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Security Camera Repair: Mastering DIY

In the present age, where security concerns are at their peak, having a fully functional security camera system has become more of a necessity than a luxury. However, security cameras are not immune to malfunctions like any other electronic device. This is where the significance of timely and adept security camera repair comes into play. Prompt and proficient security camera repair is as

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Tips & Fixes


8 Best Tips to Protect Outdoor Security Cameras like a Pro

When it comes to outdoor security cameras and systems protection, people often ask these common questions: how do people keep bugs or spider away from security cameras? How do people protect CCTV camera from rain? Or, how do users protect outdoor security cameras from theft or damage? Today we share some easy fixes to these common issues and some great tips to protect your <a href="https://stor

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Tips & Fixes


3 Best Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Security Camera from Lightning

Had a strong thunderstorm and several security cameras in the backyard were completely dead or acting odd? Can’t afford to keep replacing PoE switches & IP cams due to lightning, and you need some helps from professionals? A lightening could kill your expensive outdoor CCTV cameras and even DVRs, which leaves your home vulnerable to trespassers. To protect your outdoor cameras from l