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CCTV/IP Security Camera White Screen: Reasons & Fixes

Did your CCTV security camera work fine but show white screens after months of usage? Or do your IR cameras display white screens or go white suddenly when IR kicks in at night? Today we explore possible reasons behind a white screen of your security cameras and provide helpful tips to fix the white screen problem. <h2 id="Why-My-CCTV-Camera-Shows-a-White-Screen" title="Why My CCTV C

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CCTV Security Camera Ghost: Real or Fake? Scientific Explanation Here

Have you ever read the CCTV camera ghost stories online or watched the videos of ghosts captured on CCTV cameras? How do you feel then? Funny? Creepy? Or scared but love watching ghost related movies? It is natural that the CCTV camera ghost videos might spark your curiosity about whether the security camera ghosts are fake or authentic. So with this post today, we’l