HONG KONG, January 17, 2019 — Reolink partners with Wojciech Bandurowski from Internet Serwis to live stream the roundabout in Prudnik Poland with Reolink RLC-423 PTZ camera, which enables viewers worldwide to see the overall traffic situation & local people's sparkled life, and discover unexpected fun.

Please check the Reolink Live here: http://streaming.prudnik.eu/player/?stream=plzrealink&fbclid=IwAR2WPFH1YN4gRHMRYEbNdxBglPHv3ENXcpxo3l_m2VaZ5Uyblnx70tzExdc

Wojciech said, "I'm very glad that I have found Reolink products which suite our HLS streaming Server. We're on a very promising way to build more street view streaming contents, and we will put them on our local television channel of our IPTV platform!"

That's the reason why Internet Serwis partners with Reolink to provide a seamless broadcast in Prudnik's busy roundabout.

Wojciech set up the Reolink PTZ camera in an automatic patrol and Super HD so that viewers can view almost every angle of the busy roundabout extremely clearly, offering a "right now" look of a classic historic town for tourists and locals.

Tune in and watch live to check what's going on in this town and discover unexpected stories in this busy region.

According to Wojciech Bandurowski, one of the most important purposes to do security camera live streaming is for security. There was no further crimes noted in this area after installing the camera.

And a local prior also invited Internet Serwis to his saint Jan of God church to stream devotions and other events.

Internet Serwis team also put up security cameras on high mountains so that people can visit the live streaming to check weather conditions.

At the moment of writing, Wojciech's team is installing one of Reolink bullet cameras on one of the highest towers in Prudnik, and they will try to make an impressive 360-degree live stream!

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  • Hi I have tried to live stream my Reolink RLC-423 PTZ to my website though never been able to figure out how.
    A while back I asked reoLink Support, who told me it could not be done.
    So I am hoping to find out how the above was achieved. /rlc-423-ptz-security-camera-goes-live-in-prudnik-rando/
    Kind Regards,

    • Elvia

      Hello there, it's easy with Reolink camera and HLS- STREAMING server. once you've installed the HLS server on machine, just put vlc rtsp path with write essentials:)



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