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How to Stop Illegal Dumping on My Property

How to Stop Illegal Dumping on My Property

"Neighbors dump, throw & litter rubbish (cigarettes) outside my yard & house! What can I do to stop illegal dumping?" This may occur in our daily life sometimes. Are you now suffering from fly-tipping? Well, you will learn some effective solutions or ways to stop illegal dumping here. You can also get some detailed answers to fly-tipping frequently asked questions.

Here is the noticeable information this article puts forward about how to stop illegal dumping:

Following these helpful methods can stop your neighbors from dumping yard waste or trash on your property and in your yard.

1. The First Step to Stop Neighbors’ Illegal Dumping — Talking to the Person Directly

What can I do about illegal dumping in my alley?

If you notice people or your neighbors dumping trash and old furniture in front of your house, you should confront the person who dumped the litter or rubbish on your property directly.

You can be nice for the first time and tell your neighbors that please don’t dump the rubbish in your trash can or in your yard, or you will call the police.

2. Get the Police Involved to Help You Stop Illegal Dumping on Your Property

Well, in most cases, calling the police would be one of the most common ways you would use when you are in trouble. Undoubtedly, when you want to stop someone dumping litter on your property, report the illegal dumping of waste or garbage to the police immediately. The police will come to investigate the event and fine the person who did trash/waste dump.

Stop Illegal Dumping on My Property
Bump: You can also contact your local Health Department or call 311 for help.

3. Use Security Cameras (Systems) to Stop Illegal Dumping on Your Yard, Trash Can & Property

If the police ask you for evidence of illegal dumping, security cameras would be a helpful tool.

You can buy a security camera on your porch or where the security camera can monitor your yard or where people dump rubbish. It’s inevitable that sometimes your neighbors would not admit the fact that he or she has dumped garbage on your property. With the videos & images captured by your security cameras, the guy who dumped rubbish on your property can’t deny what he/she did.

Besides, with the evidence, the police can catch the guy more quickly. And the police also can fine the person for litter trespassing crime with obvious evidence.

If you stick a sign that shows your property is under the monitoring of security cameras on your yard, most people would not dare to dump waste on your property. It’s also helpful to deter any would-be thieves to break into your property.

Some advanced security cameras can even enable you to get remote live view even without WiFi connection and outlets. You can place such 4G security camera that runs over mobile data to monitor your trash can, and then you can get real-time app pushes when someone dumps litter on your property.

Reolink Go PT Plus

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You can check the below "Garbage pickup" video captured by a security camera. With such a security camera, you can see who dumped the waste into your trash can, and stop the illegal dumping with the evidence recorded by a security camera.

4. Put up Private Property “No Illegal Dumping” Signs to Prevent Illegal Dumping

“No Dumping Trash” signs are indeed helpful to stop illegal dumping to some degree. Some people would not do dumping garbage on your private property when they see the “No Dumping Trash” signs.

You can write “The area is under video surveillance” on your “Do NOT Dump Your Rubbish Here” notice, which can deter a great number of would-be dumpers.

If they still dump the litter when they notice the “Do NOT Dump Rubbish” sign, they are against illegal dumping laws. You have every reason to sue him/her for illegal dumping on your property.

5. Lock Your Area to Prevent Anyone Dumping Rubbish on Your Property

Illegal garbage dumping on my lawn every week, how do I stop this?

Some douche bags would sneak into your yard to dump their litter. It’s definitely a good way to lock your area to prevent those bad guys dumping rubbish on your property.

Locking your area is one of the best preventive measures against illegal dumping garbage.

However, different cities have different residential fence standards. Please make sure your fence’s height is not against the standard. Check the residential fence standards here.

If you are not allowed to put up fences around your property, place your dumpsters in a well-lit area or places monitored by security cameras. With bright light and CCTV footage, you are more likely to identify the person that conducts illegal dumping on your property.

6. Contact Local Environmental Divisions to Deal with Illegal Dumping

Another feasible solution to illegal dumping is to contact the environmental division of local government.

Aside from costing you extra money to clean up your yard, illegal dumping may also poison the soil and local waterway.

To deal with illegal dumping on your property, it is best to leave the dumping there and seek help from the local environment conservations apartment.

How can we/you stop illegal garbage dumping in Vancouver Island and other countries? Take the above effective solutions now to prevent this awful crime!

If you see illegal dumping, report to the police immediately. If you are suffering fly dumping, wait for no time to take the above solutions to stop illegal dumping of toxic or hazardous waste on your property.

You can also get more information about illegal dumping on the below FAQs.

"Illegal Dumping" Frequently Asked Questions

We make an "Illegal Dumping" FAQs list here so that you can get deep insights on fly tipping. If you have any ideas or questions, please leave them in the comment.

Q 1. What Is the Definition of Illegal Dumping?

What is dumping and why is it illegal? Is it illegal to use someone else's dumpster?
A 1: Illegal dumping is the illegal deposit of any waste or litter in unauthorized areas. It is illegal to sue others' dumpsters without their permission. It's considered as the theft of services.

  • The harms of illegal dumping include but are not limited to:

  • Bringing health risks to people, pets, animals and landscape

  • Poisoning the soil, local waterway and environment

  • Costing extra money to clean up the wastes

  • Providing breeding grounds for pests and rats

Hold Up: There are differences between littering and illegal dumping and the standard are the type and volume of the wastes.

Generally speaking, littering refers to throwing away a small amount of household garbage like plastic bottle or wrappers, which is considered as minor offenses in most cases.

On the other hand, illegal dumping is considered as disposing of a large volume of wastes like construction debris, mattresses and old electronic appliance.

Also note that by dumping hazardous items like batteries unproperly, may constitute illegal dumping, even with a relatively small amount.

Q 2. What Is the Penalty for Illegal Dumping?

What's illegal dumping fine or penalty? Is illegal dumping a felony?

A 2: Illegal dumping carries serious fines and can be a Class I felony. The illegal dumping fines vary greatly.

California Penal Code 374.3 makes illegal dumping punishable by a fine up to $10,000.

In Georgia, illegal littering carries fines of at least $100, while illegally dumping large quantities of waste can carry fines of up to $25,000 and/or two years of prison for a second offense.

Q 3. Which City Has Serious Illegal Dumping?

A 3: Almost every city has illegal dumping. However, if you live in the below areas, you might be in a higher risk of suffering illegal dumping.

If you suffer illegal dumping on your property in these areas, take the above 6 effective ways to prevent it.

America (US) Texas Travis County Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston Harris County
California Oakland San Jose Sacramento Orange Country Walnut Creek Stockton Santa Cruz San Bernardino County
Ventura County Vallejo Riverside County Daly City Fresno Berkeley Alameda County Bakersfield
Kern County Lancaster Hayward
Florida Pasco County, Tampa, Broward County, Jacksonville, Hillsborough County
Washington DC Pierce County, Kitsap County, Snohomish County
Detroit Atlanta in Georgia Minnesota (MN) San Francisco Illinois Colorado Philadelphia Columbus & Hamilton in Ohio Miami
Memphis in Tennessee Hawaii Phoenix in Arizona Denver Baltimore County & Montgomery County in Maryland Oregon Milwaukee in Wisconsin Wichita Kansas New Hampshire (NH)
Maine North Carolina (NC) South Carolina (SC) New Mexico Richmond & Roanoke Virginia Tucson Mississippi Utah St. Louis
Los Angeles Delaware Louisville & Georgetown in Kentucky New Jersey (NJ) Yonkers in New York (NYC) Seattle Michigan San Diego Missouri
Reno & Las Vegas in NV Vermont Arkansas Boston in Massachusetts Indianapolis in Indiana
Australia NSW WA  Melbourne Victoria Canberra Wanneroo Wollongong Townsville & Gold Coast in Queensland Tasmania
Blacktown & Hornsby in Sydney Brisbane Bankstown Greenville in South Australia Holroyd
UK (England) Penrith, Wicklow, Glasgow in Scotland
Canada Nanaimo & Burnaby in Vancouver Island Toronto Calgary Winnipeg Markham in York Region New Brunswick Vaughan Edmonton Caledon
Ontario Brampton Kelowna Kingston Mississauga Guelph Halifax
Ireland Dublin, Donegal, Wexford, Kildare, Kilkenny, Galway
South Africa Durban Johannesburg Western Cape Port Elizabeth Pretoria Portland Wellington in NZ Malaysia Thailand
India Barbados Jamaica Hong Kong

Q 4. How to Report Illegal Dumping?

A 4: If you find an illegal (open) dumping in the ocean, communities or other areas, please take notes of the location, the type and amount of the waste, and other details. Report it online or through the hotline.

If you have any useful tips to stop illegal dumping, or have any questions, please leave them in the comment below!


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