"On January 25th 2019, a thief decided to steal our son's bike. He stole my son's sweet times," said Rob, the victim of the bike theft.

"We thankfully the images of the perpetrator recorded by Reolink RLC-410 security cameras, which we promptly put on social media," Rob continued.

According to Rob, he spread the word on social media and the post got over 20,000 views within 30 minutes.

After sharing the footage on the social media, Rob has got some clues about the culprit within 72 hours, including the thief's name, his location, etc.

Rob has reported the name and other data to the police so that the police can catch the thief as soon as possible.

Just at this point, a surprising twist happened.

The culprit came to Rob's house, and voluntarily reported his behavior to Rob's family, including the bike.

After a short conversation, Rob let the perpetrator get into his house and had a "mano a mano" conversation. The culprit has sincerely repented.

After a good conversation, Rob reached an agreement with the thief that he would send the police to the man (the culprit) to "close the case".

Rob updated that the thief has been caught and he has paid the price of a brand-new bicycle.  The issue is resolved and the police and thief have also worked out a 'deal’.

Rob contacted Reolink via email to share this success story, and he said in the email, "I'm very, very happy I made the investment in your cameras. Together with the footage from 3 of your security cameras, I had a clear-cut case to provide to the policy."

Rob also shared the whole story on his Facebook. You can see the short description from Rob here: https://www.facebook.com/RobThree/posts/10218413600752942.



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