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42 Home Burglary Statistics 2024 You Wish to Know Earlier

In this article, you will get to know 42 home burglary stats and a list of the most stolen items in home burglaries. These 42 stats include key insights, stats by year, stats by room, burglar profile, places through which burglars break in, and characteristics of home burglaries. To keep your home from becoming a target for burglars, also take a look at our recent article featuring <a hr

Home Security FAQs


Home Smart Security Product Questionnaire Statistics 2020/2022

Ready or not, home smart security products are steadily streaming into your home. When comes to home smart security products, what do you focus on? What are your opinions about home smart/non-smart security products? To help you stay informed about home security products, we have compiled a list of statistics based on the most recent data available. Let’s view the home sma