"Can my security camera be hacked?" "How do I know if someone is watching me through my home security IP camera?" Maybe few of you have ever considered this carefully.

Neither did Jennifer, a mother in Houston, until she found the security camera in her daughter's room hacked and live streamed over the internet, according to Mashable.

While it is easy to hook a security camera up so that it provides live stream footage that you can monitor, it is also incredibly easy for your security cameras to get hacked: Hackers may tap into your security camera, pick up, watch and even broadcast the footage that you are recording.


How to Tell If Your Security Camera Has Been Hacked

When your security cameras are hacked, your watchful eye becomes their watchful eye – and could potentially become the watchful eye of hundreds, thousands or even millions, especially these days when security cameras hacked website can be easily found online.

In order to avoid the threat, you should be prudent for the signs of a hacked security camera. Here come several ways for you to tell if your security camera has been hacked, or if your baby monitor, nanny cam has fallen into the hacked security cameras list.

How to Find Out If Your Security Camera Has Been Hacked

Your security cameras can be hacked in several ways. Lack of elementary security features, using default settings and simple passwords, and security camera hack apps all result in cameras and baby monitors, webcams getting hacked.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to know if your home video surveillance camera, webcam have been in the unsecured IP camera list.

Pay attention to the 6 telltale signs, and check if your security camera is hacked.

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1. Check Out Strange Noises from Your IP Camera, Baby Monitor

Signs that your IP camera has been hacked can mostly be difficult to detect. But there is an obvious one. If you hear a strange voice coming from your security camera, no doubt that your security camera has been hijacked, and someone is spying on your through the camera.

Baby monitor hacked news and videos show that hackers interact with your kids through the hacked security camera remotely, listen to your conversations, and more. Terrifying, isn't it?

2. See If Your Security Camera Rotates Abnormally

If you find out that your home security camera is following your movement, your camera has more than likely been hacked. Someone hacks your pan-tilt camera and control over it on his side. Your hacked security camera or baby monitor may rotate by itself, or point to a different position than usual.

3. Check If the Security Settings Have Been Changed

How do you see if your surveillance camera has been hacked?

It is a necessary step to check if the security settings have been changed and password has been set to default. The person hacks into your security camera may leave some information on the settings. There are some pride security camera hackers who even change the camera names to something like "Upgrade Firmware"to show off their hacking talents.

4. Find Out If There's a Blinking LED Light

You can also check if your webcam security camera has been hacked by a randomly blinking LED light.

If you see that the LED light is blinking randomly, your security camera is probably being hacked. In that case, reboot your computer. If the light flashes again after 10 minutes or so, open up your Task Manager, click on the "processes" tab and search for "winlogon.exe." Upon doing that, if you see more than one copy of the program, disconnect your computer from the Internet and use an anti-virus program to run a full system scan to ensure your computer has not been infected with a Trojan.

5. Pay Attention to an Illuminated LED Light

If you notice that the LED light is turned on, but you didn't enable it, that's a telltale sign that your security camera has been hacked and accessed.

When someone hacks your security camera, they have the ability to control it, which includes turning it on and off. If that LED light is on and you know for sure you haven't turned your camera on, follow the steps above to tell whether your security system has been hacked or not.

6. Check the Data Flow of Your Security Camera

How can you detect if your security camera has been hacked? You can also track the data flow on your network, and on your video surveillance camera. Pay special attention to sudden spikes in your network traffic, which reveals something unusual invalid login in your video feed.

How to Prevent Your Security Cameras from Being Hacked

No signs of your security camera getting hacked are found? That's good news. Have confirmed some hacked security cameras in your home? It's good to find out too!

In fact, there are many things you can and should do initiatively to prevent your security cameras from being hacked, or being hacked again in the future.

And the following 5 tips are what suggested most by the security expert, Daniel, who had more than 5 years experience in dealing with security camera hacking issues:

#1. Buy Security Cameras with Advanced Encryption

In order to keep yourself, your loved ones and your valuables from prying eyes, it is essential to pick out a security camera from a trusted source.

If a security camera is produced without necessary security encryption features, it can be easily hacked even if you've secured your passwords, the router, or anything else mentioned to prevent your security cameras from being hacked.

And the best scenario is to get an IP camera from the top CCTV camera brand that enables all the advanced security features, including SSL/TLS encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, which keep most of the CCTV camera hackers away.

#2. Secure Your Security Camera Passwords

Security cameras with default passwords and username have much higher chances of getting hacked. Do you know that most security cameras hacked websites just ping every device on the net and try if one of common default passwords works?

So don't let your security cameras fall into this simple trap.

Make sure you use a powerful password that would be difficult for someone to figure out. For example, use the password that is 6 characters or longer with a combination of lower-case and upper-case letters, as well as numbers and special characters. Also, make sure you change the password frequently.

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#3. Secure the Home Network Router

Sometimes, your security camera just gets hacked by chance. For example, your neighbor may access your router for free Internet, and hack your CCTV camera by accident. So if you use WiFi for your security system, remember to keep it protected with a powerful password as well.

Another pro tip to secure your security camera from hacking is to build a subnet for your home security camera system with an NVR.

Once you connected the cameras to the NVR (network video recorder), the cameras will record and save to the NVR without accessing your home router network. No one can hack into the private camera subnet.

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#4. Limit Devices to Access Your Home Network

Limit the number of devices that can be used to access your security system, making sure your personal laptop, smartphone and desktop are the only devices that can login to the system. You may use a virtual private network (VPN) to regulate which of your devices will be able to access the network to prevent possible hackers.

#5. Upgrade CCTV Camera Firmware

Check fixes and improvements of your security camera firmware upgrade. Download the latest firmware to fix some bugs and keep up-to-date features.

There is usually a page that provides the firmware download links, so you can always find the latest versions available and get your camera protected. Don't buy those cheap cameras without technical support to update the firmware regularly.

#6. Install Firewalls and Antivirus Software

The firewalls help protect your security camera against hacking, and the antivirus software help protects it against viruses and malware, like the online security cameras hacking software.

Here is a checklist you may save to your phone album so that you can easily go through all the essential points to find out whether your security camera has been hacked and get it secured.

How to Tell & Prevent Security Camera Hacking

What to Do If Security Camera Has Been Hacked

So what should you do if your security cameras are hacked, unfortunately?

Check the 5 essentials above to see if there is anything you have missed, which gives the hacker chances to access and hack your security cameras:

  • Is your hacked security camera featured with necessary encryption?
  • Have you changed the security camera default password?
  • Have you secured your home router with a stronger password and/or VPN?
  • Have you installed the latest firmware before your security camera get hacked?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions, report your problems to the security camera manufacturer immediately so that they can correct the problem and secure the vulnerability.

Why Security Cameras Are Hacked

It's important to be aware of why and how your security camera can be hacked, so that you can better protect the surveillance systems from prying eyes.

As for the reasons for home security cameras being hacked, some are after the private information of others, some may be indulging in watching hacked security cameras, and some proud hackers are just hacking for fun.

How Do Security Cameras Get Hacked

How are security cameras hacked? Generally, you CCTV cameras can be hacked either locally or remotely.

#1. Local Hacks

"The router and modem have also been used to gain access to my network and my CCTV cameras were to be the victims."

Like the OP says, the hacker obtains access to the wireless network and hacks the security camera attached to it. They may simply try some common default passwords to it, or spoof the wireless network and jam the actual one with some network tricks.

Many wireless security cameras get hacked this way.

Note: You don't need to worry too much about this form of hacking. The WPA2-AES encryption, adopted by Reolink and some other quality producers, is there to solve this problem. It is by far the most secure WiFi security mode.

#2. Remote Hacks

This happens when the camera transmits videos over the Internet. Security camera hackers may take the advantage of the data breach or unsecured passwords to hack into security cameras.

That's why many security cameras live get hacked. And that's why the wired security cameras can also be hacked.

Note: There is also technology to greatly reduce the security camera remote hack risks. For example, Reolink uses SSL (HTTPS) encryption to secure the remote browsing and SSL/TLS protocol to secure data transmission over the Internet.

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  • kymykat

    Amanda, thank you for a very good article to make people aware that this stuff is really do-able, and does happen to everyday families. Creepy.... very! Thanks also for them how to check of you suspect you've been hacked. It's a sad sad world we live in that people actually do this kind of thing. It's tragic state to be in if your moral character allows you to do this thinking it's ok!!!! Imagine how utterly bored these people are to do this. People aren't going to be able to hide too much longer cuz the authorities are getting better at following certain trails.

    â friend not really my friend took over my internet/ network while he lived here at my house. He was able to gain control of my wifi cameras. If kicked him out and he had been sneaking in when I wasn't home getting revenge I couldn't prove. I have enough priiû

    He was not the first one who did this. I kept telling my husband what I suspected. He wouldn't do anything about it so i suspected him trying to get something he could use in our divorce. But we are a no fault state so i don't know still what possibly he wanted from that.

    It's very weird having your life like this. thank god people pay attention more these days. There's a lot people can get from this kind of thing and I think the best is a prison sentence. Document everything. People who do this get sloppy.

    • Helen Daff

      I've just had my camera in the bedroom buzz ( it's a camera for watching my Chihuahua when im out as this is where she spends her time.)
      I them hear a voice ”hello I can see you ”. I text my husband and ask has he added the app to his phone. But actually thinking he wouldn't have a clue how to fix it up. I was right, he didn't know how too..

      So who was watching me and how. I changed all default passwords when I set it up 9 months ago.

      Of course it's off now. And will be until I can get to the bottom of this.

      Incidentally it was just a cheap camera bought off Amazon for the sole purpose of watching my then puppy when i was out.

      • What model camera did you use?

      • kymykat

        Oh my very scary. I now have this thing about cameras indoors since I saw how easy it would s to have your home network hacked even if you followed all the safety precautions. What I do now I'm sure a few will think it's lane but I use a couple of old iPhones onerecords in time lapse the other voice records what's going on in my house when I'm gone. Trust me it's a real life saver plus now I'm not worried some freak is watching through my own indoor camera set up at my house. I figure nothing really ever private anymore if it ever was at all???? The only way to guarantee total privacy when talking to someone is meeting up is butt naked not even those foster grants, toss the cell phones in the river and park far from your vehicle. No watches or jewelry of any kind, you know a guy sent me the info on a drone that records video and what you're talking about that looks like a real live humming bird. He said there's even a dragon fly. So real it fools everyone. Thankfully the price tag is a tad over priced like over 30k.

        Bottom line.its one thing to watch Fido from your cell phone while you work but seriously once home unplug the damn thing so your privacy isn't invaded. And if you have reason to think you need to see who's coming by use oldphone yiu have to record video and and audio too. When I'm really bugged about something and want answers I make it fool proof. I always use more than one in case one is found I have two others.

        • Being terrorised

          Your post was very refreshing for me as I'm being terrorised and stalked by this creep.... I guess it's just nice to know I'm not alone and other people are having the same kind of issues....cuz it sure feels lonely . .the guy that's stalking me is an MCSE(Microsoft system security engineer) so what is a girl to do with that....at every turn it seems he out smarts me and I'm no dummy(pun intended)... I get cameras he hacked them...every which way I go to put a stop even have a no contact order and do u think that will stop him ....yeah right that just a silly piece of paper....I'm at my wit's end with this.....so thank you for letting me vent...but any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated thank you

    • Amanda

      Hi kymykat, thank you for sharing your experience with us, and your concerns really make sense. So it's important to have a reliable security camera like Reolink cameras for a peace of mind before these actions are documented 🙂

  • While not exhaustive, this is a good article to help folks cover the basics. One suggestion: it might be more helpful to describe what a ”powerful password” is. ”Powerful” is not the best adjective to use to describe the required complexity.

    • Amanda

      Hi David, thank you for your kind suggestion! As for the answers to your question, a powerful password is better to combine letters, both upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols, since the more complicated a passwords is, the more difficult it is to be guessed. If you have more questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • Kukly Kuklus

    I use xiaomi mi 360 camera home but it is most unsafe camera what i know.always somebody hack my camera

    • Amanda

      Hi Kukly, thank you for sharing the useful inforamtion. Perhaps you may take a look at Reolink cameras (https://reolink.com/shop/), all adopt high level security encryption including SSL and WPA2-AES encryption to make sure your camera recording is safe from hackers.

      • Myles Day

        Not to but in. I got my daughter a
        Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Two-Way Audio Camera. It's a 2way chat camera and it comes with 2 door sensors that send you video & alerts wherever they are opened or closed. This way she knows if any one has entered her apartment while shes gone. She can steam live or check recorded motion videos at any time. Plus it rotates to look the doors when ever they are opens out closed. Hope this helps.

  • johnericp

    Thank you for the very informative article.
    Maybe you can help answer a question? Are 8 channel (or any channel) Security systems hackable if you do not use WIFI features and just use record and motion detection? Not sure if modems are built into some security dvrs/dvd recorders. I do see a plug for ”router/wifi”. If you don't plug into ”router/wifi”, this may be a safer option for not being hacked.
    Thank you.

    • Amanda

      Hello, there, there's no way that your IP cameras can be hacked if they are not connected to the Internet. So if you don't connect the recorder to the router, there will be NO hacking issues. But please note that, by doing so, you will not be able to access the camera remotely and receive push notifications via your phone.

      • johnericp

        Thank you very much, Amanda! Just being cautious because of the numerous, repetitive hacks on my cameras and even phones. Thinking of purchasing the Reolink Go. Can you please explain to me how the twice encrypted security on the Reolink Go works? Is your company notified of any attempted hacks and or spyware on the Reolink Go and in turn are we notified of the attempt? Thank you once again.

        • Amanda

          Hi, I think I need to further clarify about the hacking things, just in case you got me wrong. As long as your IP cameras are connected to the Internet, whether it is via the WiFi network or 4G cellular network, there are chances to get hacked.

          However, Reolink cameras, including the Reolink Go, enable multi-level security features to keep the footages safe. For example, Reolink cameras use SSL (HTTPS) to encrypt the video feed and surveillance footage. An SSL certificate ensures a secure browsing session with encryption.

          You may check this news ( https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/reolink-secures-ip-cameras-by-enabling-multi-level-security-features-300368634.html ) for detailed info about the Reolink camera security features.

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  • Robert Rickman

    My cameras have been hacked they are putting images in the background making it look like people trying to get in my yard what should I do

    • Amanda

      Hi Robert, so sorry to hear that. To get the hackers out, I suggest that you upgrade the security camera firmware to its latest version immediately, change stronger passwords for both your camera and the router, and if necessary, get a security camera that is protected by multi-level encryption which makes the camera hard to be hacked.

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  • Chunk Basker

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  • Walton
  • Walton


  • Amanda

    Hi lzzy, you'd better contact the security camera manufacturer ASAP to find out if there is something wrong with the camera settings. For Reolink cameras, you can submit a request here https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for help. Hope you can address this issue soon.

  • Amanda

    Hi Haggis, it depends on the camera settings and varies between different camera brands. You may contact the security camera producer directly for detailed information on this. If you are using Reolink cameras, leave us a request here directly https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and our support team will get back to you very soon.

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  • Michelle

    I have a Cloud Camera VT-3620, it's in my daughters room as she is 3 and I like to be able to check on her throughout the day/night and I had to move the baby monitor into her sisters room. I have it set up next to her TV on her dresser, Over the last few weeks wherever I go into her room throughout the night (in my pyjamas) it sounds like a snapshot is being taken through the camera, then last night my daughter was watching TV and she came running into my room freaking out that her TV had turned itself down all the way when I went in to check somehow the Tv volume was turned all the way down and now we can't get it back up. Am I being paranoid or did someone Hack my camera and then hack my daughters Smart TV?

    • Amanda

      Hi Michelle, that's disturbing. Have you tried changing the camera password? If you still hear the camera taking snapshot and none of your family members are accessing the camera, you'd better contact the security camera manufacturer to troubleshoot the problem soon. Not sure what happens to your smart TV. Perhaps you can reach out to their support and see what they can do with it. Hope this helps.

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  • Jerry Pudenz

    I have a wise guy security system hooked to the dvr it came with. I noticed that the 2 camera that cover my gazebo have differ items. The other cameras are also wierd.. The background will be from the day before but if a car or my dog goes into the covered area I can see both. Please help! I've been stalked for over 6 months and I'm terrified. Law enforcement can't figure it out. Thank you

    • Amanda

      Hi Jerry, have you tried rebooting your camera? Here are several additional solutions to try if your security camera doesn't work properly https://reolink.com/security-camera-wont-work/ If all these methods don't work, you may contact the security camera manufacturer directly for detailed troubleshooting. Hope the information helps 😉

  • rose alicia
  • Mark Frank

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  • Ambuj Srivastava

    can i track the ip address which has hacked my camera or which ip was used to view my camera feed if u can reply please do.

    • Amanda

      Hi Ambuj, as far as I know, you may be able to track the IP address, however you can't track the hacker's exact identity with the IP address 🙂 Hope this helps.

  • Debbie Swain Guinn

    We have blink cameras outside. We have always been able to see the recorded movements. However, last week we arrived home via Huber around 11:00 pm from being out of town. We opened our security gate, wheeled our suitcases in past our parked cars on our driveway and went into our house. About 15 minutes later we closed our driveway gate. The next morning we found that one of our cars had been searched for valuables. We went to our blink history to see who the activity of the night before. The blink cameras did not record anything (of us opening the security gate and wheeling our suitcases in and then of the gate closing.

    Could someone have blocked the recording? Is there a device on the market that robbers are now using to disengage the camera?

    • Amanda

      Hi Debbie, it's not likely for someone to block the recordings for periods. There could be video loss on your camera and you may check out this post for detailed reasons and fixes: https://reolink.com/video-loss-on-security-camera/ Hope this helps.

    • Mr_Hyde

      Yes it's called a wifi de-authentication attack. They use the identity of the router to send a forged signal that causes devices to disconnect. For $20 you can make a device that fits in an altoids tin and will de-auth every device within wifi range of it, then it repeats that process to keep it off the network. Almost like jamming the wifi signal.

      It's a feature built into wifi and so there is no solution to the problem except for using wired cameras. I know it's ten months late hopefully you already figured this all out. You should opt for cctv or Power over ethernet (poe) cameras. To prevent the problem all together

  • Oliver Peter

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  • Valeria Ascencio

    How do I know which camera has a good/best encryption ? How to tell as well when looking into one?

    • Amanda

      Hi Valeria, generally speaking, the SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and SSL-TLS enabled are indicators of a good encryption. You may search the related PR documents online by brand or reach out to their support team for details. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Craige

    Hi Amanda I recently purchased the smonet camera system with a NVR. I've set up user name and passwords. It connects to my internet provider router. Should I do something else or is that sufficient to feel that no one is seeing my videos?

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  • Izzy

    Are MeShare video cams relatively safe from hackers? I was told it runs via wifi.

    • Amanda

      Hi Izzy, if you are planning to purchase this video camera, you'd better consult the sales team about the encryption technology that they have applied. Hope this helps.

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  • Bobby Johnson

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  • Lyn Addy

    Thanks for the info! Our NVR stopped working suddenly. No way to access the software. Could that be someone hacking our cameras? If the receiver isn't working, could someone still see what the camera's see?

    • Amanda

      Hello Lyn, this could be some other issues with your NVR rather than it is being hacked. If your NVR stops working, other people may not access your NVR or cameras as well. So, you'd better contact the support team of your security camera brand for help. Hope this would clarify. 🙂

  • Rnani

    I have a motion detector and it's moving following me. I was out on the backyard when i noticed BOTH the motion detectore pointing at me when they were previously pointing at my backyard. HELP! AM I HACKED?????

    • Amanda

      Hello Rnani, it is best to check if your motion detectors are working properly first. Also, you may reset the password of your motion detectors and see if the issue remains. If yes, you'd better contact the support team of your motion detector brand for further assistance. Hope this would help.

  • Rnani

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  • Kyle

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    • Amanda

      Hello Kyle, you may reset your camera and change the password to see if the same thing happens again. If yes, you'd better contact the support team of your security camera brand and ask them to check if there are any unknown accesses to your cameras. You may collect more info as important evidence before calling the police. Hope this helps.

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  • Judy D

    We have security cameras using nvr, no internet and have had 3 systems of similar design. All have shown no recording of break-in altho things are missing, damaged and rearranged in areas where the cameras should have caught them. Will a factory reset to the nvr change the way things are now; or, could anyone even have done anything to instigate a pause in recording even tho it continues to show live coverage? Access to nvr during installation was there.

    • Amanda

      Hello Judy, if your security camera systems are not connected to the Internet, it would be difficult to hack them. You may adjust the angle of your security cameras to the entrance of your home and see if they can catch the thieves in the act. If this won't help, it is best to contact the support team of your security camera brand and ask them to check if there are any other issues. Hope this helps.

    • Garrett G

      Check to see if your unit can be operated with a RF remote control that can be easily bought online. This is an easy way to highjack recordings. There are many universal DVR controllers that cost less than $10 just for CCTV. Also, check settings to see if control restrictions can be established. If not a cheap Faraday cage can be constructed out of metal screen or placed inside a RF blocking type box metal construction is preferred. Cheaper units like those offered at Big Box Stores are not supported well and offer few if any firmware upgrades and even worse technical support, If supported at all. Most of these are Chinese made systems and initial support for the first couple years is offered then quickly resinded to save money and increase the bottom line. Buy Quality in security its worth the money in support, security patches and firmware upgrades alone. Also, keep access to the unit restricted to security personnel only. Those units like Routers and Modems usually have sensitive information on them that can be used to change passwords back to the defaults using a Super Password generator allowing a hacker to install remote access mobile apps on their phone or tablet to gain control as administrators and even lock out the security admin staff from seeing what's going on while they are creating havoc, stealing assets and intellectual properties. Best choice is to set up a subnet through the use of an NVR (network video recorder) the cameras get concented

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  • Cliff

    Can hackers get beyond the security camera access on a wired connection system. For instance could it be a backdoor way into my home computer also connected to the same router and get into my files on my computers hard drive and passwords stored on my Chrome browser?

  • Amanda

    Hi John, generally speaking, a hacker may not know your home address through the security camera installed at your home. If you are concerned about being hacked, you may use security cameras from known and reputable brands and set up strong passwords. Also, you may renew the password regularly to avoid the risk of being hacked. Hope this helps.

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