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How to Turn Your Android Phone & Tablet into a Security Camera

Many of you might have already heard turning your old iPhone or iPad into an IP or network security cameras via iOS security camera app like Manything so that you could simply monitor your house without buying CCTV or IP security cameras/systems. Today, we take a quick look at how you could turn your old or spare android phone or android tablet into an IP webcam/network security

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Smart Bathroom Technology: Embracing the Future

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, including our homes. From voice-activated assistants to intelligent light strips, smart technology makes homes more efficient, convenient, and comfortable. One area that has seen remarkable advancements is the bathroom.   The concept of a smart bathroom seems like something out of a movie, but the truth is that it's rapidly becoming

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Can Alexa Control Apple TV?

Various smart devices, such as light switches, thermostats, and smart doorbells, are controlled with Amazon's Alexa, the most popular virtual voice assistant in smart homes. Many Apple TV users, however, try to use Alexa to enhance their viewing experience.   Alexa can undoubtedly control Apple TV, and users can use Alexa to control playback functions such as pause, play, and vo

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How Do Smart Locks Get Power? Common Power Sources Explained

With the integration of IoT devices into everyday life, many homeowners choose to replace their traditional door locks with smart ones. A smart lock is an advanced electronic lock that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or voice commands. Like other smart home devices, most smart locks rely on a stable Internet connection and a reliable power source to operate. But

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Using Z-Wave with Google Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

Smart home automation is technology’s latest innovation. The ideal smart home system anticipates your needs and responds to commands immediately. Among the available options, Google Home devices are growing in popularity for their smart features and distinctive functions. If you already own a Google Home device, you’re probably curious about smart light bulbs and other home automation op

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Matter Explained: A Brand New Smart Home Standard

With the development of AI technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home automation has quickly become a new trend in the technological world. The ideal smart home system should anticipate your needs and act on them right away once you’ve given a command. Although different manufacturers sell multiple smart home devices, the compatibility of these devices isn’t always up to scr