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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Battery Powered Security Camera

A battery powered security camera is a totally 100% wire free camera (from top to bottom). No cords and no wiring -- all that frees you from hassles. Below are the reasons why you should choose a battery-powered WiFi security camera. Note: Nowadays, not all wireless security cameras are truly wire-free. Be smart when buying your own battery powered wire-free security cam

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Battery Powered Remote Security Cameras with & Without Internet? Learn How

The battery powered remote security cameras, without the need to run wires, can serve you best for your storage units, farms, ranches, rural empty properties, your grandparents’ house, boats at the pontoon, construction sites, etc. Whether you have Internet access or not in your place, there are always options for you to stream remotely via the wireless battery powered r

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Home Security FAQs


How to Extend Camera Battery Life When Using Battery-Powered Security Cameras

For those who have been using battery security cameras, it’s fretting how battery-operated security cameras constantly experience quick power drain or  low battery in a very short period of time. Or sometimes, a 5-minute window of live view or recording consumes a significant amount of battery life. So how to prolong, extend the battery li