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Setting Up a CCTV Control Room: What You Need To Know

It is common to find a CCTV room in or around office and apartment buildings. These special rooms play essential roles as the security and surveillance hub for any installation. Whether you are a security expert or a home or business owner looking to improve security, having a CCTV room can be an effective solution. In this article, we will discuss things to keep in mind when setting up

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How to Activate, Monitor & Upgrade Existing Home Alarm Systems & Security Systems

In our previous post, we discuss what to do with existing home security alarm systems when moving into a house with hard-wired or wireless home alarm systems or security systems. Today we further our research and share some insights on how to activate, use, or upgrade existing home alarm systems and s

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4 Channel Security Camera System Buying Guide

WILMINGTON, Del., April 13, 2021 - After releasing smart IP cameras in recent months, Reolink, a global innovator in smart home security solutions, doesn’t slow down the pace of launching more AI-enabled cameras. This time, it is Argus 3 Pro, a wire-fre

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Home Security Drones: How They Work, Drone Security Systems vs Surveillance Camera Kits

Home security drone system has been creating enormous buzz on social media in recent years, bringing new leaps toward home security and home surveillance. Today we delve into all the hype and help you better understand the differences between home surveillance drones and smart home systems. How Do Ho