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Wireless Dash Cam: Upgrade Your Car's Surveillance

Wireless Dash Cam

Dash cams are extremely useful for collecting accident evidence, deterring theft, and recording beautiful travel memories. People prefer to install them in their cars to record every moment when they are on the road.

In this article, we will explain what a wireless dash cam is. We will explain its features along with popular brands and alternatives. We will also explain the difference between a wired and wireless dash cam to make your selection easier.

What is a Wireless Dash Cam?

Wireless dash cameras have a built-in battery to power them. You need to charge the dashcam when required, and then it is ready to work for a limited time. You can either charge using the given adapter or a car cigarette lighter.

The wireless dash cam keeps you away from the hassles of running wires. It has a microSD card slot to store the videos.

It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your device. Usually, these cameras have a mobile app. You can connect to the camera and access the recordings.

Main Features of Reliable Wireless Dash Cam

Here are some important features you must consider while buying a dash cam.

Good Video Quality

You can't compromise on the video quality. The cars, license plates, and other details should be clearly visible in the videos. Otherwise, the dash cam will be useless.

The ideal resolution for a dash cam is 4K. It offers intricate details and clarity. If your budget is tight, you can go with a 2K resolution camera.

Make sure there is night vision to capture true and clear details at night. Moreover, a wide-angle lens is preferred to cover a wider area.

Extended Battery Life

The battery life of wireless dash cams is extremely important. Some dash cams offer 2-4 hours of recording on a full charge, which is not enough. It should offer at least 12 hours of continuous recording at full charge.

Easy Installation and Flexibility in Placement

The wireless dash cam should be easy to install and set up. The second important aspect is its placement. It should offer flexibility to be installed on the windshield, dashboard, or any location you prefer.

Other Advanced Function

You can also look for some advanced functions and features. It is better to have a cloud storage option. In case the camera is damaged or stolen, you have recorded videos in the cloud. It is a more reliable option.

GPS logging is also an excellent feature. It records the GPS location and the videos to easily trace the location.

Besides that, the camera should have mobile alerts in case of motion detection. It should also have a parking mode to record videos when the car is parked. It ensures the safety and security of the vehicle.

Best Wireless Dash Cam Brand

Some popular wireless dash cam brands you can prefer are:


Vanture offers a wide range of high-quality front dash cams, dual dash cams, and multi-channel dash cams. Its cams offer incredible video quality and features.


Nextbase is a trusted brand for car technology. It offers innovative and stylish dash cams with excellent features. It has taken the cam experience to the next level by integrating AI for threat detection and alerts.


Garmin offers pocket-friendly dash cams for a wide range and tons of options. The dash cams are simple, affordable, and value for the money. If you are on a tight budget, you can go with its cameras.


Thinkware offers dash cams from 1080p to 4K resolution. You can find affordable as well as top-notch quality dash cams with a premium price tag.

The Alternatives of Wireless Dash Cam

You can install a battery-powered camera instead of a dash cam in your car. It offers some incredible features at a pocket-friendly price.

The Argus PT is a versatile wireless security camera offering 5MP 2K+ Super HD video, pan and tilt capabilities, and color night vision. It features a rechargeable battery that can be solar-powered and supports dual-band Wi-Fi (5/2.4 GHz) for stable connectivity. This camera is easy to install, making it ideal for remote or hard-to-reach areas without power sources.

Additionally, it integrates with Alexa for voice control, enhancing its usability and convenience in smart home environments.

Argus PT

100% Wire-Free PT Camera

2K+ 5MP Super HD; 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi; Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; 355° Pan & 140° Tilt; IP65 Certified Weatherproof; Color Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; 122° Wide Viewing Angle.

Argus Track is a dual-lens battery/solar-powered camera. Its wide-angle lens captures 4K resolution, which ensures optimal clarity. The telephoto allows you to zoom into objects up to 6X. You can enjoy fine details of cars, clear license plates, etc. It has a long-lasting, non-removable battery that offers up to 24 hours of continuous performance on one charge.

It's a Wi-Fi 6 dual-band camera that offers high speed and a smooth live experience. Its color night vision captures true colors and clear details at night. It also protects your vehicle through the siren, flashlight warning, and deters intruders. You can install it on your dashboard and capture high-quality videos.

Reolink Argus Track

4K Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Solar/Battery Camera

4K 8MP Ultra HD, Auto-Zoom Tracking, Pan, Tilt & 6X Hybrid Zoom, Color Night Vision, Dual-Band Wi-Fi.

Wireless vs. Wired Dash Cam: What's the Difference?

Wireless dash cams are extremely easy to install and flexible. There is no need to run long wires around the car, and you can position them anywhere. They look great and offer incredible performance. However, you need to recharge them often, which could be an issue for many users. Secondly, they use Wi-Fi to give access to the videos and live previews, so you need a stable Wi-Fi connection for that. These are ideal for users who do not like wires and have no issue with recharging.

On the other hand, wired dash cams are difficult to set up. You have to run wires and hide them properly. However, they are more reliable, and you don't need to worry about the battery charge. They can work as long as you want. Their placement can also be an issue due to wiring, but they offer excellent performance. If you prefer performance over wires and complex installation, a wired dash cam would be the perfect option.


1. Can a dash cam work without being plugged in?

Yes, wireless dash cams have built-in batteries. Once they are charged, they do not need to be plugged in. They store footage in microSD cards. They use Wi-Fi to connect to the smartphone.

2. What is a wireless dash cam front and rear?

There are two dash cams. One is for the front view, which is installed on the windshield or dashboard. The second one was installed on the rear windshield to capture the rearview. Both these cameras record footage and save it on their microSD cards.

3. What is a mirror dash cam with a wireless rear camera?

Mirror dash cam is used in place of the rear mirror in a car. It shows the rear view more clearly and is quite helpful when reserving and parking the car.

4. Is there a battery-powered wireless dash cam?

Yes, you can easily find battery-powered dash wireless dash cameras online. If you want excellent results, you can go with Reolink Argus Track. It is also a battery-powered camera and can be used as a wireless dash cam.


A wireless dash cam is extremely easy to install, and that's the reason people prefer to use it. It is almost like a DIY process. While buying a wireless dash cam, make sure to consider the important factors we have discussed. It will help you buy the best dash cam according to your needs. You can also consider the top brands we have shared.

If you want an affordable solution with high-resolution videos, you can go with Argus Track. It can be used as a dash cam and offers long battery life and excellent features.


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