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Are Hidden Cameras Illegal? Protecting Your Rights

Are Hidden Cameras Illegal

Security cameras are the need of the hour, but can they be hidden? People may try to hide cameras for different purposes, but the question is whether it is allowed or not.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the placement and use of hidden cameras. We will explain when it is allowed and when it is illegal. We will also discuss the places where hidden cameras are legal and illegal.

Are Hidden Cameras Illegal?

In most cases, hidden cameras invade people's privacy and record them without consent. Therefore, they are illegal in such scenarios. They can't be placed in certain locations where privacy matters a lot, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Secondly, it depends on the laws of the place you live. Check the federal and state laws for the legality of hidden cameras before placing them.

There are some exceptions where hidden cameras can be legal, such as catching a thief. However, it also depends on the local laws.

Hidden Camera Laws in Federal and States

There are no specific federal or state laws related to hidden cameras. However, there are laws for cameras or security cameras that also govern the use and legality of hidden cameras.

Firstly, a camera can't be placed in a location where privacy is the right of people. For instance, a bedroom is a place where privacy is necessary, and everyone expects privacy there. In such a location, it is illegal to place hidden cameras.

Secondly, consent is important. In some states, there is a one-party consent policy. It means that if you are in a place where privacy isn't expected, you only need your consent. The consent of the other person isn't required.

In contrast, there is a two-party policy in which everyone in the frame of the camera should agree to the recording. You need everyone's consent.

These are the general laws that govern the use of hidden cameras. Check your local laws or consult a lawyer for more details.

Here are some states where hidden cameras are allowed:

State Hidden Cameras Allowed?
Florida Yes
California No
Minnesota Yes
Delaware Consent required
Georgia No
Hawaii No
Michigan Consent required
New Hampshire Consent required
Tennessee Consent required
Utah Consent required

Restricted Locations for Hidden Cameras by Law

Here are some locations where it is illegal to use hidden cameras. In these places, privacy is expected and the right of the person.


The bathroom is an extremely private place where there are no chances of using a hidden camera. It is illegal, and if someone gets caught with a hidden camera in a bathroom, there can be strict legal action.


You have to respect the privacy of your partner and roommates. You can't install a hidden anywhere and for any purpose.


The restroom is another private space for people. Even though it is public, it is illegal to place hidden cameras.

Neighbor's Property

You can't cover a neighbor's property with your security camera or hidden camera. You must respect the privacy of the neighbors. The camera should not cover any part of the neighbor's property.

How to Detect Hidden Camera?

Here are a few effective ways to detect hidden cameras. These might help you find them easily and protect your private space.

General Inspection

When you enter a new room or hotel, check for the hidden areas and anticipated locations of hidden cameras. Look at the mirrors, lights, showers, smoke detectors, etc. Check every area where there is a possibility of hiding cameras.

Mobile Flashlight

Turn off the lights in the room and take out your smartphone. Turn on the flashlight and move it around every corner, wall, or place. If there is any hidden camera, you will see a reflection of the light. You can easily find hidden cameras through this method.

Smartphone Camera

A smartphone camera can also be helpful. It can detect hidden cameras better than other methods. However, it works on cameras that use infrared lights for night vision.

Turn off the lights in the room and open the camera app on your device. Look for every place through the camera. If there is a hidden camera with infrared lights, you will see a light source in the camera that won't be visible through the naked eye.

Wi-Fi or Camera Detectors

Usually, people use Wi-Fi cameras and hide them in different places. You can see these Wi-Fi cameras on the list of Wi-Fi devices. Secondly, you can use some camera detector applications on your smartphone. These also detect nearby cameras.

It is legal to place security cameras anywhere outdoors within your property. People place security cameras to prevent theft and keep an eye on who's coming to their house and other activities. You can install them in the backyard, front door, driveway, patio, etc.

Keep in mind that your camera should not cover any part of the neighbor's property. Secondly, you should place proper signage on the property to tell people that they are being recorded.

Inside the property, you can place cameras at locations where privacy isn't expected. You can place it in the kitchen, living room, garage, storage, etc.


1. Do you have to tell someone if you have a camera in your house?

If the camera is placed at a location where there is no expectation of privacy, then you don't have to tell anyone. However, getting consent is better. And in the states where two-party consent is followed, it is necessary to take everyone's consent.

2. Can you sue someone for hidden cameras?

If the person is invading your privacy and has installed cameras where privacy is expected, you can sue him. It is against your privacy rights, and you will be compensated for the loss, damages, etc. However, checking local laws is necessary.


Hidden cameras are illegal in places where privacy is expected. You can't install them in bedrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, and similar areas indoors. You have to respect the privacy of others. However, there are some exceptions, such as catching a thief. You must check the local laws about the hidden cameras before installing them. Moreover, even if you are installing security cameras outdoors, do not cover the neighbor's property and display proper signage.


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