break into your home! Rather, the ideal outcome is that by having a security camera, you prevent anyone from trying to break in or tamper with your premises in the first place. If you hide your cameras, then that can't happen.

So, what's the solution? One answer is to have multiple cameras and to keep one in a visible spot where people can see it and then to keep another in a position that is less obvious. Now, if someone breaks your camera, they are likely to think the coast is clear and to drop their guard. In doing so though, they will only expose themselves to the camera hidden in the bush nearby!

This doesn't solve the problem of losing all that money though! If your camera is smashed, that is going to cost you a lot of money to replace.

Another solution then is to have a dummy security camera. This can be either an older camera or an outright fake. That acts as the deterrent and then meanwhile, you keep another hidden somewhere to catch people off guard.

#5. Team up with Your Neighbors

Finally, consider teaming up with the neighbor. If you each position your cameras in such a way that you cover a little of the other's property too, then you might be able to catch activity that they weren't able to! Few people will think to look for cameras on the neighboring property when they try and break into yours!

You can also apply for a neighborhood watch program to keep your property safe and secure.

The above ways are definitely helpful to prevent your security cameras from being tampered with. If you have other useful ways, shoot me in the comment below!



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