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Discover the Truth: Should You Use a Nanny Cam for Your Child's Safety

It's understandable that nobody wants to pay for a stranger who might pose a threat to their cherished child. From my own experience, I have been utilizing a nanny cam for years with no legal concerns or conflicts thus far, as long as it's used appropriately. In this article, we'll delve into the legality of having a nanny cam, examine all the advantages and disadvantages based on

Home Security FAQs


Can Parents Put Security Cameras in Children’s Room — It Highly Depends on Specific Cases

Recently we got bumped by a lot of OPs on forums, who were asking the questions like "Can my parents put a camera in my bedroom? Is it illegal to put a camera in my son or daughter's room?" So we decide to write a specific post to provide the detailed answers to whether it's legal for parents to install CCTV security cameras in children's room. When talking abo

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Consider Buying a Nanny Cam? 5 Things You Should Know

As a busy working mom (dad), you may turn to professional nannies to take care of your baby. However, it is also a bit hard to totally trust a stranger to look after your children while you are away. Recently there are news telling nanny cams catching abuse and stories about hidden nanny cams caught babysitters in the act, causing more and more parents to buy nanny cameras. If you are al