HONG KONG, January 29, 2019 — It was supposed to be a quiet night but unable to be quiet for Brandon Cook's family.

Brandon told the news reporter in the interview, "The man walked onto my grandparents' property and siphoned gas from not just one, but three different engines." (Source: weareiowa.com)

Brandon said, "Around 1:30 am there was a young man, looked like he was under 30, quite tall, almost six foot, came to siphoned the gas out of my grandpa's mower."

And Brandon looked at the footage recorded by the Reolink security camera, and saw the guy peeking into his grandpa's bedroom. "That just kind of set me off and I was like I'm going to do whatever I can do to catch this guy," said Brandon Cook.

In the interview, Cook said that besides the mower, the man also siphoned Cook grandpa's truck and 4-wheeler. And the thief even tried to run off with the 4-wheeler but gave up on that and disappeared.

After Brandon checked the videos captured by his Reolink RLC-410W security camera, he reached Reolink and said, "The video was so clear that it should be easy for the PD to identify the thief. For me and my grandpa, I thank you guys very much for your exceptional products!"

Anyone can check the whole videos of the fuel theft on Brandon Cook's Facebook here:


Fuel Theft Caught on Camera

Now Cook family is asking for the community's help to get any clues to catch his bad guy. And the local Newton police is investigating the incident. Anyone with any information can contact the police to help solve the crime as soon as possible.

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