Dear Canadian friends, are you living in the real-life Winterfell?

Do you share the same fear with the Stark family when "the winter is coming"? Not for the white walkers but for the security camera breakdown.

So is there a way for outdoor security cameras in Canada to survive the extreme temps?

YES, of course – actually it's much easier than you think!

Not to lock you into the rather limited choices of pricy specialized cameras, but to use the cameras wisely!


For a comprehensive buying guide of security cameras in Canada, you may check out this post to gain more insightful ideas.

Security Camera in Extreme Weather

Security Camera for Extreme Cold in Canada: A Simple Trick

Here is how the trick plays:

Start the security camera indoors and put the camera outside after it's heated up.

Then, magic happens: The security camera can amazingly stand the cold weather even under the camera's rated operation temp!

You can also set up the security camera outside directly in warmer days, and rest assured it will not stop working when the weather gets cold.

How come it's like that?

Here is the thing, the cameras usually put off tons of heat already during the use, so the camera for cold weather can work without a heater inside.

Actually the working temperature you find in the specification refers to the cameras' starting temperature indeed.

Once the camera gets started and heated, it should be OK to work through the winter and handle the snow and fog.

That explains why Reolink users in Canada get their cameras working well in -45°C, about 35 degrees below their rated temp.

To tell you the truth, our Reolink R&D team was intended to develop the cameras with heaters once but finally find it totally unnecessary.

Notice: The cold weather security camera doesn't mean it can handle all weather. If you live in a extremely cold area, you'd better contact the security company and check if the camera works in your situations.

Clever Tips for Outdoor Cold Weather-Resistant Security Cameras in Canada

While the "heating first" trick solves some problems, here are more clever tips to find the best security camera for cold weather climates.

#1. (Important!) Make Sure You Get an IP66 Security Camera

Still remember the last snowstorm in your area?

The hovering wind and snow could be devastating!

Well, the IP66 camera promises you that it will never be damaged from dust and powerful water jets, like heavy rain or snow.

It is so called water & weatherproof security camera.

An outdoor security camera for the cold should have solid cover so that the natural elements can never intrude in.

#2. No Battery-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Ever got mad at the unreasonable low battery of your phone in a cold winter morning outside?

Likewise, the extreme cold environment will drain your security cameras' battery dramatically.

Anyway, you will not want to go out to charge batteries in the horrible winter, let alone you will have to do it more often in Canada.

More importantly, the battery powered security cameras are not designed for the extremely cold weather, which only wake up when the motion is detected.

And therefore, the "heating" trick will not work in this camera type.

So instead, choose the traditional WiFi security cameras or PoE IP cameras, which are more reliable in the cold climate.

#3. Choose the Best Installation Location

Even though you've got a ruggedized cover, say IP66 rated, proper protection is still important to make your cold weather security camera more durable.

For example, install the outdoor security cameras for cold weather under the eave or the roof overhang.

Or you can DIY a shelter for your WiFi or PoE security cameras – a great idea to hide security camera if you want to.

It's always helpful to consider the factors of lighting, sun exposure, wind and snow direction before installation.

#4. Be Careful If You Need to Move Outdoor Security Camera Inside

You may come across condensation issues in this case, in big chances.

There is an easy fix: Just seal the outdoor cold weather security camera inside a plastic bag, and not remove it inside until it gets to room temperature.

#5. No Fake Security Cameras

Why will you consider a dummy security camera?

Worry about the weather issue of real security cameras which is proved to be unnecessary?

Or the high cost for quality home security camera in Canada?

Or the trouble to find a reliable one in Costco, Walmart, BestBuy and Amazon?

Actually, none of them should be the reason for you to get a decoy security camera.

And none of them will be a problem if you choose Reolink cameras, the real security cameras with high quality and affordable price, guarding your home 24/7.

Best Security Camera for Extreme Cold in Canada

What's the best outdoor security cameras for the cold?

Here are some top recommendations if you want to find the best outdoor security camera in Canada, or just a reliable cold weather security camera.

#1. Best Outdoor Security Camera in Canada – RLC-511

With IP66 rated weatherproof cover, RLC-511 is able to stand any heavy rain and snow you could expect in Canada.

PoE technology makes it a plug and play solution, allowing you to set up the cold weather security camera with a single cable.

Not to mention the 5MP super clear resolution, excellent night vision, and the intuitive app to give you live view anytime at any place.

Did I say it only costs you $89.99 to get all the up-to-date features?

Reolink RLC-511

5MP PoE 4X Optical Zoom Security Camera

5-Megapixel Super HD; 4X Optical Zoom; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 100ft Infrared Night Vision; Built-in Micro SD Card Slot.

#2. Best Security Camera System for Cold Weather in Canada – RLK8-410B4

Want a security camera system to get more comprehensive protection?

RLK8-410B4 is the best that works in Canada.

Equipped with 4 RLC-410 security cameras and an NVR with up to 4TB high storage, RLK8-410B4 should be your first choice if you want a large coverage & storage in the extreme weather.

Reolink RLK8-410B4

8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 5MP/4MP Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Reliable Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

#3. How About Indoor Security Cameras in Canada?

While the battery-powered security camera is a disadvantage in outdoors, it is absolutely not the case for indoor use.

When it comes to security camera for home in Canada, the wire-free Reolink Argus 2 will be your best pick, with flexible placement, no wires, and no holes.

Where to Buy Extreme Cold Weather Security Cameras in Canada

Have spent long hours searching online and not sure which one that actually works in Canadian winter?

Why not get a quality cold weather security camera with full warranty and solid support from Reolink official website (reviews inside also)!

Best wireless security camera, best PoE security camera, best security camera system in Canada, and more types to suit your needs.

All enjoy FREE shipment to Canada!

  • Paul Paradis

    Would appreciate a Canadian store location in Toronto, interested in purchasing 3 ARGUS with 3 stands fully wire free battery operated for in house. In your spec. there is mention of an RJ45 CABLE (one 10M/100mbps,) that is Ethernet ? for internet modem connection from router?? Is the Argus WIFI INTERFACE TO ANDROID CELL PHONE OR TABLET & OR AN MSI WITH WINDOWS 10 OS? PLEASE Respond before I place an order.

  • Reolink

    Hi Paul, thank you for your interest in the Reolink Argus! It's a great choice for home monitoring indoors and outdoors. And we are all looking forward to open a Canadian store in the future! :)

    In regard to your questions, here is my answer:

    #1. There is no RJ45 port in the battery powered camera Reolink Argus, since there is no need of any cable (power or Ethernet cable) for the camera to work. You only need to plug the batteries in - no wiring work at all.

    #2. You could remotely access the camera wheverever you want via Android & iOS smartphone app, and the tablet & PC client are currently not availiable for Reolink Argus in order to save its battery life.
    I hope the information helps, and I've removed your email address from the comment to avoid the possible bothering caused by it.

    If you have further questions, please reply directly and I'll get back to you soon.

  • Greg

    Does Reolink Go work with Canadian cell phone providers? Need camera for rural property with solar power

  • Flora

    Hi Greg, thanks for reaching out. The Reolink Go doesn't support Canadian providers currently, but we plan to support more European countries in the future. You may subscribe to us on to be the first one to know when the Reolink Go is avaliable in Canada. :)

  • Disco Dan

    This entire article is useless. I'm not even as far north as Canada, and the temperature can drop to -24(F) which is WAY below ANY of the Reolink cameras which all seem to be limited to 14 degrees F. So why make a deceptive page like this, coded to show up in search engines, when you don't make a temperature proof product? Really dishonest. At least I know now not to buy any Reolink products.



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