"As a single woman living alone for the first time, what can I do to feel safer in my own apartment?"

If you are one of those women who live by themselves, you start to think about how to live safer. Here you can get some practical safety tips for single women living alone.

Living alone is good in some ways. The biggest advantage is that you have more freedom and you enjoy your personal space. Meanwhile its disadvantage is also apparent: safety and security.

And the number one concern is SAFETY.

More and more women live alone for various reasons:

Women homesteading ALONE
Single moms living alone
Single women who live alone in rural areas
Living alone while going to college or after graduating from college
I'm looking to move out and buy my own (first) place. And I will definitely be living alone.

Taking simple precautions and investing in the latest security devices could prevent a lot of problems later. Below are top 8 effective ways to stay safe when living alone as a single female for the first time.

Top 8 Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone in an Apartment

The following 8 tips will effectively increase female living alone safety. But they are not just for women. Some of them can also be used as home safety tips for men living alone, and for the elderly living alone.

#1. Choose a Safe Apartment

Is Paris safe for a single young woman?
Young single woman living alone in Italy?
Is it safe to live alone in Indy as a 25 year old woman?

Oftentimes, I'll come across such questions in the forum seeking tips for women living alone for the first time in PNG, Ecuador, Midtown, Kuwait, and other areas. And one of the best safety tips for women living alone is to choose a safe place to live in.

The old saying "prevention is better than cure" is appropriate when it comes to females living alone safety. Before you move into a new property, research the area and the property that will become your new home.

You can Google your neighborhood's crime rate. Pay special attention to the 10 most dangerous US cities. And you can refer to reviews on the area. This simple step will greatly reduce the likelihood of any serious security issues in the future.

Here is a crime heat map of America by VueVille, which may serve as a guideline for you to choose a safe place to live in.

American Crime Map

The report also collects information about crimes against women and lists the top 5 best and worst states for single female living alone, as the infographic below shows. (Check the full report here.)

Best and Worst States for Women Living Alone

#2. Install a Home Security System

Will I be safe living at the Meda and Young (second house from Young) intersection alone as a young single female? Should I spend money on a tight budget for a security system?

These days, IP cameras are highly affordable to provide real peace of mind.

As a single lady living alone for the first time, it is best to buy security cameras to help you feel safer. Up to 88% of burglars would not attack the home if it has a surveillance camera system. These cameras can be available for the inside and outside of a house. The live footage on these cameras can be viewed on phones and mobile devices, from any location. This makes it possible to view any suspicious activity taking place, while you are not there.

You can choose to install the home surveillance system by yourself with some affordable and easy to install wire-free camera. 4 steps will make it happen. And this will save you a large amount of money.

 Front Door Security Camera Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

#3. Check Emergency Apparatus

Besides burglars, a natural disaster is also a hidden danger for female living alone in a new city or apartment.

So before moving in, you can check the fire escapes and exit doors in the building. Make sure all exit doors and locks are not blocked. Know how to escape if a fire or natural disaster happens.

Female Living Alone Safety

#4. Get to Know Your Neighbor

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

This is another living alone tip and trick for single women. Living alone is quite different from living with parents, or roommates. You have to face everything by yourself. So if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you can help each other.

If you are a single mother, or just living on your own after a breakup, this is also a good idea to go through the past and start your new life. Never be afraid of them. Try to be friends with them if possible. They could offer help when you live alone.

Living by yourself means no one cares for your home when you're away. But if you make good friends with your neighbors, they can help keep an eye on it, which protects your home while on vocation. And they will try to alert you to a serious emergency. Of course, be careful about giving out personal information until you know them well.

Tips for Living Alone for the First Time

#5. Lock Doors When You're Home Alone & Create Security Checklist

Some of the most important steps to stay safe while you live alone as a single female are not always obvious, so it's a good idea to draw up a checklist.

You may list all the most important precautions you should take inside and outside your home. This can include how to secure the front door, back door, windows and more. You may need help with this, so it's always a good idea to ask for guidance from someone who already lives on their own, family members or other friends.

Single Female Living Alone Safety

#6. Don't Make It Obvious That You are Living Alone

Another tip for a female living alone for the first time is not advertising you are alone.

Most criminals and burglars look for easy targets, such as female graduates, single models. If they know that you are live alone, you may be at greater risk of being burgled. However, there are simple ways to make it difficult for others to find out if you live alone or not.

First of all, when it's dark, make sure you have plenty of lights turned on inside and outside your home. Burglars often avoid a well-lit home. This will help protect your home from break-ins, and make you feel safer home alone at night.

Closing the curtains in your home will also prevent others from seeing how many people live in a property. Finally, once you have made friends with people you trust, ask them over to your place every now and again, so that your home looks like a busy place with plenty of people around.

How to Feel Safe at Home When You are a Single Woman

 #7. Take Precautions and Use Your Common Sense

Another way to protect yourself when living alone is to take precautions and use your common sense. This will help avoid a wide of potentially dangerous situations.

Never let strangers into your home, especially if nobody else is around. If a stranger comes to your door, ask them for ID and deal with them at your doorway, where you can be seen by other people.

Whenever you are not at home, always lock your doors and windows. If you are living alone on the ground floor, it may be a good idea to keep windows and doors locked that can be easily accessed from outside.

Secrets to Staying Safe When Living Alone

#8. Make the Most of Your Phone

Your phones can be important to keep you safe while living alone without men. You can install mobile apps that are designed to improve security. A range of alarm apps and GPS tracking facilities ensure that you can react to any issues you may have. Always make sure your phone is fully charged, especially at times when you are leaving your home at night.

Tips for Living Alone at 18

Other Secrets to Living Alone as a Single Female Safely

Besides the 8 tips above, you can also try several other things to live alone safely.

  • Don't hesitate to report to police when you find something suspicious around.
  • Take a self-defense class, especially when you are a girl living alone at your 20s after university.
  • Communicate with the landlord if some appliances, such as doors, windows, locks, are broken.
  • Be cautious about posting information about your daily schedule on your social media, like Facebook, and Twitter. Your safety and privacy is the most important when you are living by yourself.

Living alone can be exciting, but you should never look down upon security issues.

Do whatever you can think of to stay safe when you live alone as a single female. I hope these safety tips can give you a peace of mind and get on well with your life. But these are far from enough. If possible, live with a roommate, who has similar lifestyle habits. It is far more secure than living alone.

  • elizabeth01

    You should actually introduce yourself to your neighbors before you even buy or rent a place. You could meet some neighbor that you would not feel safe living close to. Better to find out before moving in!

    • Nina C

      I agree with this one. Always take the time to look around the neighborhood before moving in, but remember people can move in after you do. Always check to see if there are any registered sexual predators in the midst. Most towns and cities have registered sex offenders. You certainly do not want to live near or in the same building as one. Check your local sex registry often because they tend to move. Also, just because you do not find anyone on a registry list doesn't mean that they aren't there. Some people who have been convicted are not required to register. I would just say exercise caution when getting to know your neighbors. Be nice and friendly, but always remember that good fences make good neighbors. You really never know who anyone is, so just keep an eye out and be careful.

      • susannunes

        Nobody can afford to own a home, definitely not single women who are not trust fund babies. Get real. Your ”advice” is insulting as hell.

        • Matryoshkadollie

          Susuanunes, it's not a matter of always looking for boogeyman. It's reality. Truth is women are more likely to be assaulted than a man. Better to be safe than sorry. Maybe in your fantasy world things don't happen but in the REAL WORLD they do. Try volunteering at a rape crisis center or a domestic violence shelter and you'll see that!

        • div

          @susannunes:disqus – So, in essence, you're a demented 'tard just WAITING for something to happen to you. How sad.
          Hey folks, ever heard of someone saying they 'hate safety’? LOL!

    • Matryoshkadollie

      Not always realistic, especially in areas where there's a lot of turnover like apartment complexes. This is especially true in college towns. Besides, there may be people who seem perfectly normal but turn out to be anything but. No guarantees in life.

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  • susannunes

    More stupid, patronizing advice that says women have to live their lives in fear and paranoia, and in fact shouldn't even be living alone at all. A man, after all, will protect them, and never mind the husband or the boyfriend is the most dangerous threat to a woman's safety. Sick of these trash articles that are NEVER aimed at men.

    • loxtin

      LOL triggered femnut. ??

    • Matryoshkadollie

      The cold hard reality is that it is safer to live with others than alone. That's true regardless of one's gender. Try living in the real world.

    • Madeline

      Susannunes reading a few of your over the top comments and your own characterization of emotions as enraged over an extremely pedestrian article you are either trolling or have some personal things you should get help in sorting out. I get the sense you were harmed by significant other or husband. That is unfortunate but nothing to do with this article. Perhaps after some therapy you can help others with your experience but won't get better doing what you're currently doing. Anyway stay safe all.

  • John Doe

    But Feminism proclaims you EQUAL in fighting capacity to men,
    so why not just kick the %^$& out of anyone who messes with you?
    So this is what the Women's Movement has come to? Woman as eternal child, afraid of the dark, afraid of bump in the night, afraid of life without a man ! Beam me up Scotty, here in the land of equality, the women themselves don't believe they are equal – it's all been a lie. They now have what they wanted and they are terrified.

    • SamSocialMerk

      Oh please I've been a woman living on my own for years and I'm not afraid. Just because a woman points out the truth of men targeting women that enjoy living alone doesn't mean feminism is wrong and women should go back to depending on men. Seems like your more afraid of women having choices and calling you asshole men out on your bullshit than women are afraid of living alone

    • Matryoshkadollie

      Has nothing to do with feminism. Not all women will have the luxury of being part of large warm loving and protective family. So yes, they do have to fend for themselves, and it's always been that way. Nothing new here. Sounds like you feel threatened by women having any sort of rights because then you can't control or terrorize them.

  • Myles Day

    Hi. Sad enough it's not about women's rights or being equal. It's about not being the target not being the hunted. I have never heard about any single men living alone being raped or being sexually attacked. It's about being safe. My 21 year old daughter just moved into her own apartment. So I worry for her. I tell her to make comments like bye honey as she leaves the apartment and other tips to help keep her from being a potential target.

    • Amanda

      Hi Myles, thank you for sharing another great tip with us! This is indeed a great way to let others know you are protected. 🙂

  • brown

    Know the gun laws for your state... take the conceal and carry course, get you license and be armed at all times

    • Amanda

      Great tips! 🙂

  • Rhonda Gail Easter

    Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it because it's relevant for me. I found your article because I looked up safety tips.
    I want to use wisdom and preparedness to avoid being an easy target.
    My family wants me to take a self defense class as an extra measure of protection. I've been putting if off for awhile, I think I will do it soon.
    Most of the time I feel completely fine because I live in a nice area but occasionally I feel like I need to do more to protect myself or at least be more aware.

  • Kaos

    I don't live alone, I have 2 Rottweilers and 2 guns.

  • myaglubpanny

    My sister was determined to marry a sociopath, a felon. When, at 30, I moved into a house out of town, she knew about it. Her felon husband, a ne'er-do-well, was brought along for the repainting. He told me–a single female–”you should move out of here, so we can move in.” It was a bizarre request, since I had a lease, but he had no clue about leases, only what his felon upbringing had demanded. He broke in repeatedly. I was terrorized.

  • Geraldine Comiskey

    But make sure they're not within reach of an invader.

  • Amanda

    Great tip, Geraldine. Thank you for sharing!



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