In this security camera packages buying guide, we cover every detail you need to buy the best one.

You're gonna learn what's inside in a security camera bundle, what points to note before your purchase, helpful installation tips and what common mistakes to avoid.

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Part 1. Security Camera Packages: What Items Are Inside
Part 2. How to Choose the Best Security Camera Bundles
Part 3. How to Install Your Security Camera Packages
Part 4. Buy IP Camera Packages: Common Mistakes to Avoid

16 Channel PoE Security Camera System

Part 1. Wired & Wireless Security Camera Packages: What's in the Box

When you open the security camera packages or bundles, you'll get the below main items.

All-in-one security IP camera NVR kit packages typically include:

  • Multiple IP Security Cameras
  • An NVR for Video Recording
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Extension Cable
  • HDMI Cable for Connecting the NVR to the Monitor
  • Network Cable for Connecting the NVR to the Router
  • A USB Mouse to Control the Devices When Connecting to the Monitor
  • Mounting Hole Template for Security Camera Installation
  • Quick Start Guide to Help You Set up the Cameras Easily
  • Surveillance Card to Deter Burglars
  • Screws to Mount the Cameras
Security Camera Systems

Stay Protected with Security Camera Systems; 24/7 Video Recording and Monitoring; 2 Network Solutions – with or without network.

NVR IP security camera packages usually include 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel types. 4-channel IP camera kits mean that the NVR supports up to 4 cameras recording simultaneously. The IP security cameras often include bullet and dome IP security cameras.

The items of wireless & wired DVR security camera packages are similar to the NVR IP camera systems.

The differences only rely on the surveillance camera & central hub (DVR) type and the cables. DVR security camera kits come with analog security cameras and coaxial wires.

There are 3 main types of standalone IP security cameras: battery powered, PoE and traditional wireless surveillance cameras. You can check what's included in the 3 kinds of standalone security camera packages.

Standalone battery powered security camera packages include:

  • A Battery Powered Security Camera
  • Batteries to Power the Camera
  • A Wall Mount to Place the Camera
  • A mounting Bracket to Mount the Camera Outdoors
  • A Skin of the Camera (for Weatherproof Performance)
  • A Needle to Reset the Camera
  • Mounting Hole Template for Security Camera Installation
  • Quick Start Guide to Help You Set up the Cameras Easily
  • Surveillance Card to Deter Burglars
  • Screws for You to Mount the Cameras
  • A USB Cable to Charge the Camera
Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

Some battery powered security camera types may rely on a central hub (such as a base) to work, so a central hub could be added to the package.

Standalone PoE IP camera packages usually include:

  • A PoE IP Security Camera
  • Network Cable for Connecting the Camera to the Router
  • Quick Start Guide to Help You Set up the Cameras Easily
  • Surveillance Card to Deter Burglars
  • Mounting Hole Template for Security Camera Installation
  • Screws to Mount the Cameras
PoE IP Cameras

Catch More, See More and Save More with 5MP/4MP Security PoE Cameras; Waterproof for Outdoor & Indoor Use Indoors; Mobile Viewing.

Standalone wireless IP camera packages include:

  • A Wireless IP Security Camera
  • Power Adapter
  • Network Cable for Connecting the Camera to the Router (for the Initial Setup)
  • Quick Start Guide to Help You Set up the Cameras Easily
  • Surveillance Card to Deter Burglars
  • Mounting Hole Template for Security Camera Installation
  • Screws to Mount the Cameras
Reolink RLC-511W

5MP Dual-Band WiFi 4X Optical Zoom Camera

5-Megapixel Super HD; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; Dual-Band WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz; 4X Optical Zoom; Built-in Micro SD Card Slot.

The items listed in security camera packages take Reolink products as examples. Some items, such as the accessories, may be a little different depending on the security camera companies.

When choosing the most suitable one among the above outdoor & indoor security camera packages, there are some important points to notice. Move to the next part to get how to choose the best security camera packages for your home and business.

Part 2. How to Choose Best IP Security Camera Packages & Bundles

When deciding the best security camera kits for your home, you can consider the below points.

1. Buy Outdoor IP Security Camera Packages for Your Property

Weatherproof design in wired and WiFi security cameras kits is indispensable when you need to monitor your home outside.

You can check the specifications of the IP camera kits to check whether they are weather-resistant.

For example, outdoor security camera packages with IP65 or IP66 weatherproof rating will not be affected by extreme rain or wind. They can still stand bravely even under heavy rain or snow.

2. Pick Wired & Wireless Security Camera Packages & Kits with High Definition

HD security camera system packages enable you to see things super clearly, compared with those old-style ADT CCTV camera types with lower definition and frame rate.

Those outdated CCTV security camera kits can only offer 360p or 720p images, which would be hard to identify details, like people's faces.

If you need to identify people's faces and license plates, choose at least 1080p security camera bundles.

If you want much clearer images and videos, you can buy 4MP or even 5MP security camera packages. Please note that higher megapixel security camera packages tend to need more bandwidth to work. So make sure that your router can handle such video data transmission.

Good news is that high-quality wired and wireless security surveillance cameras enable you to adjust the definition and frame rate based on your network connection.

You can see the sharp video captured by a 5MP IP security camera (shared by a customer).

3. Choose Security Camera Packages or Bundles with Night Vision

A good wired or wireless security camera kit can shoot crystal images both day & night.

PoE & wireless home security camera bundles with long range night vision can provide clear images, even in utter darkness.

Some security camera companies promise that their IP cameras can offer extremely clear images, even in 0 Lux. However, some of them only end up offering you grainy and green footage.

So always go for night vision security camera system packages with clear night vision. You can try one of the security cameras and kits with long range night vision (up to 100ft and even 190ft). You can capture criminal activities in total darkness with almost the same clarity as its daytime equivalent.

You can watch the below video to see an attempted vehicle break-in captured by the Reolink security camera with clear night vision (shared by a customer).

If you want to buy the best plug-and-play IP security camera packages and bundles, the security camera online store would be the best place, since you can get free 1-on-1 tech support and top-ranked after-sales support.

Besides these benefits, you can buy security IP camera packages on the official online store with free shipping in US, UK, Canada, Melbourne Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

After choosing the suitable wired or WiFi IP security camera packages and bundles, you can move on to learn effective installation tips.

Part 3. How to Install & Configure Your Security Camera Packages with or Without Internet

With high-quality security camera packages, you can protect your home and business even without Internet.

Check some necessary points when installing your IP camera packages for your home & business with or without Internet.

1. Install Your Security Cameras for Your Property Without Internet

There are 3 security camera package options you can consider: cellular security cameras, standalone security cameras with SD card and complete NVR security camera kits.

Cellular security cameras offer your remote access even without WiFi or Internet. This type of standalone security cameras operates over cellular network instead of relying on the router for data transmission.

Let's take Reolink Go cellular security camera as an example. This IP camera is powered by a rechargeable battery. You can make it work simply by installing the battery to it. You can also add a solar panel for continuous power supply.

After that, launch the Reolink App on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the camera and follow the voice prompts to access the camera. (Launch -> Scan -> Access).

Standalone IP cameras with SD card will record video clips when there are motion events. Even without Internet, the cameras can sense the motion and save the videos to the SD card for your later playback. So you want miss any important moments.

For standalone PoE security cameras with SD card, you need to power the camera via Ethernet. You can add a PoE injector or switch so that you can power the camera with the normal power outlets.
For traditional wireless security cameras, you can simply plug it into a power outlet, and then it'll start working.

Complete NVR IP security camera system bundles offer you 24/7 surveillance even without WiFi or Internet access. The IP cameras communicate with the NVR with their proprietary Internet.
When you power the NVR and the IP cameras, they will connect each other automatically without any complex configuration.

You can install the security cameras to cover your main entrances. Everything will be recorded to the HDD of the NVR. You can play back the recorded videos to check what happened during your absence.

2. How to Install Your Security Camera Packages for Your Home & Business with Internet

The steps to set up security camera packages with Internet are similar to the situation without Internet. You just need to take an extra step to connect the devices to the Internet.

For PoE standalone IP cameras, you can connect the camera to the router directly with a Cat 5/6 cable (if your router supports PoE). If your router doesn't have the PoE feature, you'll need a PoE injector.

For wireless standalone security cameras, the cameras will connect to the router via WiFi automatically, and then you can access the camera for live streaming after some basic setup.

You can connect the standalone IP security cameras to your computer to get live streaming and video recording with the step-by-step guide here.

For all-in-one PoE and WiFi security camera packages and kits, the cameras will connect with the NVR automatically. You just need to make sure that the NVR is connected to the router via PoE cable or WiFi, and then your cameras can be accessed over the Internet.

Part 4. Buy Security Camera Packages: Common Mistakes to Avoid

When buying the best security camera bundles, avoid the below common mistakes and sales tricks.

1. Going cheap. You may find that some security camera package and kit prices for sale are extremely attempting. Sometimes you can even buy a complete system with less than $100. That seems like a good bargain, but what's the long-term cost? The security cameras would have poor image quality and they would fail to identify the details you want.

Buying a home security camera package or bundle simply because it's the cheapest will cost you more in a long run.

Some security camera companies will sell or rent contract-connected security camera packages to you. They will paint the cameras as top-rated security solutions and offer you free installation services. But they will not mention you'll need to pay for dozens of bucks each month for renting the cameras.

With the same money, you can buy a high-quality 4-camera or 8-camera security system package. The benefit is that you are the boss of your security camera system. You don't need to give it back to the company.

Bump: You can check some cheap security camera packages with high quality here.

2. Ignoring the shipping costs. Some security camera companies will charge high shipping fees to earn extra benefits.

That's a common sales trick a lot of companies would tend to use. Go for security camera companies that offer you free shipping.

Take Reolink as an example. This company is able to ship their security camera packages over 200 countries with FREE and quick shipping. You don't need to worry about that the shipping costs at all.

3. Overlooking the after-sales service and tech support. A thumb rule to keep it mind is that a reputable security camera company will provide you top-ranked services.

Some security camera companies will only care about selling you the products. If you encounter any issues or need any tech help, they would refer you to the manufacturer. Often you'll find it difficult to communicate with the tech person.

You can check the security camera package reviews to see the after-sales services before your final purchase.

An excellent security camera company will implement strict product quality testing before shipping to you, so you'll get best security camera packages instead of used or inferior types.

Reputable security camera companies typically offer you 2-year product warranty and free 1-on-1 tech support. If you need any tech support or have any issues, the tech support team will try their best to help.

If you have any questions when buying security cameras, please leave them in the comment below. We will try our best to help!



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