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Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: Which One Is Better?

If you have an online presence, you need to prioritize your data security. Historically, people have stored their data on local devices, like hard drives or USB sticks, but it is becoming increasingly common to store data online, in the cloud. However, it’s worthwhile to ask which one you should be using. The debate between cloud storage and local storage has been going on for years, and

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PC vs NVR for Camera Footage & Recording Storage

Many people are thinking about using their computer, laptop, or Mac to view and record their IP/CCTV camera and record their IP/CCTV security cameras to their PC, laptop, Mac or a spare computer instead of to a dedicated network video recorder (NVR)/digital video recorder (DVR). The question always pops up: should I record IP cameras to my computer or laptop or a dedicated NVR/DV

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QNAP IP Cameras: Top 2 Picks, a Detailed Setup Tutorial & FAQs

Running QNAP IP cameras means that you can integrate and record security cameras from multiple brands in a single system. Sounds great, right? But you may bump into these questions when you are looking for IP cameras for QNAP, like: Which IP cameras are compatible with QNAP? How to connect IP cameras to QNAP? This post has covered all the answers to the questions abo