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Where to Put Baby Monitor: Strategic Placement Tips

Where to Put Baby Monitor

Finding the ideal spot to set up your baby monitor is crucial for keeping watch over your little one. With so many placement options, it can be tricky to pinpoint locations that give you the best visibility and audio of your baby.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll go in-depth on recommended positions for optimal viewing, key factors to consider when deciding where to place your baby monitor, and tips tailored to newborns versus toddlers. Read on to learn where to put baby monitors.

Where to Put Baby Monitor: Best Locations

When selecting a location for your baby monitor camera, you'll want to prioritize spots that provide a clear overhead view directly into the crib without any obstructions. The monitor's microphone should also be positioned near your baby as much as possible to pick up sounds. Here are some of the best locations to put a baby monitor:

Mount on or near the ceiling

One of the best positions for your baby monitor is mounted directly on the ceiling above where your baby sleeps. This overhead vantage point allows you to see your baby’s entire body and monitor their movements from head to toe. Ceiling mounting gives you an unobstructed aerial view that eliminates blind spots that can occur when viewing from the side.

If attaching the monitor to the ceiling isn't possible in your nursery, consider mounting it high up on the wall or in the corner just above the crib. This still provides an elevated straight-down angle for complete visibility. Ensure the view is not blocked by decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Place on a shelf

Another optimal spot to put baby monitors is on a sturdy shelf, dresser, or window sill at least 3 feet from the crib. Position the monitor at about eye level or slightly above for a clear downward perspective.

The key is choosing an elevated surface so you aren’t viewing the crib at an obscure sideways angle. Be sure the furniture piece is secure and not at risk of being toppled over by an exploring toddler. Avoid surfaces cluttered with books or other items that can block the camera’s line of sight.

High corners inside a room

Installing the monitor camera up in one of the room's corners provides expanded visibility across the length of the crib. Angling the camera and pointing down into the crib ensures a complete overview.

The benefit of corner placement is seeing both long sides of the crib at once. You can quickly scan the entire crib simply by glancing at the monitor. Just be sure the camera's side view is unobstructed by walls or corner edges.

Factors to Consider When Placing a Baby Monitor

Beyond finding a location that offers an optimal vantage point, there are other important factors to keep in mind when deciding where to put baby monitor:


For the best audio pickup, you'll want to mount the baby monitor camera as physically close to your baby as possible, ideally within 3 to 5 feet. It is the best distance to put baby monitor. This allows the built-in microphone to relay soft sounds like coos and cries clearly. Don't place the monitor right next to the crib bars since your baby may be able to reach the cords. But do keep it near enough to hear noises easily.

For better monitoring effectiveness, you can choose a long range baby monitor.

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Viewing Angle

Look for a camera angle that captures your baby's full body, not just their legs or a profile view of their head and torso.

The complete visibility comes from an aerial straight-down angle peering directly into the crib from above. Check that your view isn't partly obstructed by crib bars or corners. The optimal angle to place the baby monitor is important to check and observe every activity.


When installing your baby monitor, carefully inspect the placement to ensure it's safely positioned well out of your baby's reach. Keep all monitor cords neatly tucked away using cord covers.

Avoid placing the monitor camera on low surfaces your growing toddler could grab. Also, be sure the monitor is openly visible so you can routinely check that it remains securely mounted. Baby monitor placement safety should be your main priority.

Baby Monitor Placement: Newborn vs. Toddler

You may need to adjust where you position your baby monitor as your little one grows from a newborn to a more active toddler. Here are some tips tailored to different stages when it comes to where to put baby monitor:

Where to Put Baby Monitor for newborns

When your baby is first born, you'll want to install the monitor camera directly above the bassinet or crib to permit close-up viewing. At this delicate age, you'll likely frequently look at the monitor to check your sleeping baby's chest rising and falling. Mounting it just overhead gives you this proximate perspective.

You may even want to zoom in on your newborn's face to look for signs of distress, like changes in skin color. As your baby gets older and transitions to a crib, maintain this aerial mounting as needed.

Where to Put Baby Monitor for toddlers

Once your baby becomes mobile and transitions to a toddler bed, it's wise to mount the camera higher up on the wall or ceiling. This expanded bird's eye view lets you see when your toddler first wakes up or moves around the nursery.

Keep the camera angled and pointing down to spot potential mischief or danger. A toddler's energy and curiosity necessitate a wider angle monitor placement versus the up-close newborn view.

Inappropriate Baby Monitor Locations to Avoid

Certain locations in and around the crib should be avoided when deciding where to put the baby monitor. Never mount or rest a monitor:

  • Inside the crib or bassinet: Keep monitor cords away from the sleeping area to prevent choking hazard
  • Attached to the crib slats or sides: Strangulation risk from dangling wires
  • On sharp furniture edges or unstable surfaces: Risk of monitor falling and injuring baby
  • Within reach of a curious toddler: Little hands can tamper with or damage the device

The key is only to consider high, secure positions at least 3 feet from the crib that keep all components safely out of baby's access. Also, check the monitor daily to ensure it remains properly mounted.

Bonus Tips: How to Mount Baby Monitors on the Wall

Installing baby monitors on the wall or ceiling often provides the most useful aerial viewpoint. Now you know where to put the baby monitor, you should know how to install it properly. Here are some tips for securely mounting your monitor:

  1. Gather the right supplies: Appropriate screws, drywall anchors, drill, screwdriver, stud finder, and level.
  2. Locate studs: Find wood studs for secure anchoring using a stud finder.
  3. Mark the positions: Lightly mark the desired screw hole locations with a pencil.
  4. Drill pilot holes: Use a drill to make pilot holes, especially in wood studs. Insert any anchors needed in the drywall.
  5. Attach mounting bracket: If your monitor includes a bracket, firmly secure it to the wall first.
  6. Fasten the monitor: Attach the monitor itself to the bracket or directly to the wall.


How can I keep baby monitor cords away from the crib?

Use cord covers or conduits to neatly run wires along baseboards or behind furniture. Mount the camera near the outlet to avoid dangling cords. Tie up and secure any excess cord out of reach.

Where is the best place to install a baby monitor?

The optimal position is above the crib or bassinet, mounted high on the closest wall or ceiling. This straight-down aerial view lets you see the baby's body without obstructions.

Is a video baby monitor worth it?

Yes, video monitors are highly recommended since they allow you to visually check on your baby anytime, versus just listening. Seeing your baby peacefully sleeping provides great reassurance.


Finding the optimal placement for your baby monitor takes careful consideration but is well worth the effort. Positioning the camera and microphone in just the right spots allows you to closely watch your growing baby around the clock.

Where do you place the baby monitor in your home? How well does it keep an eye on your little ones? Share your experience, and let's talk about it together!


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