School security cameras (systems) are indeed an effective measure to enhance schools’ security. However, installing school security cameras (systems) can be controversial. Some people would consider it as privacy invasion. “CCTV security surveillance cameras in schools” debate has never been an end. Now let’s discuss everything you are concerned about school security cameras (systems).

School Security Cameras Systems

#1. Security Cameras (Systems) in Schools: Protective or Invasive?

“Surveillance in Schools Safety VS privacy” might be your first concerned point. You’ve GOT to see the school security cameras pros and cons to decide whether you support installing security cameras on school campuses or not.

Benefits of CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras in School Classrooms and Other Places

You may ask, How good are school security cameras (systems)? Well, keep reading to see elementary/middle/high/public school security camera advantages.

1. School Security Cameras Can Deter Burglars, Thieves, Vandalism, Car Thefts, Sexual Crimes, etc.

School surveillance cameras (systems) installed plain in sight are a great deterrent for criminals. No one wants to be caught on the act. For example, when seeing school video surveillance cameras in school parking lots staring at them, potential perpetrators may think twice about committing a criminal act. About 60% convicted burglars stated the presence of a security camera system influenced their decision to look for another easy target.

If the worst situation happens — one of the students got robbed, the images/videos captured by school security cameras (systems) are useful for investigating vandalism or violence. With evidence, the criminals can be caught by the police much more easily.

2. School Surveillance Security Cameras Help Stop Bullying in Schools

Why should cameras be allowed in classrooms and other school places? Unfortunately, school bullying has become a serious problem in elementary/junior/high/college/university campuses. Under the surveillance of video cameras in schools, students tend to behave well, which is definitely an effective way to stop bullying in schools.

3. School Campus CCTV Cameras Are Effective to Protect Both Teachers and Students

Some teachers would harass their students in some cases. With the security video surveillance cameras installed in classrooms and other places, those unscrupulous teachers generally would not hurt students.

However, in some cases, some teachers who would get accused of sexual harassment by his or her students, but the teachers are innocent. The students accuse the teachers just because of some minor reasons. For example, the teachers are too strict on the students’ study or rebuke the students when students cheat in exams.

Being accused by students for sexual harassment would damage the teacher’s reputation and make him lose his/her job. And the teacher might spend the next 10 years of his or her life in prison because of something a child said.

But if there are security cameras in classrooms and other places, we can see who would be responsible for the issue.

4. School Security Cameras Are Helpful to Keep an Eye on Students, Teachers and Visitors

School students’ security and safety is a major concern. Some students are constantly late for school and often violate school rules. With security cameras, school administrators can keep a track of those students, which helps school principals decide how to best solve this issue.

Keeping an eye on teachers will let school principals know which teacher is countable for his/her job. More importantly, installing CCTV security cameras (systems) for school classrooms and other places reminds teachers that their performance is important and always being observed.

As public places, there are many visitors entering and leaving schools every day. School CCTV security cameras (systems) make it easier for schools to watch any visitors from any Internet connected devices. It’s a useful way to eliminate unauthorized intruders.

School Security Cameras to Protect Teachers and Students

5. School Security Cameras (Systems) Can Give Parents Peace of Mind

As a parent, their angels’ security always comes first. With IP security cameras installed on school buses, hallways, classrooms, bathroom entrances, etc., parents can view their children’s situation wherever and whenever with their mobile devices. For example, some daycares install baby monitors in the areas to let parents know their babies are safe and sound.

So should CCTV security surveillance cameras be allowed/used/installed in school classrooms and other public places? Having got the advantages of CCTV cameras in classrooms and other places, it’s your decision.

Seeing the pros of CCTV surveillance security cameras in schools, you can take a look at the cons or disadvantages of CCTV cameras in school classrooms and other places.

School Security Camera Cons

View the disadvantages of school security cameras below to know more about the privacy.

1. School Security Camera Biggest Issue: Legality

People who protest instating security cameras (systems) for schools consider school security cameras as invasion of privacy. It could be true if the school security cameras are not installed properly. School administrators should know where security cameras can be installed legally.

You may doubt that “is it legal to have/put security cameras in school classrooms or bathrooms? Well, installing security cameras in school bathrooms is definitely illegal. For keeping students secure, it is necessary to install security cameras for school bathroom entrances.

2. Cost of School Security Cameras (Systems)

The cost of purchasing and installing school security camera systems would be high. Monitoring and maintaining them adds extra expenses. If security cameras are vandalized or stolen by others, it can be very costly.

3. School Security Cameras Will Influence Trust of Teachers & Students

With the surveillance of security cameras, teachers and students would feel that the school principals don’t trust them. And everyone is afraid to do anything close to fun for fear that it would be seen as a negative thing and used against them. And the installation of school security cameras could lead to a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude.

Having known the pros and cons of surveillance cameras in schools, what’s your opinion on “Should schools have surveillance security cameras?”

Undoubtedly, security cameras are one of the most effective school security measures to increase/improve school security. As long as school security cameras (systems) are installed properly, which doesn’t invade teachers and students’ privacy, school security cameras will only enhance the safety and security of school teachers and students.

School Security Cameras Cons

#2. Security Cameras (Systems) Cost: Expensive? — Maybe Not!

How much do school security cameras cost? How much would it cost to install security cameras in a school? Are they really extremely expensive as you think?

1. Cost of Buying and Installing School Security Cameras

Well, school security cameras were indeed very expensive a few years ago. However, with the advanced technology, the cost of security cameras has reduced greatly, especially DIY type security cameras.

A wide angle security camera can cover a wide range of school districts, schools don’t have to install security cameras too intensively. For example, a PTZ IP camera can cover the whole classroom, which won’t cost school administrators too much money.

If school administrators choose DIY security cameras (systems) for schools, there are no installation fees since school principals can advocate teachers and students to join in the installation team.

2. Cost of Maintaining and Monitoring School Security Cameras

There have no any monitoring fees for school security cameras with remote access function. Almost all students, teachers and parents can get live streaming with all of their devices.

How to access/view/watch school security cameras? With your smartphones, iPad, PC and other devices, you can view everything happening in school easily. Then schools don’t need to hire any professionals to maintain or monitor the school security cameras.

#3. Where to Install Security Cameras in Schools

Actually, the placement to install security cameras in schools is a headache for school administrators. It’s necessary to install security cameras in the school places below:

  • School parking lots
  • School classrooms
  • School buses
  • Loading and unloading zones
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Campus entrances and main offices
  • Cafeterias and restroom entrances
  • Labs and shops
  • Gymnasiums

At the same time, security cameras should not be allowed in the below places:

  • Bathrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Other private places

School Bus Security Cameras

86% of public schools nationwide reported that one or more serious violent incidents, thefts or other crimes had occurred at their schools, for a total of roughly 2.2 million crimes, which works out to one crime reported for every 20 students. Nearly 100,000 incidents of vandalism are reported in the US public schools every year.

School security cameras (systems) would undoubtedly be effective on deterring school crimes and dangers. We definitely would not let Sandy Hook school tragedy happen again.

  • Cristian Luis Ortiz

    I was accused of sticking toilet paper to the bathroom ceiling, then the next morning, the principal walked by and said “I’ve heard you’ve been throwing toilet paper to the ceiling.” I told her that it wasn’t true, but then she says “I will be checking the security cameras in the bathroom” Its too bad I found this article too late, I could’ve showed this to her.

    • Hello Christian, we are sorry that you encounter such situation. Installing security cameras in the school bathroom is totally a severe violation of privacy. You can share this post so that more people can know more helpful information on school security cameras.

  • Savana Kotal

    I think that this is safer than most schools in georgia.