One of the biggest challenges you face, if you are in the military, is worrying about your families’ security at home. Home security for military families no doubts is hitting your mind: while you are deployed, is your pregnant wife feeling well staying alone at home, are your kids safe back from school, or is your house an easy target for criminals?

You'd better secure your home for your military family members’ safety, since home burglars are so rampant – every 13 seconds a home burglar occur in the United States. You never want any of your families be the victim of crimes during your service for the country for 6 months or even for longer time.

Home Security for Military Families

Installing a home security camera system would be a good choice. It helps to protect your family by 24×7 monitoring, informing your family in real time if an invasion happens, letting you keep contact with your family members, and stopping break-ins. Statistics show that homes with security systems are up to 300% less likely to be broken into. Most of the burglars will bypass your home if protected by a security camera system.

Be careful when you are about to buy a home security system, or when you sign for a free home security system. ABC news has reported that you might get your bill debit note with nightmare. You should pay more attention when purchasing a home security system for military families.

Home Security Systems for Military Families

Select a reliable home security system for military families. There are many professional, reliable and affordable home security companies, who offer very good security products. Visit the product shop and see if any of the products meet your needs. Or you can go to some online websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, etc.

Normally, there are 2 kinds of home security systems for military families. One is the do-it-yourself (DIY) home security system, which enables you to easily and quickly install all the security cameras and the NVR all by yourself, even though you are a beginner. This one is also called a plug-and-play home security system – professional, safe and easy-handle enough for you. If you prefer this DIY one, you can visit the security camera online store to find one for your military families.

Security Camera Systems

Stay Protected with Security Camera Systems; 24/7 Video Recording and Monitoring; 2 Network Solutions – with or without network.

The other one is non-DIY, and it requires you to hire a professional installation company to install the home security system. That would be a big financial expenditure for your family, and it might leave security risks for the guys from the installation company.

Home Security System Military Discounts

Military discounts for home security systems are available nowadays. Lots of military families receive discounts on home alarm systems or on home security camera systems. If you do a deeper research, you will find that you can easily get home security system military discounts on the Internet. Visit a reliable website which is selling professional home security camera systems and contact them. Ask for home security discounts for your military families and you 100% get a nice discount for the products.

Useful Security Tips for Military Families at Home

Before you are deployed as a military service member, you can try the tips below to secure your family and your property. Or while your loved one is deployed, you can follow them to keep yourself safe and secure.

Besides installing a home security camera system for your military families, do what the tips show you.

Tip 1. Secure All Doors, Windows, and Locks

According to the FBI, up to 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked window or door. And that is the highest proportion of break-ins. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to secure your military families is to secure all doors, windows and locks.

Since we've dedicated all the workable methods to burglarproof doors and windows in our previous posts, you can refer to them for more details.

Top 7 Easy Ways to Secure Home Windows

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Tip 2. Don't Allow Your Landscaping to Get Overgrown

Allowing your home landscape to get overgrown just gives the would-be burglars another place to hind. Take a few minutes to walk around your home and look at the landscaping through the eyes of a burglar. Grab your hedge clippers and get going.

Tip 3. Know Your Surroundings, including the Neighbors

There is chance that you may live with a ”nutty” neighbor, who always wants to visit your property or spy around your house. Check to ensure all your neighbors are good people, and keep good relationship with them.

You also need to check out what is around the base and your home, like is there a closest police, a fire station, a community center, or a neighborhood school.

Tip 4. Never Overshare

Don't tell everyone that your soldier is being deployed and you are left alone home. Never publically post your private information or your staying alone on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Some malevolent people may search you on the Internet and once they know you are alone at home, you might be the target.

Tip 5. Be Aware of Strangers

Being aware of strangers doesn't mean you can't talk to any strangers, but means that you should be vigilant, especially when the strangers are not the ones you expect.

Be aware of who is around your house. You can take out your phone and check to see what is happening inside and outside your home, if you've installed a home security camera system.

Keeping military families and property safe and secure is very important for both those family members and those who are deployed and serve for the country. Leave it in your comment if you have any idea or thought.

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