Do you want to access IP surveillance cameras on iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac without paying a hefty amount of money or monthly subscription fee?

If yes, YOU have come to the right place. Let’s find out free IP security camera software solution for your home security cameras or systems.

How Can You Access IP Security Cameras on Different Devices

Generally speaking, there are three main approaches (types of software) to get access to your network surveillance system on multiple devices.

The first approach, which is shockingly used by an overwhelmingly large number of users, is by paying a whooping amount of extra money on third party pay-to-use CCTV cameras monitoring software either on monthly basis or a one-off charge.

The second approach, which could sound unorthodox but is gaining momentum, is to create your own video management software and apps with customized features and functions.

The third one, also the most reliable and cost-effective one, which is surprisingly largely unknown and unexploited by a large of users especially first-time buyers, is by using exclusive application exclusively designed for its cameras and systems, for example, Reolink.

Free Security Camera Software

Which Solution Should You Choose

Er…. Creating your own app for monitoring and controlling your IP surveillance cameras from scratch seems like a long shot unless you are an enthusiastic geek who loves throwing herself or himself into such exciting adventure.

So there are only two options left at your disposal. So should you embark on such road by shelling out few hundred bucks on cameras and another hundred bucks on software? You might get a second thought. And honestly, you should be, given the fact that these charged services could cost you a lot in the long run.

Some services might start with a free version like a carrot dangling in front of you, but you get no idea what will come later, for example, software update once with around $50, or multiple camera access with another $50.

Pay-to-use security camera software might seem like a rabbit hole; monthly subscription fee could snowball into a staggering figure in the long run.
Shocking Face
I bet, now, the obvious is the third option, paying for reliable security camera products and get some add-ons and free IP camera software solutions at the same time. It could not be better than using such products that they save not only your time but also your money.

So What Kind of Surveillance Cameras or Systems Offer Such Service

There is a wide array of IP security cameras and systems available and they come in various shapes and functions, some of which offer open-source and free of charge IP camera software, while others are accessed on proprietary and pay-to-use third party software such as Blue Iris, iSpy, Milestone.

One of Free and Best IP Cameras and Software Solutions – Reolink

Reolink has been dedicating to provide a wide range of surveillance cameras for millions of family, which ranges from outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras (PoE cameras and WiFi cameras) to baby monitors.

Reolink software has continually evolved and improved to become a robust, feature rich solution, which has become a highly scalable application and compatible with all Reolink IP cameras, available on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS and web browsers like Safari and etc.

Free WiFi Camera Software

There are a wide variety of functions and features available on Reolink software, which includes live view, remote access, remote viewing, motion alert, PTZ control, a wide variety of recording options and so on.

Live View on Security Camera Software

With such wide range of features, Reolink Client and mobile apps are also creating high-quality videos and images without compromising your computer processor performance.

Intuitive and user-friendly Reolink Apps has been continuously updated to accommodate changing users’ needs and demand. And in order to make customers more satisfactory about their surveillance experience, responsive Tech support team and Reolink teams have tried their best to smooth away any inconvenience for users.

More importantly, in sharp contrast to other video surveillance software such as Blue Iris or iSpy, Reolink apps are free of charge without monthly subscription fees or any other charges to get access to certain functions.

Free IP Security Camera App on Windows

Is Pay-To-Use CCTV Software Worthwhile

It’s important to keep in mind that not all free or open source IP camera software pale functionally in comparison to paid counterparts. On the contrary, they could be equally and exceptionally good in performance, for example, Reolink free security camera software and paid Blue Iris.

There are, of course, some perks attached when you are paying for video management apps, for example, they are compatible with different brand surveillance cameras.

However, problems will always exist for pay-to-use software especially for IP cameras management software, for example, problems with picture quality, motion detection etc. In many scenarios, glitch inside the apps will demand another paid update and upgrade.

Sometimes, there are no apps available for different devices, such as for Mac and Android, which could be a sting in the tail.

Words of Advice

Whether you are using software or mobile apps that come with the system or third party apps for managing network video surveillance system, it’s essential to pay extra attention to the minimum requirement on your computer system or mobile devices such as iPhone 4/5/6/7 information in advance.
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Very often than not, home network and computer CPU could have an impact on the general functionality and stability of video management software, which in return could compromise their performance to some extent.

Updating your security camera software on a regular basis if there is some latest version to maximize performance and get rid of certain bugs to fix loopholes that keep nagging you.


There is no IP security camera software without experiencing certain glitch here or there on the market, and it’s important to evaluate these surveillance camera apps as a whole rather than tar them with the same brush.