"I've got a snoopy neighbor pointing his CCTV infrared cameras at our back yard. How can I block the security cameras from viewing us?"

If you also have such an annoying neighbor pointing security cameras directly into your property, you must feel violated and want to look for ways to disable your neighbor's CCTV security cameras.

So what are the most effective methods to disrupt security cameras?

Now continue your reading to learn the useful and practical tips about how to blind security cameras.

Dos: Top 7 Most Effective Ways to Blind Security Cameras

Before you set off to learn the effective ways to blind security cameras, ask yourself these questions first: Why do you want to disable a CCTV security camera? What's behind this?

The fact is, it's NOT the security camera that watches you.

It's the owner who is spying on you.

Imagine this: you disable or destory the security camera that is overlooking your property, and leave alone the owner, you might get 10 times the security cameras installed there viewing you.

And that's the key: To blind the security camera is the process to ”blind” the owner, in a legal way.

Method 1. Have Security Cameras Legally Installed in Your Property

A user in the forum complained that his neighbor pointed an outdoor surveillance camera at his house and even broadcast him online in the back yard.

What a disgusting act it is!

For these offensive security camera owners who deliberately use an IP camera to spy on you, reasoning with them often doesn't work.

And there's no better way to disrupt their security cameras than serving them with the same sauce – put up a legally placed security camera in your property as well.

You can mount a PTZ security camera high enough on your house, somewhere in an attic vent facing out or wherever your neighbor will be captured causing trouble.

The biggest advantage of a PTZ security camera is that your neighbor will never know where the camera is pointed and you can also zoom in to identify details.

Note that the inferior cameras will shoot grainy pictures at night. It is more recommended for you to choose high-quality infrared security cameras.

This tactic has proved to be quite effective to blind your neighbor's security cameras. Here is the feedback of a user who adopted this way:

"We had a very annoying neighbor pointing his camera to watch us. He was the reason why I got into video cameras in the first place. As soon as the cameras went up, ALL problems went away."

Important Note: If you are a tenant, read this post to learn if you can install security cameras inside and outside your apartment.

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Method 2. Tell Whether the Security Camera is Fake

Before you go through the trouble to blind a CCTV security camera, make sure the IP camera is real at first.

To save the money and mislead potential burglars, chances are that your neighbor may have fake security cameras installed.

In this case, you don't need to go through the trouble to blind CCTV security cameras.

And it can be pretty easy for you to tell. For example, most infrared security cameras will have visible red light at night. You can observe whether there is red light or wires connected to the cameras.

Also, your neighbor's security camera may be off or not working at all. Learn how to tell whether a security camera is on and then decide if you need to disrupt the security camera or not.

Tell Fake Security Cameras

Method 3. Talk to the Security Camera Owner

The most straightforward and effective method to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to have an open conversation with him.

Maybe your neighbor is even oblivious to the fact that his camera is aimed at your window or back yard.

So before messing up or jamming the security camera, talk to your neighbor about what troubles you and your distress. Ask him whether he is using a fake security camera or a real one.

Also, you can confirm with him whether your house is within the blind spots of his security camera. (Learn how to find the security camera blind spots.)

If not, tell him that you are not comfortable with his camera pointing at your property. Be cool and polite and ask him if he could reposition his cameras.

Talk to Your Neighbor

Method 4. Search Information Online

It also proves to be a practical way to blind or disrupt security cameras by searching related information online.

You may visit the forums to see if there are people having the same problems and how they disable or disrupt a security camera.

Learning your country/state security camera privacy laws can also help you learn whether your neighbor has violated certain laws or regulations. And then you may take advantages of this to negotiate with your neighbor again.

Search Online

Method 5. Seek Help from Mediators

If you have an unreasonable neighbor and your talk end up in failure, seeking help from the mediators may be useful to disable the security cameras.

For example, you may go to your local community justice or neighborhood mediation center and explain your needs. They can mediate a meeting between you and your neighbor to settle the problem without further escalation.

Seek Help from Mediators

Method 6. Consult the Lawyer or the Police

For those annoying neighbors that cross the line (like voyeurism), it is best to consult the lawyer or the police and seek for their advice about how to blind the security cameras.

If the security camera provides a clear picture of the interior of your home and is used as criminal harassment, you would have the basis for a claim of invasion of privacy, and potentially a viable lawsuit.

Consult Your Lawyers

Method 7. Disrupting Security Cameras with Grown Trees or Fences

Another good way to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed.

Also, you can close the curtain or shade on the window to block security cameras. The privacy fence, bamboo curtains and yard shade sails are also effective tools to disable CCTV security cameras.

Additionally, you may put up cheap posts with cloth flags along the property line to block the CCTV security camera' view.

For the places that don't bother you, you can simply leave the camera alone. After all, the security camera owner is literally wasting his time watching video of nothing that matters to anyone.

Put up Fences

Don't: Not Recommended Ways to Blind Security Cameras

If you ask "how can I blind a security camera" in forums, you are likely to get some misleading and controversial tips.

So what are they and should you adopt them to jam or disable a CCTV camera?

  • Blind Security Cameras with LEDs – Sounds like a useful way to disable security cameras with a LED hat or flashlight? Things are more complex in practice. You have to precisely shine the light directly into the lens and hold the infrared flashlight steady for a long time.
  • Block Security Cameras with a Laser Pointer — A laser pointer or infrared laser may block a CCTV security camera, but it can also damage the security cameras. You may be captured by the security cameras until you get the laser aimed correctly.
  • Disable Security Cameras with Jammers — Disrupting security cameras with jammers requires the information about the camera broadcast frequency and the right equipment to jam that frequency.
  • Jam a CCTV Security Camera by Hacking Into It – Though you can learn how to hack into a security camera easily online, this trick would never help you stop CCTV security cameras working, but only invite legal trouble in.
  • Blind Surveillance Cameras by Cutting Cables – This seems like practical to jam a wired CCTV camera, you have to make sure the tools are electrically insulated to prevent shock from camera power supply. Most importantly, it can be regarded as malicious destruction of property.
  • Blind Security Cameras with Spray Paint – This is indeed the least practical method to block CCTV security cameras! Before you blind a security camera with spray paint, butter or other stuff, you will have triggered the motion detection and shoot by the cameras.

Summary: These methods above are not recommended for you to blind a security camera. If you adopt one of them to jam, destroy, mess up or turn off security cameras, you might be involved in criminal trouble due to these illegal acts.

So, Can Your Neighbor Legally Point a Security Camera at Your Property

While you are thinking of ways to blind security cameras, you may wonder, is it legal for your neighbor to point security cameras at your house?

Good question!

Fact is, there is no quick answer.

The legality of your neighbor's security camera largely depends on your local laws and whether it is pointing somewhere private.

If your neighbor's security camera just captures your house as part of a broader area, it is perhaps not invading your privacy, at least not deliberately. And chances are that you cannot file a complaint to disable the security cameras.

But in the event that a security camera only aims at places where you can expect your privacy, like your bedrooms or bathrooms, such deeds would be a pure invasion of your privacy. And you may check out your state laws and territory laws to protect your right.

For example, new N.Y. law allows neighbors to sue over unwelcomed outdoor cameras. If you feel uncomfortable or harassed or by your neighbor's camera pointed at your backyard, you can always call your lawyer to blind the security cameras.

In conclusion, regardless of the legality of your neighbor's CCTV cameras, the top 7 methods recommended above would definitely help you disrupt the security cameras.

If you've got some more creative and feasible ideas to blind the security cameras, feel free to leave your comment and share with us!


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  • itsabig

    First obvious question is what am I doing that ”they” feel uncomfortable seeing. IF you're doing anything criminal, stop doing it.

    It may be to your advantage if a crime happens on your property and their CCTV system picks it up. I've seen this countless times on the local news........and as a clue, always close your blinds during evening hours, cameras or not....jeeeeeez

    • Yolanda

      Hi, there, thanks for sharing your ideas with us.^o^

    • Carolina Cruisers

      i have my own cameras pointed in my own yard, i had a neighbor who used his for peeping on my underage daughters, now i have another creep who has a camera pointed directly at the front of my house, most notably my bedroom window, if youre worried about your property, point the camera towards your own property not mine, if you point it to anyone other than your property, youre just a creep.

      • Vic Neufeld

        They were pointing on my property not his. You could see part of the fence that divided the 2 properties. Nothing else could be seen. From his angle all you see is the camera not where it was pointing.

      • itsabig

        Huh?...have ya see what a modern PTZ cam is capable of?...you can't tell where it's pointed...close your blinds.......see the link below


  • Yolanda

    Hello, Julie, you can close all your curtains to protect your privacy. Then find a good time to talk with your neighbor and ask him/her to face the camera to other directions. If this doesn't help, you may seek help from the police or the local attorney. Hope that problem will get solved soon.

    • Peeta

      These are not acceptable answers! We are entitled to quiet enjoyment of our properties, we should not be expected to live in the dark with closed curtains and paper on our windows! It's WRONG.

  • Calli McCat

    I'm that neighbour with a security camera that's really pissing off the guy behind me. However, I have very good reasons for trying to catch him in the act. He's been trapping cats and taking them god knows where, never to be seen again. He trapped a neighbours cat, one of my cats and another 3 cats (all have never returned home again). I finally caught him with one of mine and confronted him. However, I got an assault charge. Yeah I attacked him, to try and save my cat. He hid the cat somewhere before I could get over to his place. I had to run around a couple houses to get to his. I clubbed him on the head and hand with a baton that has lead on the end of it and the cops came and arrested me. Later on when I got home, I couldn't find my cat anywhere. I was devastated that he got another one of my cats. I only have 3 (two now). He managed to BS the cops so well that he made me look crazy. Well, to my surprise, 24hrs later my cat turned up howling at the front door. I let him in and his paws were bleeding, bruised and his claws were chewed/ripped/hacked whatever... right back to the quicks. I rushed him to the vet where they documented everything. His paw damage was obviously from a metal trap. See. I'm not crazy, I'm out to catch a psycho neighbour who hates cats. So now I have a camera facing my back yard, shed and well..most of his backyard. He's so irked that he shone a high powered LED light into it and caused it to go all blurry. However, my camera only has to have a factory reset done to make it clear again. I have taken steps to put camera at an angle he can't blast light into it, but I can still see what he's up to in his yard. (junkyard that is). He's got junk and crap in his yard and it's attracting mice/rats...to bring the cats. Freakin loser needs to be caught...and fast. I'd rather put a bullet in his brain...but that's illegal, so I have to do things the legal way unfortunately. Argggh! guys like him to be eliminated from earth.

    • Yolanda

      Hi, Calli, setting up a security camera is a wise option to catch your neighbor in the act. And you can show the police your video footage if the camera captures your neighbor trapping cats. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      • Calli McCat

        And thanks for acknowledging my really long comment. haha! I'll get this guy caught yet. Patience is a virtue right?! 😉 due time

        • spychic

          i have a neighbor beside me who has vandalized my Jeep tires with nails so long you could never drive over them – like 7″ long – and that has been 4x now. and that was for parking too close to his presumed property, or cussing at his security camera the day after he slammed his brakes on while pulling into his driveway while i was in my front yard looking at a tree that wasn't doing well. he sat and stared at me, half in his driveway, half in the street – until i was so unnerved by him i left. next morning i M-effed the camera, and the following day not one but 2 nails in both rear tires.

          which i can't understand how he never gets caught by any witnesses until one day: i was securing the feral cat feeding station during a high wind storm and catch movement out of the corner of my eye. it's him, 11pm at night walking up to my Jeep and leering into the windows before turning to walk up my sidewalk. at this point, i turned my head toward him and the light from my headlamp shone on him. HE WAS IN HIS UNDERWEAR! then he turned around and calmly walked back to his house. since that day, March 2, 2018, he has amped up his antics to where i began finding glass shards in my back yard every other day, and something like 30 pieces the days he was off work (usually Friday). i had found glass before, at least every few weeks for 10 years while picking up the dog piles.

          but after that day i caught him snooping in my front yard, something in him snapped and he has been off the rails ever since. i imagine he is plotting how to kill my dog as he has said as much — August 2017, when she barked at him after he made noise from over his side of the fence — he said, ”shut up......like to put you on the other end of this, that will shut you up”.

          he has also called police on me 4 -5x for noise and disruptions made my people working on my home. he had his ”lawyer” draft a letter saying he would stop construction of my fence b/c my fence guys took down the chain link fence that is on all the properties plats where i reside. so, no one owns them. he called to report dead tags on my car. and he recently began throwing what i believe are poison bones into my yard. and once, i did see my dog eat something which i assumed he threw over and which contained poison.

          so i installed the cams ON MY FENCE shooting down the fence line. i also installed them watching the back of my yard over the fence toward his property where most of the large glass has been thrown, since it's where my dog likes to dig. but i really pissed him off installing a cam to catch him coming and going into the back door of his home (or entering his back yard from anywhere) b/c then i can go an do a sweep of the yard once i know he's been out. but he purchased some kind of jamming device over the summer since he cut his grass right in front of the camera and it didn't pick him up. that same afternoon while he cut grass, i couldn't connect to the internet either, and my cell phone dropped calls. but, he would have been disabling his own wifi as well since jammers are not discreet.

          he currently has found some other way to kill the cams since i had the last two cams which were installed in the birdhouse tree pointed to his back yard have failed, one temporarily, one permanently. one was about 6 months old, the other just a few weeks old before it would not longer connect or record. what happened was, it would not connect to the internet. then when i could get it to reconnect, it would only record for 3-4 seconds. one of the 2 cams is fine for live streaming indoors but will never effectively connect to the internet sufficiently enough to be considered security.

          just bought another 2 new Argus 2 (all my cams ar Argus 2), and it was installed a mere 2 days before it failed completely. it went dead black cold and will not reboot. been plugged in ALL weekend and nothing has changed. reset 100x and still no voice coming on. at least the first camera he tampered with came back after i believe he shone a laser pointer or something at (it had moments where it was blurry not attributable to fog or poor weather), but they all recover with a simple reset. this camera is not even resetting, and all i did was point it from viewing my back deck to pointing at my fence line. came home from work and it was dead and there is no video recorded to show that he smacked it or anything.

          what's sad is i have now invested close over $800 all to protect my pets and self from his evil and i still seem to be getting screwed over by him. can there at least be some Karma whereby he dies from a long painful horrible illness.

    • itsabig

      Report him to PETA, lol, they'll get him squared away.

    • Baron Teapot

      Have there been any further developments with this problem neighbor? The idea of someone killing animals is disgusting, and it's a symptom of psychopathy. If someone were to harm my cat I'd find it very difficult to remain calm and composed.

  • Calli McCat

    Hey Julie, I attached a link for some cling stuff that I bought for my windows, for privacy. I have some on my kitchen window, bathroom window and on one of my living room windows. It was super easy to put on too. I buy everything on amazon. Great place to get stuff for privacy issues. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0794NWK77/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • Vic

    I am also a neighbor with security cameras. I have firearms in my house legally purchased and stored. I placed cameras pointing at all entrances of my house. To protect myself and society from my guns getting into the wrong hands. One neighbor to the East broke the camera off my house I have him on video doing so. Under our useless laws the police were not able to charge him. So I put one more camera pointing into his yard from where he reached over and broke off the camera.

    • Yolanda

      Hi, Vic, it is best not to point your security cameras to your neighbor's yard in avoidance of any privacy disputes. You may talk with your neighbor and explain to him/her about your original purposes of installing security cameras. Hope this would help.

      • Vic

        You cannot reason with a drunk. The cameras were pointed skirting the property line. He reached over and knocked it off. He is the criminal thug I am trying to get caught.

        • Carolina Cruisers

          yea, you sound like a creep whos mad he got caught.

    • Peeta

      If your cameras were actually only pointing at your own doors there wouldn't be a problem. You are no doubt peeping Tomming on your neighbor and they'd had it. I know the feeling. No sympathy for peeping Toms.

      • Vic Neufeld

        They were skirting the property line. He had no right to reach across the fence and damage my home. That is vandalism.

        • Carolina Cruisers

          why would you want to be such a creepy neighbor, i had one before, i smashed his face with a cinder block, got 3 felony charges, but once police got a warrant and seen his footage, he got 7 years, state dropped charges against me and asked me to be a witness against the creepy moron he was. now he cant even own guns anymore because hes was such a creep spying on people.

          • Meesha

            I'm sorry you had bad circumstances; did you ever think Vic's are different? He DID say the cams are pointing to his entrances...

          • FAS

            you got three felonies and he got seven years? I have a feeling there's much more to the story that you're not telling us. No one gets three felonies on a simple assault charge, ever

      • Meesha

        He said they were pointing at HIS own entrances. The neighbor BROKE his camera on HIS property.

  • Maggie Maggie

    I've got horrendous neighbours over the road. I'm in the country. They have put up about 6 long metal poles, about 30 metres in height and aimed multiple cameras to capture pretty much my entire property wirelessly. They asked me to cut my trees. Told them no, so they started drilling large nails into one that is obviously in the way of one of the cameras. That has now inspired me to grow many trees in their path. I've also built an extra high carport in my backyard, right in front of my shed to stop them looking at me whenever I walk into or out of my shed door. All very legal – at least in my part.

  • Tim C.

    This article should be titled , 7 Worthless Opinions On Wireless Cameras. Not a single helpful tip in the entire thing.

  • Barrett

    I have a camera in my window some aiming at my front porch. No biggie and not even near the point of a neighbors house or anything, just my own lil webcam to see who came over while I'm gone but at night the neighbors porch light is so bright that my night vision has a huge hot spot in it because of their porch light, anything I can add to or do to diffuse the light so it picks up my front porch better at night? It's a decent camera with lots of settings but not near close enough to catch a neighbor's house or anything invasive and I wouldn't do that anyways just want to have my motion detection work at night if anyone comes up near my house is all. Anyone? Thanks 🙂

    • Yolanda

      Hello, Barrett, you may communicate with your neighbor and ask them to change their porch light. So, if this doesn't help, to ensure that your webcam works properly at night, it is best to install it in another position to avoid being affected by the bright light.

      • Barrett

        Yeah she won't. She's an older lady and I do encourage everyone to use their lights at night, it really keeps the riff raff out of the neighborhood. I'm going to just mount it outside so the infrared doesn't bounce off the window I think...It IS an outside cam technically but my eaves are low so someone could just knock it down but I think I'll mount it to the roof and just flip the image in the software, that'[d definitely fix my issue and while I ;like it wired for speed etc, It is wireless capable and literally just outside my computer room and up 10 feet so wifi should be perfectly fine... TY 🙂

      • Meesha

        Right, tell the neighbor you have a cam in case you have intruders, etc., and the neighbor will tell her children/grandchildren and they will tell their friends and now everyone will know where it's pointing and make it known where to avoid being seen. The whole point of a cam is to capture possible wrongful activities and you want to make it easy for people to intrude and get away with it? Please!

        • Yolanda

          Hello Meesha, we tell Barrett to communicate with the neighbor only because we believe that it would be a possible solution to ask the neighbor to move or change his/her porch light. Also, the existence of security cameras may scare off potential intruders as well – data shows that nearly 30% of burglars will give up breaking into your house when they find out that security cameras are put up there. By reinforcing all the entrances to your house and monitor these areas with security cameras, you are able to protect your home from burglaries effectively. 🙂

        • FAS

          I agree, I would never ask my neighbors that and in fact I don't want any of my neighbors to not have their porch lights on. If everyone actually use their porch lights and lit up their yards well at night it might just work for you and we may not even need security cams in some neighborhoods at least not as much. But a lot of my neighbors don't even turn their porch lights on and their yards are dark as a tomb just inviting a thief who no one would see whatsoever.

      • FAS

        Thanks but lol. I don't want them to touch their porch light and that sounds a bit ridiculous to even ask. Everyone should use their porch lights and it might just stop the need for these cams and thwart thieves. I appreciate your comment so don't take me wrong but there's no way in hell my neighbor is going to agree to that and I would feel funny even asking which I wouldn't do anyway. Everyone should be using their front and back porch lights at night no matter what. The fact that people get robbed are because their yards are darker than a tomb in most cases.

        • Baron Teapot

          You could place something to block the light from your neighbor's porch light. That's probably the only real way to fix it.

          • FAS

            Yeah I out a piece of black matte board over that part of my window. That's about all I can do. I WANT my neighbors to have their porch lights on...helps keep creepers away. Thanks!

    • itsabig

      Some cams have an option to block certain areas of the field of view just for this problem.

      • Barrett

        IK know...:-( Mine doesn't I THINK I'm going to just black out that part of my window because it'll then not reflect and show at least HALF my yard...Can't buy a new cam just yet. TY 🙂

      • Barrett

        Mine doesn't unfortunately. I have 4 all different brands and none have this feature. Do you know what brand does? all mine are very well-known brands and none have this option. I finally just put a piece of dark cardboard on my window to hide it and it helped but because my cameras are shooting through the window there's reflection. I don't want to mount them outside because I rent

        • itsabig

          Wide Dynamic Range cams solved this problem a long time ago....very reasonable on eBay anymore. PTZ cams from China are in the $50 range with the block area feature, but WDR bullet cams will accomplish what your goal is....$20 and less.

          • FAS

            mine have blocked area features but it's not really blocking, all it does is turn off that area from being recorded or sensing motion. But it's weird they call it a block area when it's not at all LOL. For now I just put up a piece of cardboard in my window so that the LEDs don't reflect off of it the night vision LEDs, that allows it to really pick up the outside much better. It's not my neighbor's porch light as much as it is the reflection of the night vision rings in my window since I'm recording through a window and not hanging my cams outside because I rent. thanks for the reply, I'm going to look into a couple different cams with this Pacific feature and find out if it actually is a block feature or just a masking of the recording area:-)

          • Barrett

            Thanks! I'll check this out...Two of my cams are Foscam which I'm surprised they don't have this options but they are older too...TY regardless. I'm going to upgrade two of them anyways. Much appreciated.

          • Barrett

            Can you provide a link? I've searched cams with WDR and the cheapest I'm even seeing is around 89.99 and up to a couple hundred each. 20.00 is a bit understated I think. I don't want a used crappy one but not spending 200.00 either lol.

          • itsabig

            see eBay item# 333281307117......copy and paste in their search box.....be aware this is a mega pixel camera and won't work with standard dvr or monitor.....poke around on eBay, there are TONS of them in there

  • Yolanda

    Hello, there, it depends on how intense the laser is. However, we don't recommend you to do so since it may cause permanent damages to the IR filter and other units of the security camera and create legal issues. Hope this would clarify.

  • Peeta

    Neighborhood mediation center?? lol

  • itsabig

    How close is the camera, and why do you think it's a malicious act? CCTV cams have a red-glow from infra-red in darkness, but it doesn't mean you're the target.

    If you're at ground-level, plant a fast growing tree or shrub directly in it's path, close your blinds and relax.

    • FAS

      Exactly, and most cameras wouldn't record a distinguishable image that far away especially at night anyway. I bet his camera can't even pick up a decent image half that far. Most cameras can't even the super high-end ones they're made for about 30 m tops

  • itsabig

    Some judges WILL demand the cameras be taken down for invasion of privacy issues....$50 court cost if you lose. If you win, the camera guy pays.

  • FAS

    Shut your blinds... There's nothing you can do legally. The only thing you can do is just not give him a reason to want to record. It's probably not purposely pointing into your bedroom it's just pointing out of his home to his property. Most cams wouldn't pick up what's going on in the house across the street unless they are very high-end. I have a high-end cameras and there's no way I could see through my neighbor's window and into their home at night especially. so your neighbor probably can't tell what the hell is even going on even if your windows aren't closed or I should say your blinds or curtains aren't closed

  • Lyn Marie Putman

    My neighbour has been gaining access to my home for quite sometime now and although I have had 3 cctv cameras installed he is still getting in. How he is evading the cameras I do not know yet. What I would like to know is can it be possible that he can make the camera go still as if its just a picture whilst the time still runs, because I have gone through all the playbacks and there is no sign of him just audio sounds of him moving about.

    • Yolanda

      Hello Lyn, there is no such a way to make the camera go still while the time still runs. You may adjust the angle of your CCTV cameras to check if they can capture the intruder. If your CCTV cameras are equipped with built-in sirens, don't forget to enable this feature as well. Hope this helps.

  • Yolanda

    Hello Mary, the intruder may take advantage of the blind spot of the security camera and sneak into your friend's house without being caught on the camera. So, it is best to adjust the placement of the security camera and click here, https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006379253-Installation-Tips-for-Reolink-Battery-Powered-Cameras to learn how to get the most out of the motion detection feature. Also, you may help your friend to update the app on her smartphone to the latest version. Hope this would help.

  • Kelli Stauning

    I have a neighbor disabling my security camera so that it stops showing the person that is entering my home. Once a person showed up and then blanked out. How do I stop this? What cameras can be used that can't be tampered with. This neighbor is a felon who I can't prove that he's vandalizing my home. Cops say I have to catch him on the camera. How do I stop this?

    • Yolanda

      Hi Kelli, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Two of our previous posts cover the best ways to protect your outdoor security cameras from being tampered with and you may take them into consideration. Click here to learn more, https://reolink.com/how-to-protect-outdoor-security-cameras-like-a-pro/ & https://reolink.com/how-to-prevent-security-cameras-being-tampered/. Hope this helps.

    • Michael Rohrs

      Well A: need go old school wired much harder to mess with without evidence left behind and can split feed one to dvr thats ”air gapped” one to computer so can monitor from phone. Also go to as seen on tv section local store get the little 1-2″ square camera that records to sd card and hide it so aimed same way as camera without access to it physically there no way to change recordings on sd card may be able to pull some ”smoke mirrors” but not just vanish or not pick up sounds like you have a wifi connected camera and he got a jammer if all goes out if the ”background still there but somebody passing you been hacked and they recorded a loop look at shadows or repeating actions like cat likes tail every minute. But best thing if wireless is to change passwords use VpN and encryption but as far as cameras can't be hacked go pro trail camera anything that records to internal without any sort of network connection without psychical contact with it to change the video or delete it. Or stored to sd card a cell phone on airplane mode with 64gig sd card set to 720 get 20-21 hrs straight recording

  • Michael Rose

    Your friend probably has dementia. Paranoia is a common and unfortunate refrain and I don't know what you can do beyond trying to make your friend feel better.

    If you have seen such intruders on camera yourself consider investing in a lock.

  • am

    camera pointed at my driveway and house only. not even covering their property and has audio.does this look legal?

    • Yolanda

      Hello there, you may check out whether it is legal to record audio in your region or state first. In some states in the US, it is illegal for one to record audio without consent from all parties. You may communicate with your neighbor and ask him/her to redirect the camera if you feel uncomfortable with it. Hope this helps.

  • Luna Cat

    How to deal with a snooping neighbor who has actually installed what looks to be a game-camera on my front yard. It's very weird and creepy. Is it possible to blind or disable a game camera?

    • Yolanda

      Hi there, we do not suggest you blind or disable the game camera in person. It is best to take some pictures as evidence and ask your neighbor to remove the camera from your front yard. You may also contact the police and local attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Zes Lee


  • Daniel Klein

    In my state there isn't much you can do about having security cameras removed from another persons property, but really, our problem is the camera isn't good at helping police actually ARREST the thieves when they do something.

    So we (as an HOA) got one of these license plate readers and posted it to the entrance/exit of the subdivision, so when someone hits a car parked on the street, or steals an amazon box, or breaks into a car, we get their license plate number when they exit the neighborhood, and the cops can actually prosecute them.

  • Tabatha Yates

    Can my neighbor legally put a trail camera on a tree and have it facing my windows

    • Yolanda

      Hi Tabatha, it is only acceptable and legal for your neighbor to set up a security camera in his own property. If it is your bedroom, it may include an expectation of privacy and it would be illegal for your neighbor to put a camera there. So, you'd better consult local police or attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Yolanda

    Hello Deborah, it is legal for your neighbor to set up security cameras around his property and monitor his property and the public areas around his house. If you are not comfortable with those cameras, you may talk to your neighbor and ask him to redirect the cameras away from your home. Hope this helps.

  • floyd l gibson sr

    My camera dose not pick up a certain vehicle as it passes. How can he do that and what dose he have on his vehicle if he can??? Thanks

  • floyd l gibson sr

    There is one vehicle that my cameras don't pick up. How can that happen and what would he have on his vehicle to stop my cameras???

    • Yolanda

      Hello floyd, it is possible that the vehicle is beyond the detection range of your camera. Please check if your camera works properly and captures other activities. Also, you may contact the tech team from your security camera brand for further information. Hope this helps.

  • Alex Alex

    My neighbor set up 3 or more cameras in one window toward my bedroom ( the led light give it away )and I don't have enough money to hire a lawyer.

  • jbl440

    i have recently notices several cameras at a neighbhors house sorta pointed at the street with one and atleast 2 more aimed pretty close to road dont seem to know why they have done this. I wonder if recording people on a public roadway is legal? The only thing i noticed is several police cruisers almost infront of said house a few weeks back then boom cameras in the area.

    One thing i will say is that turning on a simple cellphone flash will almost curtainly disrupt most cameras or even a cheapo dollar tree lazer pointer. Is any of this legal you might ask well if your doing what they are no worries it would be pretty darn hard for a prosicutor to prove that you purposefully tried to sabotage said device. Hey i was simply trying to record them recording me

  • Yolanda

    Hi SamBill, it is legal for the barbershop owner to set up a security camera in the public and shared area and you may not do anything. If the camera is installed in any intimate places like a bathroom or changing room, it would be considered illegal and you may report that to local police. Hope this helps.

  • Yolanda

    Hello Mary, we are sorry to hear about your experience. It would be unacceptable and illegal for your neighbor to set up a security camera and face it towards your property. You may take some photos as evidence and call local police or attorney for help.

    • Sasha Pourmoi

      Sorry late on this questions of neighbors hidden and not hidden cameras, now 3 of my neighbors have them right on me, which i can see with my IR Cameras, and also have motion detectors, which now they have been harassing myself and more so trying to provoke my dogs, then, i am placing them, one last dog bc the stress is too much. blood pressure goes up to 220 plus... I am 44 years old woman with very normal BP.
      Almost 3 years later, i when to the police station days ago and they call me crazy and told me my only option is too see a doctor!!! That i am schizophrenic or else... I was crying, I can take it anymore... I left my house last years with two dogs to live on a friend's couch.. So building fences, again, changed bamboo to corrugate metal sheets, they added more camera and hire, oh, when they did that i went to tell them whatever information they had about me to double, triple verify the facts, they called me wacky and call the cops on me for trespassing...

  • Skye

    I have a neighbor right beside me in a town house. She put up camera n faces on my entrance door only. Is this legal? Last wk she changed to face the parking lot m now back on my door. What can i do? I can't even sit out my door w/ out invading on me. This is cuz her dog does poo n she leaves it. She has been asked nicely to pick up but swears at me calls police for no reason n she mad about her own issues. ect. Police told her what she doing is wrong about dog so she put camera up purposely to try n bug me. Now she put up camera of course she walks dog other way. I sat n watched her do this n have pics can't get no help.

    • Yolanda

      Hi, Skye. Sorry to hear about your experience. What your neighbor did is definitely not right, and it's only legal for her to put up a security camera to monitor her own property. However, the legality of your neighbor's security camera largely depends on your local laws and whether it is pointing somewhere private. So you could first search more information on relevant privacy laws in your country or state to confirm. And you may check out that whether the security camera she put up is real or not at the same time. It's possible that she put up a fake one to terrify you. If the camera is real, you may resort to mediators such as your local community justice or neighborhood mediation center for help, or consult the lawyer for advice. You could also try to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed.

  • Sue Stewart

    My neighbor has a camera pointed directly at my deck. The camera is mounted on the side of their home facing my deck, 100% direct. The police advised it is on their property, therefore however upsetting, it is legal. So, I bought black shower curtains, painted a big smiley face on one, and ”Love Thy Neighbor” on the 2nd panel. Behind that, I hung dark brown 100% solid outdoor curtains with ZERO see through. This week, I hang my cameras. They have made numerous false police reports against me, the cops are giving me all these ideas,

  • randy

    Not illegal in Iowa. Cameras need to be visible and what they are pointing at visible to public. No window shots but good luck proving that. Even cameras with spotlights. We need to get a Charles Bronson Org and help each other take care of cameras. I would pay $$$$$$ dues!!!!

  • randy

    New York has new laws regarding cameras lets hope other follow.

  • randy

    Idea tonight standing in next doors spot light/camera.......A motion toy of some sort placed in cameras view, like on Home Alone, would trip the camera all night and be bothersome for the camera man.....

  • randy

    Dont forget blue-tooth speakers with woodpecker noise(you tube) or something to block the mics. Turn off at 10pm.



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