You will spend at least 80,000 hours of your lifetime at the workplace. Your safety in the workplace should top your security list.

Now learn the below effective and comprehensive workplace safety tips (cute videos included) to avoid any possible injuries or accidents. (You can add some funny safety tips in the workplace in the comment!)

You are gonna learn:
#1. Effective Safety Tips in Office Workplace
#2. Workplace Safety Tips at Construction Sites
#3. Workplace Safety Tips for Sexual Harassment

Workplace Safety Tips

#1. Daily Workplace Safety Tips in the Office

You will learn workplace health and safety tips in the office of the day below.

1. Install Office Workplace Security Cameras
2. Watch out for Fire and Electrical Dangers
3. Know the Escape Route Around Your Office
4. Pay Attention to Office Falls, Trips & Slips
5. Office Workplace Safety Awareness Tips

1. One of the Most Effective Workplace Safety Tips — Office Security Cameras & Systems

Installing office security cameras can offer you multiple advantages:

Get a bird's eye view of things in your office. With security camera systems, as a boss, you can see everything via almost all of your devices. If there are any emergencies, you can see what's going on immediately.

If there is office bullying, you can check the recording videos to see who should undertake the responsibility, which can improve the internal unity in a company.

Security Camera Systems

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Deter burglars and thieves. Those commercial spies would sneak into your office to steal your confidential document. Under the protection of video surveillance, those criminals would tend to give up. Sometimes, thieves would even hurt employees. The presence of security cameras would make them think twice before doing so, which is beneficial to all office workers' safety.

You can also add one security camera for your home to stop those would-be home burglars and thieves.

Security Camera System to Ensure Workplace Safety

If you doubt whether someone has stolen your personal stuff on your office desk, you can put a mini hidden security camera like Reolink Argus 2 in your office to check who and what "visited" your desk while you are away.

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2. Fire and Electrical Safety Tips at Workplace for Winter & Summer

About 17,500 office fires are reported in 2012, which resulted in $643 million in property damage. Fire dangers in office workplace can be reduced by taking the below effective workplace electrical safety tips.

• Check your power wires. If they are damaged, replace them immediately.
• Don't overload your circuits.
• Remember to turn off all electrical equipment at the end of the day.

Plus one workplace heat safety tip in winter (in December, January & February): if you use space heaters in winter, don't put them too close to anything that might burn.

3. Know the Escape Route in Your Office Building Clearly

In case of any unexpected dangers that might happen in your office building, such as fire, earthquake, etc., you should have full knowledge of the escape route in your workplace. You can advocate a workplace safety training to let all of your colleagues to know the escape route well.

Don't overlook this workplace safety training program. This workplace safety tip would save a great number of lives if dangers happen.

4. General Safety Tips in the Office Workplace for Falls, Trips & Slips

Slips and trips are the most common office accidents, accounting for the greatest number of injuries of workers in the office.

To eliminate those safety dangers, you should get cleaning employees to clean wet floors promptly. Office walkways should be kept clear, as clutters would create a trip hazard. Electrical and telephone wires should be properly secured and not stretched across aisles.

Place obvious workplace safety signs or posters to alert people to be careful about the wet floor or any other conditions that might be harmful to people.

Check the cute video below for a list of workplace quick safety tips/rules in 2017/2018.

5. Personal Workplace Office Eye and Ergonomics Safety Tips

If you need to sit in the front of your computer for a long time while working, do give your eyes a break from the screen. You can go outside of your office to take a break.

Poor wrist ergonomics are responsible for most office injuries. At your office desk, remember to use good posture. When you are using keyboard, keep your wrists straight to avoid possible wrist injuries.

If your job is sedentary, make sure to take frequent breaks to walk around and stretch your body. It's an important workplace office safety tips for both elder and young employees.

#2. Workplace Safety Tips During Construction Sites

Construction is the most dangerous industry. Construction has three of the ten occupations with the highest fatal injury rates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 150,000 construction site accident injuries each year.

In order to avoid construction site injuries, you, as an employer or a worker, should take some injury preventions tips in the manufacturing or job sites now.

1. Good Workplace Safety Tips for Construction Site Workers

If you are a worker who is working in job sites, it's definitely a big big must to keep the below workplace safety and security tips in mind.

Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including hardhats, goggles, steep tipped shoes, tight fitting safety gloves.

Familiarize yourself with all potential fall hazards on a job site. Since working aloft is really dangerous, you need to be fully aware of this kind of job before you do this job. When doing lifting job, avoid overexertion.

Refrain from drinking or using drugs. Alcohol or drugs would increase the possibility of construction site injuries since you are much more careless.

2. Employer or Boss's Responsibility to Keep Workers Safe

As an employer, you need to provide comprehensive protection for your employees. Please check the below workplace safety rules and regulations to keep your workers safe during construction sites.

Test all of the devices. You need to make sure that all of your devices are in good conditions. If they are wearing, replace them at once. For those devices for aloft work, ensure they can resist the workers' weight.

Provide professional training for your workers. Safety training topics should include the nature of fall hazard, proper erection, inspection and maintenance of fall protection systems, etc.

Provide safety gear, including head protection equipment, eye and face protection gear, etc.

Install construction site security camera systems. Construction site thefts are increasing in recent years. To protect your workers and your construction site equipment, security camera systems are one of the best workplace safety tips.

Security Camera Systems

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You can secure your construction sites with top 9 effective ways in this post.

Mind your employees' physical security in summer. In hot summer, you should provide cooling systems for your workers to avoid heatstroke.

Construction Site Workplace Safety Tips

#3. Workplace Safety Tips for Sexual Harassment

No matter what gender you are, male or female, you are at a risk of being harassed by your boss or your colleagues. You can consider the below workplace violence safety tips to prevent workplace sexual harassment.

Tip 1. If you are harassed by your boss or supervisor, report to the police immediately. Evidence, such as workplace video recording, is nice to prove the inappropriate behavior of your boss.

Tip 2. When you encounter sexual harassment by your colleagues, request your boss to do an immediate investigation.

Tip 3. Security camera monitoring systems are needed to monitor every employee's behavior. Under the supervision of security cameras, no one would dare to harass you under the risk of being caught in the act. So a request of installing security camera systems should be submitted now.

Workplace Safety Awareness

Dangers happen during your carelessness. So keep the above (OSHA) workplace safety tips or golden rules for fall or autumn (September and October), or any seasons or any months (April or August), to keep yourself secure.

Take the above workplace safety tips in US, UK, Ontario Canada, NZ, Hindi, Australia, etc. to keep yourself away from any possible workplace injuries.

Welcome to add your own "funny" and effective workplace safety tips in the comment below! Share this post with your family and friends so that your beloved ones can get these effective workplace safety tips.



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