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Reolink Home Hub: Top Features & How to Set Up

reolink home hub

The Reolink Home Hub is a wireless security center. It has local storage that can be encrypted, multi-device management, and exclusive anti-theft algorithms among others. And all these come with no monthly fees required which makes it very cheap for anyone who may need one. In this article, you will get to know more about what this device offers as well as how you can set up your own Reolink wireless home hub.

The Reolink Home Hub is a hub-based wireless security solution developed to provide all-round monitoring and protection for homes and businesses. With the Home Hub, users can connect up to 8 Reolink security cameras and access their real-time video feeds from anywhere via the Reolink mobile app.

Home Hub comes with an inbuilt 64GB microSD card for on-site recording as well as storage. It uses upgraded security encryption which protects locally stored footage. As such, this means that one can store up to one year of continuous recordings without having any monthly subscription fees.

Key features of the Reolink Home Hub include:

  • Wireless Security Center with Encrypted Local Storage and Multi-Device Management
  • 64GB microSD Card Included
  • Exclusive Anti-Theft Algorithms
  • Expandable System Up to 8 Reolink Cams
  • No Monthly Fees

With its comprehensive features and subscription-free operation, the Reolink Home Hub provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for home monitoring and security.

Reolink Home Hub

Wireless Security Center with Encrypted Local Storage and Multi-Device Management

64GB microSD Card Included; Exclusive Anti-Theft Algorithms; Expandable System Up to 8 Reolink Cams; No Monthly Fees

Key Features and Specs

The Reolink Home Hub is feature-packed to offer strong monitoring capabilities at no monthly charge. Here are some of the top features and specifications:

Local Storage without Subscription Fees

For local recording and storage, the Home Hub comes with a 64GB microSD card. It supports H.264 video compression, which allows continuous round-the-clock recording for up to one year. All recordings are well protected through AES 256-bit encryption, thereby eliminating the need for any recurring fees.

All-in-One Control

With this hub, you can link up to eight Reolink PoE or WiFi cameras. Through your Reolink mobile app, you can easily view all connected cameras from one place. Live viewing, playback, alerts – everything is just a few taps away.

Anti-Theft Algorithms

Reolink designed smart algorithms that can recognize tampering and theft actions. In case someone blocks or covers the camera lens or moves it illegally, the home hub will send you instant push notifications for necessary actions.

LAN Access

A localized wireless network is created by the Home Hub for your Reolink cameras. This saves the need to connect them directly to your home WiFi and enables viewing when there’s no internet connection at home.

Real-Time Alerts

Whenever any connected camera detects motion or sees something unusual happening around it; you get notified immediately in real-time. You can set alerts so that only those that are important reach you.

With these great features combined together into one device, the Reolink home hub provides powerful monitoring systems while remaining flexible and cost-effective.

The Reolink Home Hub is designed to be fully compatible with Reolink's lineup of PoE and WiFi security cameras. This provides users with flexibility in selecting the right cameras for their needs.

Here is a summary of Home Hub compatibility with Reolink cameras:

  • Non-Battery-powered Cameras: All Reolink cameras with a UID are supported. This includes all PoE and WiFi models.
  • Battery-powered Cameras: All currently sold Reolink battery-powered WiFi cameras are supported, but most require a firmware update.

So in summary, the Home Hub supports the entire lineup of Reolink security cameras, both wired and wireless. This gives users the ultimate flexibility in choosing the right cameras for their needs.

Setting up the Reolink Home Hub is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Start the Hub

Connect the Reolink Home Hub to power using the included power adapter. Then use the provided Ethernet cable to connect the hub to your router.

Step 2: Initialize the Hub

Download the Reolink app and create an account if you don't already have one. Then simply follow the in-app instructions to complete the initial setup of your Home Hub.

Step 3: Add Cameras

Once the Home Hub is initialized, you can add your Reolink cameras. Tap the "+" button in the Reolink app and follow the prompts to add each camera to the Home Hub.

Step 4: Access Cameras Remotely

With cameras added, you can now access live feeds from all connected cameras directly through the Reolink app. The app provides full remote access from anywhere in the world.

The Reolink Home Hub is compatible with most Reolink E and WiFi security cameras. Here are two of the best options to pair with the Home Hub:

Argus 4 Pro

The Argus 4 Pro is an excellent choice to pair with the Reolink Home Hub for unmatched outdoor surveillance. This camera provides 180-degree blindspot-free coverage with its articulating mount, letting you monitor your entire property without any gaps. It captures footage in stunning 4K ultra HD with superior color night vision, providing detailed video day and night.

The Argus 4 Pro also utilizes WiFi 6 technology for fast and reliable wireless connectivity. And with its weatherproof IP66-rated housing, you can install it outdoors with confidence. The Argus 4 Pro's blend of blindspot-free 4K coverage and future-proof WiFi 6 makes it one of the top Reolink cameras for comprehensive monitoring with the Home Hub.

Reolink Argus 4 Pro

4k 180° Wire-free Color Night Vision Camera

4K UHD 180° Blindspot-free View; Color Vision Day and Night; 30% More Battery Life; Dual-band Wi-Fi 6; Smart detection.

Argus PT Ultra Kit with Home Hub

For the ultimate wire-free security solution, the Reolink Argus PT Ultra starter kit bundles the Home Hub with two feature-packed solar-powered cameras. This kit provides a completely cable-free setup with the solar-charged Argus PT Ultra cameras. Despite being wire-free, the cameras still deliver sharp 4K video with enhanced color night vision.

All footage continuously recorded to the bundled Home Hub for 1 year of local storage. The kit also includes intelligent anti-theft alarms to detect tampering attempts. With high-end features and no power cables or hidden fees, the Argus PT Ultra kit with Home Hub is a foolproof wire-free surveillance system.

Reolink Home Hub with 2x Argus PT Ultra + Solar Panel 2

Wireless Security System With 4K PT Standalone Battery/Solar Wi-Fi Cameras

4K Color Footage Day & Night, 1 Year of Local Storage, Exclusive Anti-Theft Algorithms, Expandable System Up to 8 Reolink Cams


The Home Hub is compatible with all Reolink PoE and WiFi cameras. This includes battery-powered models like the Argus PT and Argus 3 after a firmware update. All cameras with a UID will work.

No, the Home Hub does not require any monthly fees or subscriptions. It provides local recording to the built-in 64GB microSD card. With H.264 compression, this allows continuous recording for up to 1 year.


A complete hub-based solution is found in the Reolink Home Hub which can be used for wireless security camera systems. It is equipped with internal storage, supports multiple devices, and has intelligent theft prevention notifications, hence providing a flexible monitoring platform that does not require monthly costs.

This article discussed key features of the Home Hub as well as steps for setting it up and top cameras to get you started. When on a low budget one might want to think about using Reolink Home Hub which doesn’t call for any further charges to obtain a powerful wireless surveillance system.


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