Will your dog protect your home from/against intruders or burglars? Do burglars really avoid houses/homes with dogs? Does having a dog prevent burglars?

The answer is YES and NO. There is no definite answer on “Will your dog protect your home while you are away or on vacation”, since the effectiveness of the dog crime deterrent is unpredictable.

Check the statistics and truths below on this hot topic and you will get all the details.

#1. Truths and Statistics That Dogs Will Defend Their Owners and Protect Homes

Well, good news comes first. Your dogs would be helpful on protecting your home and family, or preventing home burglaries in some cases.

About 34% convicted burglars surveyed said that a dog inside would change their mind before breaking into a home.

I’ve checked many forums and communities, such as Reddit, Quora, etc. A great number of posters shared their stories on how their dogs protected and defended their homes and family against burglars/intruders.

“When he was about 7, my mum was home alone one evening when she answered the front door to a stranger. The dog had followed her to the door. The man suddenly tried to force the door fully open, to push his way into the house. Our dog went utterly berserk, hackles and fur raised, lips pulled back, teeth all on show, barking and growling like mad and if you’ve ever seen an angry Keeshond it’s quite a menacing sight! My mum managed to close the door as luckily the man was pushing on the side near the hinge. She has no doubt that if the man had got in, or if she’d let the dog out, our boy would have attacked the intruder.”

—— From a Reddit poster

There is a video that records how well-trained/untrained dogs protected their little owners.

Quick Views on When Your Dog Would Be Effective to Protect Your Home and Defend You

  • When your dog barks at right times. Some burglars would avoid homes with dogs since barking dogs would draw attention. Burglars hate attention. Good dogs bark at right times. If your Malinois barks only when strangers break in, you’ve got an effective burglar deterrent.
  • When your dog protects you at once if you are in danger. For example, if you were robbed by a bad guy, the sign of your dog protecting you is that it will bite or attack the bad guy at once. In such case, your dog would be quite effective in defending you.

Have you ever come across any videos or events that well-trained or untrained Rottweiler dogs protect its owner? Did you have any videos that your friendly dog tried its best to protect your home? You can share your stories in the comment below!

#2. Now … For Some Bad News on Will Your Dog Defend You and Your Property

From the above illustration, you can find that your dog would be helpful to protect your home and family from burglars, intruders and thieves sometimes.

But wait. DON’T have false illusions that your Labrador dog is as effective as a home security system. Over 80% of the burglars would think twice if a home security camera or alarm system was presented.

Security Camera System Statistics

Intruders, thieves and burglars would do an investigation before they commit a crime. If a thief realizes that you own a German shepherd dog, he can take your lovely puppy down via a piece of tranquilizer-drugged meat.

Well, you may hold against my opinion with this point that trained dogs would refuse any food from strangers. But is it the truth?

According to some tests, even trained guard dogs fail this distraction — the delicious, big and drugged meat.

Will Your Dog Protect Your Home

A TV show staff did a “would my dog protect me” quiz. The staff tested 5 protection dogs to see “will your dog protect you, your home and your property”. All 5 of the dogs failed to stop the intruders from breaking into homes and houses. Some of the dogs even played with the intruders. You can check the video below to see the details.

Will my pitbull dog protect me if I get attacked? Would my Keeshond dog protect me if I was in danger? Will my Dalmatian dog protect me from an intruder?

The answer would be NO in some cases.

Conclusion of Dogs Failing to Stop Intruders and Protect Homes/Houses

  • Dogs are quite easy to be taken down, even a well-trained police dog. Just a piece of tranquilizer-drugged meat is enough (as mentioned above). And the tranquilizer is very easy to get.
  • Burglars and intruders act extremely fast. As you may know, it only takes several minutes for a thief to grab some precious and easy-to-take properties, such as cash, jewelry, etc. Even if your dog keeps barking at the intruder, the thief would be able to keep your dog calm long enough to grab your valuables.
    Bump: You can learn some helpful tips on securing your cash, jewelry and other valuables here.
  • Thieves can gain the trust of your dog by being nice to your puppy. Thus your dog is totally useless on protecting your home while you are away or on vacation/holiday. Well, if you watch the video I share with you above, you can see that some intruders would even have fun with the dogs. So it would be a piece of cake for intruders to steal from you.
  • Some kinds of dogs are expensive, especially well-trained types. Based on the statistics of ASPCA, dogs cost $700 per year, plus another $600 for other costs. If you want your dog to become an effective and fierce burglar deterrent barking dog, professional training is indispensable, which would cost thousands of dollars. With the same money, you can buy a top-notch home security camera system to cover your whole house!

Best Solution to Secure Your Home/Property from Intruders/Burglars/Thieves

So has your husky ever protected you? If yes, congrats! You have an honest and trustable furry friend. If not, home security cameras and alarm solutions would be a better option. Your dog plus home security cameras are one of the most powerful burglar deterrents!