Many homeowners are asking whether there are signs that the house is targeted when burglars are on the prowl for new targets.

Indeed, there are some trails and scents lingering and swirling in the air left by would-be perpetrators (figuratively), and you can sniff out dangers of your house being targeted by potential intruders.

So how can you tell someone is about to burgle or case your house without leaving you wrangling and fuming about the loss you have to sustain?

Signs Someone Is Casing Your House & Your House Is Being Targeted by Burglars.

Mounting evidence support that lurking strikers and intruders are testing out new gimmicks to get access to the new property, which is becoming worrying concerns for many urban dwellers, especially those who live in secluded houses because they are more vulnerable to burglary even in a broad daylight.

Burglary Warning Signs

We share some commons burglary warning signs, some unusual signs of houses being cased and targeted by burglars

1. Unfamiliar Vehicles: New Cars or Vehicles on the Street or Neighborhood

Unfamiliar vehicles loiter around the neighborhood will surely raise concerns, especially when the vehicle sticks around over an extended period of time and repeatedly shows up on an irregular basis.

Initially, it's advisable to take note of the license number and make a document with all the pertinent information, including time, date, make of vehicle, description of the person for future reference, more importantly, keep an eye on your property by resorting to home video surveillance if condition permitting.

2. Strangers Walk Around the Street or Neighborhood

People who are living in the same community, neighborhood or village should be familiar with each other. Strangers pretending jogging in the street or walking down the block back and forth should set off a red flag – house casing.

Here is one video captured by Reolink RLK8-410B4 security camera system (shared by a concerned homeowner).

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3. Door-to-door Scams

Some burglars would do surveillance around the neighborhood by pretending to be a salesman of a utility company, handyman offering free roof repairs or free carpet cleaning, anonymous survey or asking for money and donation for care packages to soldiers, all sorts of door-to-door sales representatives to check out your house.

Many door-to-door scammers are trying to case houses and find out who lives in the home, What time the house would be empty and for how long, what are their weekday schedules (weekends are too unpredictable), what they drive, is there a dog, a hidden key and so on.

Front door security cameras could also record evidence of door-to-door scams.

4. Mark the House with Flyers or Stickers

Burglars will scout potential targets for strikes by sending out commercial flyers or sticking ads around the streets, with which they determine whether the houses are guarded or not.

If you deal with these agitating flyers in a timely manner, you can possibly avoid being stamped a bull's eye by would-be intruders as they might use flyers to mark the targets for robbery.

Therefore, it comes handy if you have necessary surveillance cameras, like Reolink Argus 2 around your house, especially around entrances, front door, driveway, garage, and patio.

Or using 4G-enabled security cameras to monitor part of the house where WiFi is out of range, like the backyard, detached garage, or parking areas.(Click here to learn more about the cellular 4G security cameras that can work without Internet.)

5. Toilet Excuse

Many new homeowners might fall for the tricks used by strangers conjuring up an excuse to use the toilet of yours but meanwhile walk away with some valuables of yours.

Or some morning joggers will approach your house for a cup of water or use of the restroom, which could also be an excuse to get a sweep on your property.

If you are concerned with impending dangers or unwanted disturbance, politely reject them and offer alternatives but be sure not to open your door wide open to offer any glimpse of house interior easily.

Words of advice for homeowners are always like directing them to the nearby public toilet or concocting excuse that your water system is malfunctioning or your restroom is temporally occupied.

6. Strangers Request for Help with Different Excuses

Some thieves or burglars will knock at the front door asking for help, say, a glass of water, use of your bathroom, looking for a missing dog, need direction or confirmation of certain things like an ad on Craigslist.

They normally would knock at the door at the time when people are not expected to be home, they will knock at doors around mid-morning and mid-afternoon when most of the housewives are out running errands or out picking up kids in the afternoon.

7. Strange Markings around the House

A recent revelation by police in Scotland about alleged marks used by a burglar is shockingly unsettling but might require extra attention if you happen to stumble on these strangely looking signs.

A ring of professional burglars marks potential targets while canvassing your neighborhood by using seeming random signs, in which they tell their members whether or not the houses are easy targets.

8. Strangers Take Pictures & Walk Away

With the ubiquity of cameras on Smartphone, people can snapshot anywhere anytime, which can give rise to a new type of concerns: canvassing neighborhood with only one click.

If you happen to run into someone, be them as jogger, walkers, paperboy or handymen, taking pictures outside your house or neighbor's house intentionally, or weaving back and forth from one side to the other taking several pictures of each house, please stay vigilant.

Notify your homeowner association, local police or neighborhood if there are any suspicious activities or keeping a record of any aberrant behaviors.
Signs of Someone is Casing Your House

9. A Simple Glance & Gut Feeling

A glance at strangers, mysteriously and magically, makes you feel something is off instantly, which could be the trigger for warning or sign for further precautions.

Someone who is fidgety, horsing around in unknown streets and interact with people with minimal eye contact and literally bouncy, are possible would-be burglars, especially during rainy nights or stormy nights.

Of course, there are many other signs you can pick up to determine whether your house is being watched or cased.

10. Other Possible Signs

There are many other possible signs that your house is marked or cased and homeowners should be extra cautious, for example, some homeowners found that their welcome mat outside the side door was flipped upside down or a golf ball was left on the front lawn.

Besides, some homeowners point out some strangers pretending to be a handyman or someone who has done repairing work or remodeling job on your new house and they will come back checking out your house.

Home Burglary Statistics

According to the FBI, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S. There are common points of entry that are more venerable to burglary, theft, and break-in.

  • 34% of burglars enter through the front door.
  • 23% of burglars gain entrance through a first-floor window.
  • 22% of burglars break into a home through a back door.
  • 9% of burglars enter a home through the garage.
  • 4% of burglars get into a home through an unlocked entrance.
  • 2% of burglars enter somewhere on the second floor.

Ways of Burglar Enters Home

See more on home burglary facts and statistics

How to Prevent Homes Being Targeted & Burglarized

Thanks to a survey on how burglars broken into home conducted by KGW's investigative team on 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary in the Oregon Department of Corrections, we get a better idea how and when burglars break into your house, what they are looking for and what homeowners can do to avoid houses being cased or burglarized.

Here are the breakdowns:

  • Buy security cameras for entries and make them visible
  • Make the house, front and backyard visible with good lighting
  • Trim your bushes and trees regularly
  • Put bars on your windows and door
  • Have TV or radio on when leaving home
  • Know neighbors and alerts police if anything suspicious

You might be surprised by the revelation of convicted criminals about how they approach the house and strike while it also serves a great reminder of how homeowners can do to avoid being targeted.

What to Do When Your House is Being Cased

Interesting and surprisingly, many break-ins and home invasion can be avoided and financial loss could be substantially reduced if homeowners have some security systems in place, report suspicious people around the neighborhood, and alert local police.


  • Keep a record or note of suspicious activities such as times of the events, makes of possible vehicle, the appearance of the people in question;
  • Notify neighbors about suspicious activities;
  • Inform local police if necessary and requires extra patrolling on the areas;
  • Shore up home security by installing home security cameras/security systems;
  • Reinforce doors/windows or other possible entrances

If you have a security system in place, make sure to scan through recorded footages security cameras regularly and pay extra attention to the abnormality inside and outside the house.

Therefore, it's important to have extra pairs of eyes on the lookout for you whether you are at home or away for holiday. And it's essential to take some measures to eschew becoming easy targets for burglars.


If your home had been burgled, the trauma and unease in its aftermath, however, is a bell that can't be un-rung, and many burglary victims find it hard to feel safe in their own homes.

For those who have been on an incredible lucky streak and have never been burglarized over the years, it's essential to keep your eyes peeled and keep your ears on the ground in case any unfortunate might occur.

Video Surveillance Camera for Home

  • inabubble

    I recently found, what looks like, half of a shoe print on the lower part of my front door. I've been here 6 years and have never had this happen before. About 2 weeks before the scuff mark I let someone who I thought lived in our complex in for a short visit and at that time I learned he was only visiting someone (alot) who lives here. I felt a little sick to my stomach and when he left I took measures to try and make my apartment as secure as I could. I saw a show on 'marked’ doors which came to mind when I saw the Scuff mark. I wiped the mark off. Just wondering if this is the type of mark left by robbers. I would report it to the manager...but this is a senior living complex and they treat us like were are all....senile. What do you think?

    • It's always better to take some measure than sorry. Security cameras around the apartment complex or your front door are very helpful to get some evidence of any criminal activities. If you are interested, it's advised to check out some amazing security cameras like C1 Pro Hopefully, this helps 🙂

  • Faz

    Help what do u do if u find a plastic bag filled with leaves tied to your tree

  • Olivia

    Hi Nihar, thanks. It's possible that the guy you mentioned was trying to case your house.

    It's always a good idea to be extra cautious and take necessary measures like front door security camera with motion sensing Reolink Argus 2, for instance.

  • Sheena King

    This happened to me! I've been trying to find an article to show my mom. She's in town visiting, while I was at work she said someone had knocked on the door, stated that Someone called saying my ac wasn't working and he had to take a look at the thermostat. I told her you don't let people in like that. My landlord would of contacted me if he was sending someone out and that my ac works just fine. I live in a condominium so I went to the office to check and see if they had repair men out. The office said no, if they did they only go to the roof they never ask to go inside a residence. Now I'm worried someone may try to come back. I'm pregnant and have a small child, not feeling very secure now.

  • That one questioneer

    Would someone says they are apart of the mortgage company and seeing if the house is occupied
    Is that a sign??

  • That one questioneer

    If a guy says he is apart of the mortgage company and seeing if the house is occupied is that a sign??

    • Olivia

      Hi, there, yes, that could be also a sign that the guy was casing your house. And it is suggested that you adopt the tips in the post to protect your home.

  • Question

    I heard something at the door, not a doorbell ring or a knock. When I peeked my head from where I was sitting, I saw a guy with a box who shortly left. Was he trying to look inside the house? There have been four reported cases of robberies this past week in my neighborhood. Is this suspicious?

    • Olivia

      Hi, there, this could be a dangerous sign that your house is being cased. Do you have security cameras installed in your home? It is highly recommended that you place a security camera with siren at your front door, like Reolink Argus 2, When someone suspicious enters the monitoring zone, the camera can send audio alarms to scare the unwanted away and you'll also receive instant push notifications and email alerts. Hope this would help.

  • Rileyx (Rileyx)

    Someone has left rocks in my car, like a small area where my car has an opening.
    Any sign?

  • Behold, a Pale Horse ᶰʳᵃ

    My neighbor said that he saw a guy peeping underneath my garage door at 4:00 AM with a flashlight. I HAD a small gap underneath my garage door because the door stop had to be adjusted. I thought nothing of it because I live in a nice neighborhood at the end of a secured dead end street.

    But if you have a gap in your garage door large enough for a hydraulic floorjack to fit underneath, a burglar could potentially get in your home.

    Needless to say, we all get complacent and preoccupied in our daily routines, and we forget that there are people out there who are watching us like predators just waiting for a weakness.

    • Olivia

      Hi there, yes, even you live in a nice neighborhood with low crime rate, there are also opportunist burglars waiting for a weakness. You may adopt the tips mentioned above to protect your house from being cased. Hope these would help.

  • Darko714

    A young guy in an orange vest carrying an ipad and handing out Anderson Windows brochures sees me coming out of the house and starts on what sounds like a pitch to sell me some new windows. Of course he'd like to walk around the the back of the house and have a look and maybe give me an estimate. Um . . . no.

    • Olivia

      Hi there, it is best to keep a watchful eye on the front door, backyard and other entrances of your house. Also make sure that every door and window is locked up when you leave.

  • Olivia

    Hi there, to protect your property and family members, it is best to reinforce all the entrances to your home, like the front door, first-floor windows and the garage. You may also notify neighbors about this suspicious guy as well.

  • Alexa Gaboy

    My auntie heard a doorbell in the middle of the night and it gave her chills out of nowhere still she went to go and found out that somebody rang the doorbell of the house across us at the same time they went to look for the person who did that our street was long and quiet its impossible to run without being seen and its also impossible to ride a vehicle it can be seen and heard they also chevked behid the trees and cars they didnt see anything
    Do you thi k we are going to be robbed?

    • Olivia

      Hello Alexa, it is hard to say but you may take some actions to avoid potential break-ins. For example, you may set up security cameras at the front door so as to catch the suspect in the act. Hope this helps.

  • Jess

    3 men tried to get into the house and took the lock out the front door but didn't get into the house but they got into the car bit there was nothing to take. Before they left they wedged 2 twigs into the door. I can't stop wondering why?

  • Olivia

    Hi, there, it is best to notify neighbors about the potential break-ins, call the police and demand for more frequent patrols in your neighborhood. Besides, you may set up an outdoor security camera to catch burglars in the act and reinforce all the entrances to your home, like the front door, first-floor windows and the garage. Hope this helps.

  • Apollon

    What happens if you already got roobed? Last Saturday at 4 am my house was opened by 2 young persons. Thankfully the alarm went on and we woke up. In mater of seconds they took the bag with only 20 euros. Camera of a nearby shop captured them running away from the neighborhood. the bag was found not far from the house damped. Our house is the only on the neighborhood that doesn't have a dog.

    • Olivia

      Hi, Apollon, have you contacted the police and demanded more frequent patrols in your neighborhood? To avoid further break-ins, it's best to set up an outdoor security camera to protect your home and family members, reinforce the front door, first-floor windows and the other entrances to your home and put away your bags and valuable things before going to bed. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hello, Miguel, that can be a possible sign of a potential break-in. So, it is best to reinforce all the entrance to your house, like the front door, first-door windows and so on. You may also ask your neighbors whether they have encountered suspicious events as well. Hope this helps.

  • jackie peel

    I'm really scared. Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night at one in the morning, because I heard a car stop near my house. I looked out the window, and saw a truck was sitting near my driveway, and I watched it for 2 mins. I finally decided to turn on the light in my room to see what would happen, and as soon as I did, the truck sped off. I've been feeling off lately about it. Is this a sign of someone thinking about breaking in? It must be, because who would stop near someone's house and watch it? I know they were watching because they saw the light turn on. I'm so scared.

    • Olivia

      Hello, Jackie, it can be a sign that someone is thinking to break in your house. To protect your property, it is best to reinforce all the entrance to your house, like the front door, back door, and first-floor window and set up security cameras facing those entrances. Also, you may communicate with your neighbors and ask if they have encountered suspicious events recently. If yes, report to the local police. Hope this helps.

      • Joseph Blowfish

        Do all of the above but what ever you do don't buy a shot gun, get trained and keep it near your bed. That would be mean.

  • John

    So my dad said he found a screwdriver on top of our car before washing it. The screwdriver we're the ones of like robbing a car. Are we in danger or anything we can do. We have no security so i'm telling him to buy some cameras.

    • Olivia

      Hello John, to protect your car from robbery, it is best to leave no valuables in your car and park your car in a garage or well-lit area. Also, you can set up several qualified security cameras pointed at your driveway and car. So, you will receive instant alerts and catch the burglars in the act. Click here,, to learn more useful car theft prevention tips. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hi Kim, it is possible that someone is taking your house as their next target. So, it is best to keep a watchful eye on your house and take pictures with your phone or security cameras as evidence. If such suspicious cars come frequently, contact local neighborhood watch or police as well. Hope your family and property be safe.

  • David

    So today 2 men in their 30's drove into my driveway and 1 of them knocked on the front door(lets call him 1st guy). I didn't answer because I was the only one at home. The man that knocked on the door went back to grab a piece of paper and went to knock again. I checked the peep hole and stared at the man for a minute or so and then ran back up stairs. Straight after that both the men got off the car and scanned my house. They went back to their car and the man that's knocked on my door took out a drill that looked like a construction drill. He went to the back of my house that had a garden gate and tried to open it. I have no clue if he had successfully made it in or not but I heard squeaky noises and knew it was my garden gate because it is an old rusty gate.
    He was there for about 10-15 minutes and then the 2nd guy got back into the car and started texting. The first man came back to the car after that then they drove off.

    Am I being targeted?

    • Olivia

      Hi David, it is possible that these two men were looking for the entry points of your house. To keep your house from intruders, it is best to reinforce all the entrance to your house, front door, garden gate and first-floor windows as well. Also, you may install a security camera to keep an eye on your house when you are away from. Hope that you will be safe.

      • disqus_X2zYqTG9k4

        Next time call police!

  • jazmine

    So, last night, we got pizza and we left it out with a couple of pizzas left. In the morning, my stepdad went to work and it wasn't there. We asked all the people in the house and everybody said''no'’. There was a pizza box in the trash can but the pizza was gone. We are gonna install some cameras soon. Me and my family are very confused. 🙁

    • disqus_X2zYqTG9k4


  • disqus_X2zYqTG9k4

    A red truck was sitting in front of my house after dark, just watching. My son came and pulled in my drive. They watched him then left. They called the police on him!

  • real ruby gaming

    some people have been knocking on my door once the talked to my dad the second time they gave us a book and the third time they knocked on the door went in their car and left do you think we are being targeted

  • anonymous

    Day after Christmas about 10:30 am a lady said she wasn't from around here (my area), and after the lady left I wondered why she didn't stop at business down the road and ask for directions.
    This goes with the article saying mid morning they case AND being day after Christmas ?! I also instinctively left screen door shut since it was a stranger.
    Maybe she really was lost but doesnt everyone have a map GPS?!

  • Mel Link

    About a month ago i found acorns behind my travel trailers door latch, and no damn squirrel or bird is capable of that. Lol I work on a small farm a road over from mine and today i noticed kernels of feed corn put under every gates latch, but the latch itself is unaffected by the kernel as the kernel is to far down and stuffed back in there, these are the chin link fences by the way. Seems someone is marking them for something but it has me completely stumped. A friend said maybe they are putting the kernels there to see which gates are used vs the ones that are not...but to me that makes 0 sense, why does it matter what gates are being used, why is that important???? Anyone had similar experiences? No neighbors i have asked have had experiences at their homes like this, but for some reason where i live and where i work these little things keep happening. Brainstorming and haven't came to any conclusion yet as to why.

  • Rebecca

    HI, I just recently moved in to a new home. We have installed security cameras and window security. In mind november around 1:20am I saw a black SUV parked in front of my house with their lights on. They left and came back a couple of times. This lasted almost three hours. We decided to call the cops and they left. A week after another suv tried parking in back of my fiance's car around 12.30 am and remained in the car for 2 minutes. Yesterday a black van drove slowly infront of my house. I believe they took a picture of my house. What should I do? Im nervous my fiance doesn't think much of it.Help!!

    • Olivia

      Hello Rebecca, we are sorry for your experience. You may collect as much evidence of that black SUV as possible with the help of your security cameras and mobile phones. Next time when you notice that SUV appears again, take a picture with your phone and back up the recordings captured by your cameras. Then, you may call the police and submit the evidence you have collected. Hope this helps.

  • Ramondy

    i saw this white truck parked for like 10 mins with a good view of my house, he was in construction uniform and on his phone, anything to be afraid of?

    • Hello Ramondy, instead of being afraid, you'd better reinforce all the entrances to your home and keep your windows, doors and cars locked. Also, it is best to check if the guy comes back again. If yes, don't forget to take some pictures as evidence. Hope this would help.

  • Jacky

    My grandparents order from grubhub a lot. A woman they have only seen once came to their door and gave them two donuts. They did not order them. She also asked if my grandma had a husband and if she could see him. She also asked if they had any family nearby. Should we be concerned?

    • Olivia

      Hello Jacky, it is best to ask your parents to lock all the entrances to their house at night or when they are away from home. You may also contact grubhub and confirm if the woman is one of them. Hope this helps.

  • Ruby

    So we seen this random teen pull our trash can HALF way up the driveway but he was being very weird..looking around. And we were looking at all the breaking recently near us and it fit his description, he has that same weird walk. We caught this all on the ring camera:(

  • Stan Kubica

    I just had someone tie blue and orange star balloons across the street from my house and on the pathway in the park behind my house. This feels weird. Should I be worried?

    • Olivia

      Hi Stan, make sure all the entrances to your house are reinforced and locked. Also, you may check if the guy comes over again later. If not, you don't have to be worried. 🙂

  • anonymous

    Good afternoon there, I moved to here, it's been a year with my kids. I realized that something strange was going on when I heard it, noise at the back doors. And since then I decided to put cameras around my house. In short, I discovered that these are my neighbors. they texted me on my door bell, saying I shouldn't have stopped them. Since then I have been intimidated by them and their friends. some of them live here in the condominium. The problem is that there are also adults and they are very involved. So I was scared silent for a long time. Until they started following my daughter when she came home from work. Days they waited for her at the condominium entrance and they followed. I understood that it was they sending me the message through that, saying that if I said something to the police they would take my daughter. I fell into despair and cried a lot. Not understanding why this is all! just because I didn't let them enter my house to steal! They come every night in the backyard of my house, and they keep hitting things like wood, tools, more like horror movies, they are hidden behind the cameras. That's why I can't find evidence. So I called the police one night, because I'm emotionally destroyed, nights and nights without sleeping properly. I have a 6 year old Autistic son who needs me, especially at night. And when I have time that I should rest, I can't because I have to watch and take care of my home and family. The police officer told me to put more cameras in the yard and see something suspicious to call 911. They don't seem to be a bit scared, as they keep doing the same thing, I feel like they are watching everything I do. for example if I go out in front of the house to mow the lawn, or play with my son on a bicycle, they start to drive slowly in front of the house. I started to keep an eye on the license plates of the cars, then one started to come without a license plate. the more I recognized the guy who was driving. he lives here too and is a friend of others who tried to enter here through the garage. The only thing I'm doing and keeping an eye on everything. because the police told me that they would go on patrol, I don't see them coming. to be honest they only came a couple of times. Now when I go out, I see them driving behind me, or in front of me, I realized that some of them have a radio, because I saw them talking on the radio, when they were close to me. My life has turned to hell here! I can't move from here because I have nowhere to go. waiting for my passport to arrive. now with this crisis of corona virus it got worse. it looks like it will take too long. I can only do it now and keep an eye on everything and get attached to God!

  • Caroline

    When I was leaving for work this afternoon I noticed a woman I'd never seen in my neighborhood before. She appeared to be on a walk (in jogging shorts n tshirt) what was odd however, was she was standing about 2 feet from the end if my driveway texting on her phone. I opened my garage and walked out, she didn't flinch, I got in my car and pulled out of the drive way; THAT'S when she looked at me. She didn't smile or wave ...just looked and kept walking. I watched her for a minute to see if she stopped again but I didn't watch long she kept walking. Upon returning from work (after midnight) I walked to my mailbox on the street and noticed a WHITE ”X” painted in THE EXACT SAME SPOT the woman from earlier was standing. I'm freaking out. I've had people threaten and harass me on facebook so much so that I had to deactivate my account about 3 wks ago. I filled a police report about it too, just not sure what to make if this woman. It bothered me / she bothered the entire time at work, and now this mysterious ”X” just so happens to be EXACTLY where she stood??? What should I do?

    • Olivia

      We are sorry to hear about your experience, Caroline. Since you have filled a police report already, you'd better keep all the entrances to your home locked before leaving for work. Also, it is a good idea to invest in a security camera to keep an eye on your home while at work. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hi Johnathon, you'd better reinforce all the entrances to your home and set up a security camera at your front door. So, you may keep an eye on your home when you are away from home. If your camera has captured anyone coming close to your home, you may call the police for help and share the video footage with them. Stay safe!

  • Nikki Chaneco

    Thought this was kind of unusual, but on Tuesday, 10/20 at 10:25p, this woman leaves a raccoon gnome in front of our home. I heard it's "Abandoned Art Week" here in SCV and I want to believe it's an act of kindness/gift, but nowadays, sadly we must be cautious of harmful people out there. And there was no note.
    Has anyone else received something like this in their yard? Anyone missing a raccoon gnome? Lol
    Does this gift mean something that I'm not aware of?

    Note: We do have a Ring doorbell, which is how I caught this footage. My husband and I broke it open, nothing just filled with cement. Also, its very apparent, my husband leaves 4 times a week at night to go to work, leaving me alone. And sometimes I get home around 2:00a from being at a friend's house. I'm really freaked out, please help!

    Thanks for your time!

    • Olivia

      Hi Nikki, thank you for sharing your experience with us. As you have installed a doorbell camera, you may reset assured since the camera will keep a keen eye on the potential intruders. To protect your home from intruders, you may need to reinforce and lock all the entrances to your house at night or when you are away from home. Hope this helps.

  • Oscar

    So i heard my door like if it was opening is that something to be afraid of?

    • Olivia

      Hello Oscar, it is best for you beef up all the entrances to your house, including the door, window, and balcony, to stop someone from breaking into your house. Hope this helps.

  • Olivia

    Hello Larry, don't worry until that guy come over your house again. You may reinforce all the entrances to your house and set up a security camera to watch over your house. Hope this helps.

  • Victoria Cantu

    I have a security system but i'm still having trouble getting them seen on my camera and they know how to get into my backyard and I can hear them but I have a couple of blind spots what can I do.

    • Olivia

      Hi Victoria. In response to your problem, I think you should first inform the local police and ask them to strengthen patrols near your home. Also, you can strengthen the protection of your backyard, such as heightening the fence. Above all, a camera with a wider viewing angle is required to ensure that every corner of your house is guarded.

  • Olivia

    Hi Robert, to avoid any possible break-ins, you'd better lock and reinforce all entrances to your house when you are away from home. You may check if that man appears again and if yes, you may report to the police. Hope this helps.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi, there. Your friend may ask her neighbors if anyone lost a pick axe around her back porch. If no one did, she'd better pay special attention to it and told her neighbors about it or inform the police.



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