Are you looking for 4 channel HD security camera systems? Or are you trying to find a 4 channel wireless security camera system?

Today we list out the best-value 4 channel security camera systems, security cameras 4 pack, 4 channel wireless security camera system, and 8 channels 4 camera security system with NVRs/DVRs for your new home, apartment, small business or projects.

Best 4 Channel Security Camera Systems – 2018 Reviews & Recommendations

We list out some well-received and best reviewed 4 camera security systems based on their ratings, features, functions and overall value.

Best Value/Budget 4 Channel Security Cameras System – Reolink RLK8-410B4 

One of the best PoE security camera systems with security cameras 4 pack (four 4MP/5MP PoE IP RLC-410 cameras) and 8-channel NVR with built-in 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording, Reolink RLK8-410B4 is popular with users looking for a reliable and complete security system.

Reolink RLK8-410B4 security camera system is best bang for the buck IP 4 camera system, priced at $549.99. Its exceptional video quality and solid-built cameras and NVR make your investment worthwhile (see hands-on review & Amazon reviews).

Key features:

  • 4MP/5MP HD outdoor cameras
  • 8-channel NVR controls up to 8 cameras with built-in 2TB (2000 Gigabytes) hard drive storage
  • Motion detection & notification (push & email)
  • Night vision capability (up to 100ft)
  • Audio available (built-in microphone)
  • Live streaming & remote access (iOS, Android, PC Windows, Mac, Web Browsers)
  • Support 24/7 non-stop recording
  • PoE, simple installation, plug & play
  • Support third-party software like Blue Iris/ Milestone/ iSpy/ Synology/ QNAP

It's a do-it-yourself (DIY) home security system and plug-and-play home security system; homeowners can install all the security cameras and the NVR all by yourself, even though you are a beginner.

Reolink RLK8-410B4

8-Channel PoE Security System

4 pcs 5MP/4MP Security Cameras; 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Reliable Recording; Plug & Play; 2 Network Solutions.

Popular Security Cameras 4 Pack

Luckily, all Reolink cameras work with Reolink network video recorders (NVR) and there is no issue with connecting WiFi security cameras to the PoE NVR either.

Therefore, many are buying different camera models, for example,  Reolink RLC-423 PTZ PoE outdoor security camera, Reolink RLC-422 dome 5MP HD PoE outdoor camera, Reolink RLC-410 PoE outdoor HD IP cameras and 8-channel PoE NVR for the new house/business/workshop.

It makes perfect sense as each model meets different surveillance needs. RLC-423 is a wonderful choice for large areas like the front door, backyard, driveway or the whole house front.

RLC-410 is a great option to keep tabs on the back door, garage, hallway, side door or alley. RLC-422 is a nice pair of eyes with zooming capability to help identify plate number of a vehicle, looks of strangers or anything in particular.

What Features to Look For

Some important must-have features to look for in a 4 channel security camera system are:

Video Resolution – High-resolution cameras like 1080p/1440p/5MP cameras are essential in getting clear and sharp images/videos to recognize faces, identify people or vehicles and catch criminals in the act.

PoE & Wireless System – PoE security camera system and wireless security camera system are different from CCTV security camera system as PoE/wireless camera systems are much more advanced, simple and smart. (See difference between IP cameras VS analog cameras and wired VS wireless system)

Motion Detection & Notification – Cameras capable of detecting movement and pushing notification in real time when movements occur helps you stay in the loop and prompt you to respond timely by catching an intruder in the act, informing police or calling in for help.

IR Night Vision – security cameras with IR night vision monitoring property around the clock, especially at night will beef up security, such as in a detached garage or poor-lit backyard.

Remote Viewing via Smartphone – Essentially, viewing live videos remotely on the Smartphone is a must for home or business security system. You can respond to events or movement, but also you can stream live videos outside the network to take a peek or tap in to check or record at any time.

Scalable NVR/DVR (support up to weeks' storage and 8 cameras) – Dedicated NVRs/DVRs record camera videos 24/7 and store footage continuously and users can review footage of past few days or weeks locally and remotely on mobile apps/desktop software; it also controls and manages at least 4 cameras simultaneously.

Monitoring SoftwareReliable monitoring software plays a significant role in smooth viewing experience and general performance. Try using 4 channel security camera system companion software or go for ONVIF-supported & trusted third-party software like Milestone, Blue Iris.

Budgets (overall value) – some 4 channel security camera system could cost over 1K while some best-value home security system (DIY plug & play self-monitored security system) merely cost around $500, choose best-valued 4 camera security system like Reolink plug & play DIY system will benefit you in the long run.

Reolink PoE Security Camera System



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